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Jezlad 04-23-09 12:15 PM

Suggest An Article
Many of you will be aware of the Heresy ezine that's been smouldering in the background for the past 3 months.

Nothing much has come of it, it started off promising but (as I predicted) it fizzled out.

I feel it's now time for a shake up, so in an effort to stiffen your article boners I figured Id run a fun thread to suggest article titles.

You can elaborate if you want. But please, grab the first thing that pops into your head and post it. Think of an article you'd like to read most.

I'll keep a stockpile of all the good ones in the Heretic forums.

Here's a couple.

  • Reserve Strategy - how to utilise reserves to your advantage.
  • Dice Probabilities - the ins and out of rolling dice.
  • Painting Ork Skin - a comprehensive guide to painting ork flesh various ways.
  • Household Scenery - items around the home for use in scenery.
  • Hats off to you! - how to sculpt and build miniature hats and berets.
The more the better!

Updates from the thread.
  • Basing 101 - A guide to basing your miniatures.
  • Highlighting cloth, such as cloaks
  • Keys to deployment
  • Non-Metallic Metals
  • Painting Stubble!
  • Painting Blood Splatters
  • Gaming Etiquette
  • Feature on "Army of the Month"
  • Deepstriking Strategies

Concrete Hero 04-23-09 12:33 PM

Stripping paint - I know theres plenty of articles in the Painting section but collabarating all the different methods and condensing them could be useful.

Different basing techniques.

I'm sure I had a wealth of ideas but they all fluttered away as I started writing...

I'd be more than happy to write some little Fluff stories, the type you see in the boxes in the WD, codicies and such

lawrence96 04-23-09 02:35 PM

maybe for may/june-

How to get the most out of your Guardsmen: Gear, Formations, Tactics

Heck you could take this and apply it to other races-
How to get the most out of your Marines: Gear, Formations, Tactics
How to get the most out of your Fire Warriors: Gear, Formations, Tactics

Bolshavic 04-23-09 03:57 PM

:grin: ok I know it prolly has a direct correlation to do with the amount I drink when gluing miniatures but what about a thread on how not to glue your fingers to everything while putting together an force in one night or super gluing your whole prep area :laugh:

I know not a serious idea but just a bit of fun for how many of us have had our fingers stuck together or had a mini stuck to the table ect (well hope Im not the only one :shok:), would show young up and comers we all have blonde days that it pays just to put the glue knife down and go for a walk.

Dafistofmork 04-23-09 04:24 PM

how to lose with[insert name of army here]-a guide of what not to do with your force-a differnt take on army tacticas.
edit-a few others:hertic approved (like chapter approved(ie fluff and a homebrew rule/s) but better)
battle reports (like the WD ones, but better)
quote of the [insert time length between issues]-the best quote said by a fourum member in that time period.

morfangdakka 04-23-09 08:26 PM

I wrote up an article on my visit to Pegasus Hobbies and all the terrain pieces that you could purchase from them. I even had an eldar warrior in there for a size comparision. We could also have other articles on peoples visits with other stores that deal with the hobby.

The Chop Shop- converting something from one army an issue. Like this month have guard conversions or lizardmen conversions.

Jezlad 04-24-09 01:32 PM

Here's one - Painting Stubble!


Also, painting blood splatter would be good. I'm sure there's different techniques for wet and dry blood.

TheKingElessar 04-24-09 02:04 PM

Highlighting cloth, such as cloaks.

Also, Non-Metallic Metals.

asianavatar 04-24-09 02:14 PM

Keys to deployment

Underground Heretic 04-24-09 02:53 PM

I will throw in my Heresy of Tau articles. I can include the article on the stealth suits, tome that it is, or I can write up one on the Devilfish. I can look into any unit in the Eldar, Tau or DA codex if requested. PM if you want something deconstructed.

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