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Talos 04-24-09 11:36 AM

I think if you really wanted to put a grey knight in your Army then you should only have one as your HQ. Maybe he was sent on a mission to cleanse a world but was captured and then tortured for thousands of years and finally cracked. Although it would be a bit pointless as by fluff he should not have his armour or weapons as they hurt daemons around him so he would have gotten rid of them.
I think its better just to let the whole Chaos grey knights rest.

Klomster 04-24-09 04:24 PM

I'm getting your thoughts here mr OP.

Your referring to your chaos grey knights as beeing grey knights MK 1, an experiment that failed.

It didn't meet the specifications (ie, all of them got corrupted at once, not very succesful)
So the imperium excomunicated them like the flame falcons.

The flame falcons was (for the ones that don't know) a cursed founding chapter that after a battle ignited with strange flames.

It didn't hurt them and the falcons thought it was a gift from the emperor and feasted in celebration.
The grey knights, did not. The grey knights followed their orders and exterminated the entire chapter.
A few flame falcons is rumoured to have gotten away, feeling betrayed by their imperium, and with burning bodies, theres no real way of coming back.

Anyway, you mean that your chaos grey knights would be grey knights MK 1, and the grey knights that have never suffered a single brother to fall to chaos are grey knights MK 2.

This thought isn't really that bad but the others didn't really think of it as soon as i did. (Or perhaps you did, i began thinking he meant it at my last post.)

Chaoz94 04-24-09 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by Lupercal101 (Post 369763)
I'm not trying to break the 'no grey knight has ever fallen to chaos bandwagon', but as i said before the first grey knights could have been faulty, so the Imperium tried to destroy them but the grey knights found out before that happened and ran away. they tried t re-enter the imperium but there was a 'exommunate tratoris' on them and they were attack every time they revealed themselves.

it would kind of be like the whole eldar thing where the majority of the group stayed (eldar) true bt some of them went renagaed (dark eldar). Mabye they felt like the emperor had betrayed them by not doing anything to change this an if he was alive/kind/watching he would have seen they were pure. Maybe, like the dark eldar, they didn't devote themselves to chaos but became 'freedom fighters' or mercinaries or something. or maybe they joined chaos un-divided and started there own cult. so then in the game they could be leaders of a rebel army or part of abaddons peronal retinue and stuff like that.

hm i made some fluff for units which were like "chaos grey knights" but theyre not exactly "chaos grey knights"


normtheunsavoury 04-24-09 10:13 PM

Chaoz94's idea is cool, I like it.
It gives you a great reason for Chaos Grey Knights and keeps things nice and fluffy by incorporating Bile and Abaddon. Cool Idea and worth some rep I think.

Chaoz94 04-24-09 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury (Post 370599)
Chaoz94's idea is cool, I like it.
It gives you a great reason for Chaos Grey Knights and keeps things nice and fluffy by incorporating Bile and Abaddon. Cool Idea and worth some rep I think.

thanks im glad people like it
infact im gonna make an army using the demonhunters codex with my chaos space marines (they will just be normal "counts as" spacemarines") so when that happens look in my sig

p.s thanks for the rep :)


lawrence96 04-24-09 10:30 PM

strange idea here,

perhaps they can be GKs that are still loyal to the emporer and believe he will resurect once killed (like certain members of the inq. are supposed to) and therefore tried to get to the emporer to resurect him, and as such were then deemed excommunicate.

Lupercal101 04-25-09 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by Concrete Hero (Post 370108)
Just wanting to point out; Its sort of the opposite with the Eldar. The Dark Eldar are the ones who have stayed with their decadent ways and it is the 'Eldar' who have reformed themselves and changed, DarK Eldar aren't renegade :)

Oh okay, but you get what i mean, right

Asmodeun 05-31-09 07:41 AM

I like lawrence 96's idea.
Death to the emperor! (if he reincarnated, I'd return to humanity's side, where I ought belong)

AntiPaladin 06-01-09 05:00 AM

Chaoz94 beat me to it, but that would be my suggestion. Create a force that can justify having all their abilities with your own fluff. Maybe Alpharius and Omegon decided they wanted their own elite uber unit and modeled it after what they saw as the perfect Imperial unit, the Grey knights?

Very little fluff in 40k is totally immutable, but this happens to be one of them because it's specifically mentioned as having never happened. Just like you couldn't justify calling your home-brew chapter the 1st legion ever raised by the Emperor - that's the Dark Angels, and stated quite clearly.

Warlock in Training 06-02-09 01:46 AM

I still think the idea of Represented as a uber Chaotic Band with Deamon Weapons, Kai Guns, and Cursed Armore (Shrouding, Psy defense, ect.) is much more plausible, challeging and interesting approach to this delima.

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