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Chaoz94 06-02-09 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by Warlock in Training (Post 400233)
I still think the idea of Represented as a uber Chaotic Band with Deamon Weapons, Kai Guns, and Cursed Armore (Shrouding, Psy defense, ect.) is much more plausible, challeging and interesting approach to this delima.

may i point you to my thread again :P lol (annoying attempt at advertising but still)


PowerEncarnate 06-02-09 05:15 PM

but on a side note some GKs have been "lost" in the long fight with the dark powers never to be recovered but they were in small numbers and a fallen GK would debase there armor and weapons just as Word Bearers chaplains did with there croziuses. now the "no GK has fallen" Fluff should have a invisible "to the knowledge of the imperium" added and if one of these "lost" brothers fell to chaos whats to stop him from gathering a warband of his own maybe by inlisting the aid of fabius bile to be cloned several 100 times and training them himself and that could explain why we havent seen them as of yet.

that being said its still weak at best unless you homebrew the codex for them
as Daemonhunters codex is to anti-chaos as it stands even then still weak

Franko1111 06-03-09 08:27 AM

the grey knights have ward under there skin that resistases deamons and so the chaos gods wouldn't like them:)

PowerEncarnate 06-03-09 04:20 PM

where did you come up with that? a ward under their skin? um...no. on their armor maybe but ive never seen anything even emplying "under the skin"

Lupercal101 06-04-09 06:41 AM

it not under the skin, it's actually on their black carapace. (not sure if thats under the skin) i'm not saying that they turned to chaos, but Grey Knights have lost battle before right? so, say this powerful chaos sorcerer sees them fighting and thinks "wow, there really uber, i want one". so, the grey knights lost that battle and he goes out and removes all their warded crap, puts the bodys in stasis. them he collects grey knight bodies from heaps of battle fields for a couple of hundred years, uses favor fabious bile owes him, has black carapace from normal CSM and aromour put on 'em, resurrects them and hey presto! you've got a zombie grey knight force. yay.

Chaoz94 06-05-09 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Franko1111 (Post 401583)
the chaos gods wouldn't like them

ok end randomness
seriously grey knights are amongst the best warriors the imperium has ,
there apparently stronger than the adeptus astarteres (sp?)
and considering the chaos gods accept normal marines im sure grey knights would be wanted majorly by chaos


Son of Russ 06-06-09 12:57 AM

Of all the advice given, I beleive that Red Orc stated it succinctly in the "how" and "why", in creating an elite Chaos Knight in the mould of the Grey Knights.....I believe that would be your best route.

giikbesouw 07-06-10 07:35 AM

sorry for reviving an old thread

i found this on lexicanum

Grey Knights Chaplains fulfill the same functions as in other Marine chapters, albeit on a much higher level, as they have to minister to the spiritual needs of soldiers destined to fight the most horrible of foes. They are rare specimens indeed, and the Chapter has precious few of them. Yet, thanks to them, not one Grey Knight has fallen to Chaos.

so what if the chaplains get killed and the grey knights can be corrupted by chaos

gothik 07-06-10 11:12 AM

no mater what is done the GK wont fall as i think established history says it cant happen adn dont they get indoctrined and moind cleared or somethng to prevent such a thing happening. could be wrong but not being a table top player i am not sure how this would work stillgood luck with it.

Ravingbantha 07-06-10 10:12 PM

The whole idea that a GK cannot fall to Chaos is simply stupid. Everything that mankind does is imperfect and thus inhernt to being flawed. While I think it may be nearly impossible for a GK to fall, I think it is still possible. Tzeentch would be the most liekly to suceed in this, followed by Khorn, Nurgle, and Slaanesh (though I highly douby it). Though it may be an extremly rare occurance I would say it is possible.

However you could simply say that Abaddon or even Fabuis Bile got ahold of some GK potentials and turned them into an Evil GK using information they got from a tortured or even fallen Inquisitor.

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