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zas240 04-26-09 10:02 PM

Arurian Techno Cray
I was thinking about making an army of Arurian Techno Cray(Spelling?) dudes from the HH books. They have power armour but are not marines so i was thinking, do a counts as sister of battle, and the acts of faith would count as acts of defiance, (for example spirit of the martyr would be extra dark age technology that they would have had before old night. That would explain the Inv. Save. ) What do you think and can you see any for see able problems. I would of course only be able to use sisters of battle and no Inq. Stormtroopers.

Lord of Rebirth 04-27-09 01:29 AM

Sounds like it could work though they seem very specific that the Technocasy troops look freakishly similar to Marines so I more imagine like normal marines as them with Truescale marines as the real marines.

Lupercal101 04-27-09 02:49 AM

didn't say they were smaller than marines though? maybe you coul just cut a space marines thighs into three a throw the middle bit in the bin, then stick the top and bottom together. do the same with the arms a there you go, a midget space marine.

Lord of Rebirth 04-27-09 05:20 AM

They weren't midgets. Just imagine like normal size guys in power armour.

Lord of Rebirth 04-27-09 03:43 PM

Alright sorry for double posting but I have been rereading through the HH series and just this morning I passed over the Technocrasy and it is relatively specific that the armour is so similar to Marine armour the helmets have the same locks even. Also the way the Brotherhood fights and how the Sons of Horus speak about them it seems their armour is STC just like marine armour but made smaller for normal men and it seems they are pretty much just specifically strong and able normal men with good training and then the STC armour.

Also they use something of a downsized Stormbird and downsized Thunderhawk gunships though they don't describe the tracked vehicles as anything so they likely are not rhinos or preds. The troops do use smaller bolters and their bunkers do mount something of a heavy bolter though it sounds like it cycles faster or is just bigger.

Hope that helps some though honestly it seems normal size marines would fit as Brotherhood soldiers while Marines should be bigger. Perhaps you could tweak with the fluff a bit and use normal marines as Brotherhood and have them working alongside either Imperial Army made with normal IG or with perhaps a squad or two of marines done as truescale marines.

bishop5 04-27-09 03:49 PM

I thought this was going to be about Crab People for some reason :shok:

Only problem I can see is that you'd be looking at converting an army of expensive, metal models...

zas240 04-27-09 07:40 PM

i would of coarse be using marine bodies and converting them, but I'm glad for the positive response. I do not have the HH books to hand, but could anyone tell me what colour they are? I can remember a hell of a lot but not that much, (come on i read the books last 2 years ago)

Lord of Rebirth 04-28-09 08:07 AM

They wear silver armour with red and black heraldry.

Having read some more and thought about it I'm in a way inspired to write a new codex for marines that more or less makes them more mariney in comparison to IG. I mean from many many books I have read marines are supposed to be well beyond IG forces in skills and technology and tactics and while game practicality kinda has had to dumb them down it might be fun to play them with some realistic stats.

So here is my idea. Using truescale marines the army would have vastly smaller numbers than Guard and better fits playing a higher points lvl such as a sort of standard game of maybe 3000-5000 points. This would mean you might have 50-60 marines still but a comparable IG force likely has 200-600 troopers. OF course the truemarine would be far tougher and have better equipment. Sinc ethey more would fit in apoc than anything vehicles like land raiders and preds would have AA mounts for their main guns since of course marine vehicles are far better anyways. All squads would have special rules to explain the extreme training of marines and their long experience in war and real tank hunter marines while being rather expensive compared to normal tank hunter marines will be significantly better at nerfing tanks. Normal marines would likely have two wounds and may even be tougher than normal marine though likely they would get a penalty to their cover save to account for a lot of things like their hugeness and how loud bolters are and how lotsa marines wear bright obvious colors. Terminators would likely get three wounds and finally be more fitting as those "Humanoid tanks" they are supposed to be but they would fit better as smaller squads because of a high high points cost. Of course vehicles will be bigger and badder but not horribly dangerous. Land raiders should get 2 structure points and some harder weapons but will mainly just be bigger. Points-wise the land raider wouldn't be much more meaning it is more of a transport option and less of a tank and transport option for the cost of a tank and a transport and a keg of beer. The Rhino would be slightly faster and might have better secondary weapon options but remain largely unchanged though a less rattle-able driver would make sense since the driver is supposed to be a marine too.

I guess a quick summary would be the truemarines would cost a lot more but be bigger and tougher an meaner though hopefully balanced in a way that larger/more numerous forces fighting against them could kill them with numbers like they should.

Thinking how they would work against normal armies I feel they don't really break the fluff of anything but current marines which would more fill a Technocrasy Brotherhood role which is a bit of a kick in the face to marine players with large armies but since GW is more likely to give me $40 billion for a donut than actually replace their premiere armies with a fluff corrected army that only works in an odd sort of pseudo-apoc scenario and would require some tactica modifications to armies that are not very well suited to fighting the tougher truemarines.

So really for special fluffy games I think it works pretty easily without massive game modifications. I can see some special rules being needed to keep things like lasguns from being totally ineffective though of course maybe that whole 7+ to hit thing already in the rulebook would work and would fit the way a lasgun shouldn't really effect a marine while like 60 of them on full auto might?

zas240 04-28-09 11:42 PM

well hope fully work may start soon!

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