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GrizBe 07-06-10 10:24 PM

Inquisitors don't know how GK's are made though... GK's just work with the inquisition, in effect, they're there own Marine Chapter.

GK's would NEVER fall though they're too far indocterined against chaos, plus warded against possession... Yes, there are wards on their black carapace, and this is under the skin.

Fluff-wise its been established as completely impossible to turn a GK.

Belthazor Aurellius 07-07-10 10:29 AM

Rubric of Xanthism? (Xanthite Inquisitors use Daemons against Chaos) Supposing an Inquisitor figured out the Rubric of Ahriman. Perhaps he/she managed to reproduce it against a force of Grey Knights, but failed to keep them loyal to the Imperium. Could be a relatively good fluff explanation for the squad's psychic powers. The squad leader channels the powers.

Seem to recall that if a Vindicare assassin killed a GK squad leader, the squad can't cast magic anymore. Fits with Rubric Marine squad fluff, as they are led by a psyker, though the difference might be that Rubrick GK might be enchanted to not lose their leadership when the leader dies.

I know it's a bit of a stretch, but if you want to go with the resurrection/corruption theory, that's one way to do it.

Just my two yen

EDIT: GW has stated in the past, regarding fluff, that anything is possible on a small scale. A single force of something pure might be corrupted, and since the Inquisition lies about everything, you can be sure you'll never hear about it on official channels.

normtheunsavoury 07-07-10 03:35 PM

Why would an Inquisitor want to turn GK into dusty automatons?
The Rubric of Ahriman was a spell to stop the rampant mutations that were destroying the TSons, it has nothing to do with Inquisitors binding Daemons or doing stuff to Grey Knights.
There is no way an Iquisitor could figure out the Rubric of Ahriman and even if he did there is no reason what-so-ever that he would decide to use it on the Grey Knights, they would have chopped him into tiny pieces before he could even raise the idea.

As much as GW say anything is possible the idea of traitor GK's just doesn't stand up to scrutiny and will get torn to pieces at your local store/club. It's just one of the many cliches that is laughable at best. Go with what has already been said, use GK rules but say they are something else.

locustgate 07-07-10 05:22 PM

In the GK book there was time......what ever the main char's name is went in sane,in order to keep a powerful demon from possessing him, for a short time and became a berserker....or something..

MuSigma 07-27-10 11:49 PM

chaos grey knights
As GK's are specic to hunting daemons - they would have no purpose on the side of chaos. You would need a specific target type on the imperium side to set an elite csm chapter to hunt down, similar to gk's in purpose, but from the opposite point of view.

How about an anti GK counter CSM chapter - specifically trained to kill GK's.

gauntsghost025 07-28-10 05:40 AM

If you want to paint your Grey Knights chaos colors, then so be it. They are your models. And the "no Grey Knight has ever fallen to chaos" line is one delivered by the Inquisition. Do you realy think they would be like "Ya, these guys are good, but just as susceptible to chaos as anyone else?" NO they are supposed to be bad ass and all that, but we would never know if in 10,000 years not 1 Grey Knight has fallen.

Almost every player does something "un-fully." Like a Space Puppy or Black Templar player taking pot shots at lone ICs, or Khorne players taking Warp-time.

More power to ya, I think fallen Grey Knights is a great idea.

gauntsghost025 07-28-10 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by MuSigma (Post 687438)
they would have no purpose on the side of chaos.

An Astartes warrior can serve any purpose. Power weapons cut through flesh just as easily as warp stuff.

gen.ahab 07-28-10 05:52 AM

13 Attachment(s)
Its impossible to corrupt a Gray Knight.

Commissar Ploss 07-28-10 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by gen.ahab (Post 687597)
Its impossible to corrupt a Gray Knight.

And it's "Grey" not "Gray"

Gray with an "a" is just "Gay" with an "Rrrrrrr!"


gen.ahab 07-28-10 02:11 PM

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Originally Posted by Commissar Ploss (Post 687638)
And it's "Grey" not "Gray"

Gray with an "a" is just "Gay" with an "Rrrrrrr!"


Hey now, if a man has been awake for 24H he is allotted one spellig fuckup. Lol

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