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Thanatos 04-14-09 04:27 AM

Ork Watchtower
ZOMFG one day left, sorry i havnt posted any pics yet but since i saw the terrain challenge posted ive been workin like theres no tomorrow.
i started about 3 days ago

as soon as i saw the thread i immediatly thought of these ruins i had started to make last year but i only really put up one wall so ive practically started from scratch

atm the everything is drying, just bout finished the base

Thanatos 04-14-09 06:49 AM

A Few Pics Of The Base And Building
9 Attachment(s)
okay... heres some pics of the base and building seperately before i finished it
-very sorry about the pic quality didint have time to fix em up
Attachment 2438

Attachment 2439

Attachment 2440

Attachment 2441

Attachment 2442

Attachment 2443

Attachment 2447
base procedure-
  • after cutting and sanding the base i poured PVA over it and sprinkled sand
  • spray painted it black and sprinkled more sand on
  • repeated
  • drybrushed brown
  • drybrushed light grey
  • inkwashed dark grey
  • drybrushed grey
  • glue shrubs to base
Attachment 2446

Attachment 2445

oh god... then there was painting the building...

Thanatos 04-14-09 08:26 AM

More Pics
9 Attachment(s)
painting the building was a mission, did an alright job first time round but unfortunetly i got a bit of paint on it and had to redo :mad:

i made a huge mistake of using these oil paints ive got... :shok: i forgot they take like 5 days to completely dry, so its still a little sticky and wet.

ive just applied 2 ink washes to it,brown then wen it dried, dark grey

wood was fun to paint... not! dark brown with yellow dry brush, then a brown ink wask

i put my running necron warrior in so u can check out the scale

Attachment 2449

Attachment 2450

Attachment 2451

Attachment 2452

Attachment 2453

Attachment 2454

Attachment 2455

Attachment 2456

Attachment 2457

plz dont judge this to harshly :cray:
its not finished yet and i think i might add some more pics in a week or two after the comp closes :good:

guess the pics turned out better than i thought :grin:

Red Orc 04-14-09 03:05 PM

Loving how it's looking so far - that's the great thing about orkytektcha (that's like 'architecture' but not as well finished), it's supposed to look a bit rough and battered round the edges. It's not supposed to look pretty, or even impressive; it's just supposed to work (somehow). If it needs a massively long platform poking out the side, well, put in a massively long platform poking out the side (with a little stick to support it).

Aesthetics iz for stoopid 'oomies I iz reknin. Go Orkyfyificationizing!

:surprisingly mekaniakal cyclops:

Thanatos 04-15-09 02:13 AM

More Working
thx for the rep

now that the comp has been put forward to the 20th i can do more work on the building, im gonna do a few more layers of paint and 1 or 2 washes, paint the bottom floor (atm its only sand).

i also want to add something to the big side wall cause its looking alittle bare... thinking of a generater or somthin similar
any suggestions?

jpunk 04-15-09 09:09 AM

I love your concept, man. I like the mix of wood and concrete, gives a brilliant re-used impression. I was going to suggest doing something to the walls too. I think maybe a drybrush with a lighter colour would bring out the texture a bit more, they look a bit bare compared to the rest of the structure at the moment (although that does draw attention to the fortification on the top*). Adding a little detail (such as a generator, as you suggest) would really help to break up the flat panels. For something less time consuming you could stick a few of those cool planks on here and there where the Orks have patched up some of the worst battle damage. (Is that scored balsa you used for the wood?)

Also, try a little filler around the area where the base joins the building to seal the gap and make the building look like it is sunk into the floor, unless you are meant to be able to move or remove the building, in which case, keep it as is.

So far so good, Looking forward to the finished product!

*Was trying to think of a way to meld the words Ork and fortification here, but could only come up with forkification, which sounds more like being attacked with kitchen utensils.

Thanatos 04-15-09 12:09 PM

k thanks, im not done painting and adding to the building yet so i havnt stuk it on.
and ive still got to do maybe two diff drybrush colours and an ink wash... i'll definatly put the generater in and a few more planks
the wood was a snapped up wooden ruler that i crushed a bit with some pliers, and one or two bits of balsa
idk if u noticed but theres a hole in the 2nd story, a gotta put in a rope ladder to the first floor...

finished painting outside and started on generater
drilled and cut a few holes and gonna patch em up with bits of metal and wood
anyone got suggestions on, well er... how to make the building less shiny?

dam it building was outside drying and lawnmower guy hit it with whipper snipper (hopefully not on purpose) :angry: :ireful2: :shok: :cray:
thers a bit of a rip on the side of it... gonna take while to fix
im thinking maybe using metal instead of wood cause im a little low on balsa, and to give the 40k look seeing as orks dont really use that much wood :so_happy:

Kitsunex 04-16-09 06:54 AM

looking awesome so far! i love the look of it. the base is awesome.

jpunk 04-17-09 12:01 AM

Dude, lawnmower guy needs a smack upside the head or two. If he's that damn careless with a strimmer I am surprised he has ankles left.
Hope it's not too far gone to rescue. Mind you, *authentic* battle damage?

Red Orc 04-17-09 02:16 PM

Hope the 'battle damage' isn't too severe mate.

A generator thing might work, if not some big versions of glyphs (either as large metal plates, or just painted roughly on the side) might look cool.

BTW Thanatos, do you know that you can "Edit" your posts, to save posting 3 or 4 times in succession :wink:

jpunk - does "fortiforkashun" work for you? Or, just "fort" (a word useful both for the object, and the process by which the idea of the object comes into being)?

:orkitektcha an fortiforkashun cyclops:

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