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Child-of-the-Emperor 05-04-09 05:55 PM

The Wild Hunt
Ive been updating/adding to the WHFB Lexicanum over the last few days (mainly Wood elf stuff) - I created a page for the Wild Hunt, and was just wondering if i missed anything. (Here)

From what i can tell there is very little information on its aims or purpose, but does any of you guys know anything else?


CotE :good:

Vaz 05-04-09 06:18 PM

It frequently can be heard throughout the lands of Bretonnia, and it is known that the most beautiful daughters of the Breton are taken by on the eve of the Hunt, and even though the Lay People of Bretonnia lock their doors and shutter their windows, those who hear the call of the Wild will not be stopped by Door or Wall.

It is not known where they go, but it is thought that the Lady in the Lake tutors them in the ways of magic, and return in the Spring Equinox, as a timelessly beautiful fully grown woman, who don't grow older until their date of death. Hence, these are the damsels.

Gilles le Breton is said to be the only human, or at least Male Human to be a member of the Wild Hunt. Avalon is the rumoured location of the Oak of Ages, and it is from there that Oak can send it's power to any wood in the world - Gilles being linked intrinsically to it's power, can from there travel, to destroy the Greenskins and Beastmen.

It's intended to be the gathering of the lost spirits before winter sets in, gathering all those who will perish with the encroaching cold of chaos, and defending the Oak of Ages, as should that die, every non corrupted living plant will die gradually, and Spring will never rise again, and the world will forever be in the grip of a Chaos Winter.

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