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LTP 04-17-09 10:25 AM

Lightning Hawks My DIY Chapter
Hey everyone im new here and thought i would share some pics of my DIY chapter WIP.

Ok well i am crap at writing fluff but the general idea is that the chapter of the lightning hawks are loyalist and they're homeworld was overun by tyranids when most of the chapter were called out to fight a campaign. The marines returned to find there homeworld in ruins and they are now helping what is left of the poulation to fight back. The tiles on the bases are part of the building floors in the cities. I wanted to do something a bit different with them and i like the way they turned out.

I'll exlplain now that i dont have time to play so i take my time and try different styles on my minis to try and improve my painting. Also so i dont got bored painting the same sort of mini i tend to do one mini from each squad.

Tac marine

Scout bike



QuadBike Sgt

Tac Sgt

Vanguard vet

Libbie (WIP)

Well let me know what you think. Will try to update periodically.


trygon 04-17-09 10:50 AM

Very nice, but two points:

1: Paint your scout hands as gloves. The long fingers look kinda weird.

2: Your white looks grainy. Your ether not watering your paints down enough or your white is wasted and needs replacing.

Apart from that it is a very, very nice scheme and the basing looks great.

NurglingStomper 04-17-09 10:52 AM

Wow that's some nice paiinted minis there. I like the berets you added to them. Very nicely done, looking forwards to more. Plus rep.

Infael 04-17-09 03:32 PM

Nice work there dude, original and flavourful! +rep

Arkle 04-18-09 11:19 PM

Not bad for a girl.

:D Just kidding, you know I love your models.

The eyes look really good.

jasonfly 04-18-09 11:59 PM

nice work and great conversions! really like the quadbike.

The color scheme looks good and the bases are great

LTP 04-19-09 12:15 AM


Not bad for a girl.

:D Just kidding, you know I love your models.

The eyes look really good.
You can talk and yeah i do lol. Cheers hun

thanks for the nice comments everyone :)

LTP 04-21-09 11:20 PM

Hey everyone. I recieved my forgeworld order this week and i can now go ahead with the latest addition to my Lightning Hawks; my Damocles command rhino. I ordered some extra armour and some imperial eagle doors. to save myself £20 i have attempted to make my own radar dish, so here you go.


This was made from various parts in the rhino and razorback box sets. I made the Dish out of plasticard.


So let me know what you think. Obviously it is a WIP so i will try and get some paint on it soon and get it all undercoated. C&C appreciated. :)

Blackyujiro 04-22-09 05:36 AM

Like your colors. Your tac sgt reminds me of Flint from G I Joe. Good work.

MaidenManiac 04-23-09 12:04 AM

Nice work on the Damocles Rhino, the satelite looks really good. I bet that one can double duty as a Razorback when needed too:)

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