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zas240 04-15-09 11:45 PM

Infantry or Artillery
Reliable sorces tell me that you will beable to have a mere 9 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) basaliks in a IG force after the new codex, so im torn, a ton of infantry, or 9 basaliks and a master of ordance and a few troops. please advise me.

Col. Schafer 04-15-09 11:53 PM

The thing about basalisks is that they now have a minimum range of three feet. Thats just going to suck if thats all you have. Some of the other artillary varients look cool though, so experiment and find what works best, its a whole new ballgame!

As far as infantry, the answer is yes. As cheep as they are now they should be able to do anything you need them to do with sheer numbers. Or take two squats of veterans and rock a 3 tank squads. Like I said, its a new ballgame, new codex, new rules, new stratagies.

Daniel Harper 04-15-09 11:57 PM

Yeah, that minimum range is annoying, but an artillery heavy army is something I wish to experiment with as well, just remember that the basilisks in a squadron will have to fire at the same target (I believe) and I also hear the Master Of Ordanence always scatters.

zas240 04-15-09 11:57 PM

the idea of feilding about 400 infantry in 1500 point games is rather indimdating, espesialu with the idea of the order that lets them fire lasguns once more than normal.

Wu-Tang-Tau 04-16-09 01:12 AM

All I am gonna say is that I am gonna moan and complain about unbalance once this new codex comes out :( I bet those uncivilised Gue'las finally gets to beat my Cadres now :(

Lord_Murdock 04-16-09 02:44 AM

Ok everyone: Basilisks can still fire directly in the new codex! Sure they aren't barrage weapons if they fire directly, but they no longer have a minimum range. It's in the rule book under ordinance barrage weapons. The Colossus, the medusa, and the deathstrike cannot fire directly because it says so in their entry, but the basilisk still can.

That being said, I would not recommend taking so many tanks in one army. It is a serious waste of points. Take three (one for each heavy support slot), and save the rest or the points for infantry and fast tanks/sentinels.

As for the unbalance, that can be used against the guard. Tanks can only do so much damage before the opponent can get to them, so if they rely on tanks too much they can be overwhelmed by an army with a few lascannons, especially if the tanks all have relatively low armour values, like a basilisk. I can see a lot of people over-using tanks when the new codex comes out, only to be disappointed when a couple lucky lascannon shots take out half their army. Remember, guard tanks will be seeing a points increase across the board.

Lord of Rebirth 04-16-09 09:11 AM

I have been working on a Traitor Guard armoured battlegroup/multiple battle groups put together but I think in a normal 1500 games 9 bassies is to much. Try something like 4-6 if you really wanna barrage stuff and don't expect to flatten the enemy army first turn.

slaaneshy 04-16-09 09:40 AM

Most armies can field deep striking armour killers. If you focus on just using basks, you risk losing them to a handful of deep strikers with melta guns or similar.
Also a necron army with destroyers and veil will chew up an overly armoured guard army.
The real strength of the new codex will be infantry. A guardsman with a lasgun may not be much on his own, but back him up with 299 of his mates.....

zas240 04-16-09 10:37 AM

Nine Earthshaker Cannons or nine hundred lasguns. That is the question.

TrentLanthier 04-16-09 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by zas240 (Post 362800)
Nine Earthshaker Cannons or nine hundred lasguns. That is the question.

Neither! 4 earth shaker rounds and five hundred lasguns... or some mix.. I don't think that all or nothing is goign to cut it your going to have to mix and match to get a balanced force.

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