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jigplums 11-25-07 10:37 AM

Heresy Subscriptions
Heresy Subscriptions

In recent months Heresy Online has gone from strength to strength, from starting out less than a year ago we now attract over 14 million hits a month. Many of the people we encounter day to day through Games Workshop games have heard of or are familiar with the site, including running into guys in local stores, clubs and tournaments that are already members.

Apart from the amazing sense of community we have, one thing that sets us apart and those who enjoy the site cherish the most is how user friendly we are and how awesome our additional “features” are. It has always been our goal to give the best forum experience possible to our members, myself and Jezlad have always felt that if we are going to build a Warhammer 40k forum, then it had better be the best. So far we’re extremely happy and proud of the community you guys have built in such a short time frame.

In order to keep pushing ourselves and help us deliver the best we are happy to announce our Heresy Subscriber membership scheme.

This is a great way for members to help us sustain the forum and aid our constant strive towards perfection.
If you feel that you get at least £15 worth of enjoyment out of heresy-online.net per year, we ask that you please consider helping the site by subscribing.

Remember there is absolutely no obligation to become a subscriber, its just an awesome way for our members to help give back to the rest of the community.

What is the money used for?
All proceeds will go towards supporting the site, adding new features (many of the additional features we add cost upwards of $100 a go), software & hardware upgrades, as well as monthly server/bandwidth fees and competition prizes.

Will my supporter status expire?
Server costs are ongoing from day one of the site going live. As such your supporter status will expire exactly one month or one year from the date your subscription began, depending on the length and type of subscription you initially signed up for. Alternatively you may opt for a recurring payment that continues your subscription until you cancel it.
For a small monthly payment of only £1.50 or £15.00 for the year you will receive our undying gratitude and the following Heresy Online benefits,

Supporters will each receive:
  • A custom Title
  • Access to the private Endgame forums
  • Triple PM storage. (150 Messages)
  • A larger avatar (150 x 150px)
  • A larger profile picture (150 x 150px)
  • A Supporter icon will be displayed under their username
  • YouTube! Video Avatars
  • All subscribers usernames will be displayed in blue bold text.
  • Google adverts are blocked and don't show for supporters.
  • Finally, all supporters will be listed alongside the staff on the forum leaders page.
Purchasing a supporter subscription does not grant immunity to the forum rules. Refunds cannot be paid to banned members.

How do I subscribe?
A link to the paid subscription page is given on the left hand side of your usercp (at the bottom in the Miscellaneous section). Alternatively you can access the page here Paid Subscriptions. Users have the option of signing up for a single or recurring payment.

Other ways of contributing
There are other ways to contribute to the site, apart from all the wonderful pic’s, army help, idea’s and comments you share with other members of the boards.

Thanks to all of you for your generosity, both in the past and in the future.
Again we can't stress enough that there is no obligation to become a subscriber. Its just a nice way to say thanks and helps keep the forum online.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Jezlad


Please be aware that some of the themes discussed in the Endgame forum are adult by nature. The area is hidden to regular users and therefore we let some of the rules slide.

Ordo Xeno Commander 11-25-07 06:18 PM

gah, if only i could afford it, but thats like 45 bucks a year over here, plus the fact i have no way of getting it out without my bloody dad finding out :angry:

sorry guys, you know i would if i could :victory:

Hivemind Demeter 11-25-07 06:19 PM

I'm actually trying to get my group of players to join on here.
That would be 3 or 4 guys, and then I would probably spread the word to the people I play with every now and then at my local game store.

warrior-of-hope 11-25-07 10:56 PM

i've signed up so happy to help, a small price for what i get out of it. And really its only fair if i have the money and can affored it, its like less than a tactical squad for a whole years sign up

warrior-of-hope 11-25-07 11:02 PM

anyone know where i can get a cool avatar from?

Vero 11-27-07 10:18 PM


For a paid subscribors, all advertisements should be removed. So regular users and guests see them, but paid subscribors do not.

That's one of the nicest ways to say thanks to your premium members, it is also is a motivtor to get more subscriptions

Jezlad 11-27-07 10:46 PM

Good idea Vero

I've added the conditionals and blocked Google ads for supporters.

Thanks :biggrin:

Vero 11-27-07 11:28 PM

ew. possibly worst time for conversion rates... but what the hey.

The Wraithlord 11-28-07 02:07 AM

Yeah that is a damn good idea.

Galahad 11-28-07 02:33 AM

I just made a donation, if I;d have known subscriptions were going to come up I'd have waited ;-P

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