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zas240 04-29-09 12:00 AM

1500 world eaters
here it is!

lord, MoK, daemon weapon.

Bezerker (15), Skull Champion, power fist.

Bezerker (16), Skull Champion, power sword.

Chaos space marine unit, (10), aspiring champion, power sword, MoK, 2 X plasma gun.

Chosen (5), Aspiring Champion, 5 X melta gun.

Chaos Terminators (5), MoK, 2 power fists, 2 Chain fists.

Exactly 1500 points. What do you think? The non 'zerker unit is for hanging back in objective games, or going with the 'zerkers in annihilate matches.

johnnymajic 04-29-09 12:39 AM

I am going to let you know, from experience, no rhinos for bezerkers= death. No one ever wants to bet into combat with bezerks, so what do they do? they shoot at them. Your squads are also a little large, if you want survivability, stick with rhinos.

Lords are also not all their cracked up to be especially blood feeders. It will take forever to get into cc, even if you're riding a juggernaught. A better HQ would either be a warptime prince, a lash prince for feed the bezerkers or a BOC prince for some anti tank.

For choosen to be effective, again they need rhino's. No opponent in their right mind is going to let you walk right up to their tanks with melta guns.

The thing that worries me is the lack of anti tank here. Sure you have melta's and power fists and chainfists, but those are all close range anti tank. I suggest a few obliterators or a predator or even a vindicator (anti horde & anti tank). Its been known that some cheesey space marine players go with 2 or 3 landraiders at this point value.

To sum it all up, make smaller squads of bezerkers, put whatever you can in rhinos, find a better hq and get some anti tank. These suggestions should make your list much more competitiv and hope i was some help.

Good luck :D

zas240 04-29-09 07:01 AM

well i want it to be more of a fun list (notice i did the bezukers in squads of 16 (including the lord) so it is double 8,) also chosen can infltrait (spelling?)
also the plasma guns can be anti light tank.

The Sullen One 04-29-09 08:40 AM

johnnymajic is right, if your Berserkers are in the open they're going to get mauled, trust me I've seen it happen to my squads at the hands of Sternguard marines. Put them in Rhinos and you've a much greater chance of them surviving, drop the chosen and give the CSM squad a missile launcher, it's versatile and your setup means it can fire twice per turn.

Drop the Terminators, with potentially three Berserker squads on the table you won't need them, and add in a DP to replace or supplement your lord. As for heavy support, I'd go for either the Obliterators, which seem to be everyone's favourite, or a defiler, tanks never perform well for me.

Anyway good luck with the list.

World Eater XII 04-29-09 09:38 AM

yep zerks with out rhinos in a fun or competitive list does equal death, and i run a fluff list.

Everybody is scared off zerkers getting the charge.

Those termies tbh dont need that many pf's and cf's, i would take 1pf, 1cf and the rest pw's and give a combi melta or flamer out somewere!

edd_thereaper 04-29-09 05:07 PM

i definatly agree with the other

drop the zerkers to maybe 8 men with champ and stick them in a bog standard rhino
drop the termies and take obliterators as they have the best choice of low ap weaponry in the game, HQ choices differs with the person so if that is what you want then take it, but stick him with a squad of zerkers in a rhino or he will never reach the enemy

hope this helps


zas240 04-29-09 08:46 PM

ummm very good ideas, might be dropping a few 'zerks, (down to a squad of 7 instead of 15 to keep with the fluffieness, and have the lord ride with them) and a rhino. I also got an idea of what i want for apoc games:
Tower of Skulls
2X brass scorpion.
plus a 1.5k list that's 3k for apoc

johnnymajic 04-29-09 08:57 PM

That would be an awesome idea for apoc! I don't know the stats for a brass scorpion, but all i need to know is that a) it's khorne b) it looks fucking awesome XD

edd_thereaper 04-30-09 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by zas240 (Post 374810)
ummm very good ideas, might be dropping a few 'zerks, (down to a squad of 7 instead of 15 to keep with the fluffieness, and have the lord ride with them)

7 is the number of nurgle unless i am mistaken
unless you are counting the lord as part of the unit, ignore me if you are :p


zas240 04-30-09 08:05 PM

lord + 7 = 8 = Khorne

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