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StudioColrouphobia 04-05-09 05:16 PM

[Artwork] Studio Colrouphobia
Hello there.
This is my second post on these forums.
I am a freelancing Illustrator and Conceptual Artist that have a soft spot for Warhammer/Wh40k-related artwork.

In this topic I will post some of my Warhammer/40k-related artwork when/if it gets available.

To start things off slow, here are some icons, download and use right away, they are 64x64 pixel PNG's.






These are all from conceptualizing Leman Russ for a personal painting. But they can easily be used as showing Fantasy warriors of Chaos, or Space Wolves, Northerners etc etc.


StudioColrouphobia 04-06-09 04:53 AM

Okay, will post some more older stuff later (today most likely) but for now something brand-spanking new,,,

Two hour-ish sketch for KWSG over at ordo illuminatus ( http://z4.invisionfree.com/illuminatus/index.php? ), subject was "Dark Eldar 2.0 - redesign Dark Eldar".

Realized just as I was about to post this that...there is no Sci-fi element!!! (apart from the soulstones..but really..they could be just gems).

My idea was to have the general warriors a bit more "battle-weary" in their armour and clothing, almost like ghosts of eldar. A bit less spiky, but still sharp edges.

I will go back to this one and paint in a gun, a backpack and a helmet...

Jezlad 04-06-09 10:05 AM

Wow, that's some amazing work.

Thanks for joining :)

juddski 04-06-09 10:08 AM

great looking icons and the DE is excellent,
good work Col' ,glad to see your still hard at it ...:victory:,
got any more ?..

(like i didn't know):biggrin: +rep

Zondarian 04-06-09 01:15 PM

I like it. +rep

StudioColrouphobia 04-06-09 01:49 PM

Cheers guys,

Well, found Heresy Online by chance and it looks neat.

Juddski- Yeah, got more, will display them in my next post here. ASP is going okay I guess, I'm only marginally there.

Ordo Illuminatus (link in second post in this topic) has had a huge revival, with several brand new artists joining. (For those who do not know- Ordo Illuminatus is a website for and about Artwork for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. Much like this forum's Art-part, but OI focus _solely_ on the art.) So I'm more on there then the ASP. Working also means less time for developing fan-material for these games.

StudioColrouphobia 04-06-09 02:14 PM

Some more Work I have done,

(In this post, the latest work is top, and oldest in the bottom.)

Commissioned work.
Poster for Swedish gaming club.

Ork vs. Crimson Fist 1-1


Text on poster omitted from this piece.


Something new... Preview of a commission and a speedie-warmup that turned into a KWSG Deamonhost sketch.
The commission was completed three days ago and I will post it in full once the client has gotten the DVD with full files on it.

Personal Work:

Did this for the KWSG over at Illuminatus... then again, had to deveop them anyway ;)


"The personal Guardsmen Company of Inquisitor Damien has been lost in the Warp for just as long as Damien himself. In terms of how long they feel they have been lost, no-one knows, but some 1000 years have past since they last fought in the materium.

The Company was originally some 200 men strong, but is now little less then 30.
The hardy men originate from a system close to the arcadia gate, but rather then being dispatched as Cadias, they where hand-picked by the Inquisition for different Inquisitors that needed impecable minds and strong bodies.

They utilise a weapon specifically developed fro clse-to-mid-range fighting in the Warp- the Melta-lance.
The equipment is heavy to carry, and on top of fielding a charge for their weapon on their back, they also have oxygene-tanks in their backpack for being able to fight in "unhealthy" enviroments."


Something or other...
Posting it because it has been described by others as "Nid-ish".


KWSG (Ordo Illuminatus weekly Sketchgroup event)


Commissioned Work:
The order of the day was- a Female Inquisitor in armour and a Sororitas with jump-pack.
They are slightly different from usual ideas, and I think that was the intent of the client. Client wanted something that looks distinct for his army.
I am fully aware of differences in helmet design and shoulderpad-design for the sororitas (as well as sword design for inquisitor) but it was following the clients needs that was (and always is) the order of the day.
Originally the Inquisitor had more "SM"-like armour but this was traded for the more "body-tight" powerarmour in favour of the models (which will be made based upon these concepts) looking more like actual women, and not like "spacemarines with fake boobs".

I added two versions of the sororitas, the one without the belt is the one the client preferred, the one with the belt I personally like best.


(shown here are the sized images)

More Sororitas.
Same client as above. These where done after the above though.
Heavier Soroitas + some Grey Knight Weaponry.


Azazel- personal work.

Angels Cruentis is a part of a personal project I'm doing. No armycollecting.

Malakim is the rough equivalent of a 1st company or Veteran members/marines...

Angirim is the standard Marines of the chapter. This one is an Assault Brother.

Stoic Son of Oblivion- commissioned work.
Out of the mists- commissioned work.
Action- commissioned work.
Alpha Legionaire- donated artwork to the Anago-sector.net project.

Not everything is up here, but quite some of my recent paintings.

C&C is welcome.
Some of the stuff in this post are Cut&Pastes from other forums because I'm lazy and wanted you to see as much as possible in one post...

Trevor Drake 04-06-09 02:36 PM

Damn fine stuff there mate, havent seen work that well done in some time. I may need to comission some work from you as well.

StudioColrouphobia 04-06-09 04:55 PM

Thank you Trevor Drake.

Latest commission was posted by client on Bolter and Chainsword.
This above is at 16% of the actual size of the final image, so a lot more detail is visible.


Hi there all.

Just wanted to share with you a piece that Colrouphobia has just completed. I'm really absolutely ecstactic with the result. The picture is Sanguinius holding the Ultimate gate during the retreat of forces on Terra.

This is an example of me following very closely the idea of a commission, without the idea of Drachenfell it would never have turned out like this.

Zondarian 04-06-09 07:00 PM

If I could rep you again for that I would. Would you consider at some point doing some drawings for me?

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