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Jacobite 11-16-07 03:35 AM

Nice project mate - good to see that you have fully planned everything out and got your stuff together. Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. Great start.

ACoz 11-16-07 12:41 PM

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Originally Posted by hephesto (Post 39169)
Keep up the great work, have you decided on a colourscheme already?

Thanks again for the comments and following the project. This diary format is actually a great motivator for me to really focus on this, especially now that people are watching.

As for color scheme, I'm looking at a bright, bold red as the army's main color, with other colors probably varying unit by unit, but mostly being subdued earth tones, like Khaki and tan and such.

So, to bring it all up to speed: Friday, November 16 2007:

Watered-down white glue applied to the sand on the bases.

I've got to go to the nearest store that sells GW stuff tomorrow, as I'm completely out of black primer, and I don't really want to do these guys with white, as I think they'll end up too bright for dirty, grubby Miners if I do.

So, by my count, this unit will be roughly 275 points, at unit strength 20, with full command and blasting charges!

A good start, I think.

Edit: Caught a spelling error... I grew up with a professional proof-reader for a mom, so I get a bit quirky when it comes to my spelling.

Hespithe 11-16-07 01:18 PM

Sounds like a very fitting color combo for your Stunties.

ACoz 11-18-07 05:12 PM

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Sunday November 18, 2007:

The unit is primed and drying.

Tonight, after I'm done watching some football and having a few beers, I'll likely start with some paint.

I'm going to start with the back rank and try to do a rank at a time, with progressive detailling the closer I get to the front, so the command group will get the most attention.

P.S. Ignore the marines in the background, they're for a side project I've got brewing... the ressurection of my old DIY chapter.

ACoz 11-19-07 11:21 AM

We Got Paint!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

I got some time to work on the miners late last night, and got a little accomplished.

The back rank got some base colors (flesh areas got Dark Flesh and helmets/picks/blasting charges got a mix of Chaos Black & Boltgun Metal) and one miner got the full treatment.

Well, as full as one of the guys in back is going to get, anyway.

There's some room for improvement, but, overall, I'm very pleased with the look of him. I think the unit will look good in those colors (beards will vary a bit from miner to miner, of course).

It's going on my bed-time, as I have to work tonight, so I'll leave it for now, but I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Jacobite 11-19-07 06:11 PM

Looking good mate. Don't be afraid about the lack of progress - is that the first time you've painted a mini for the army?

ACoz 11-20-07 12:23 AM

For this army, yes. It's the first.

Anphicar 11-20-07 01:16 AM

Wow, those guys look great! :ok:

Jacobite 11-20-07 03:26 AM

Nice stuff - that test mini looks great.

ACoz 11-20-07 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by Jacobite (Post 40158)
Nice stuff - that test mini looks great.


Originally Posted by Anphicar (Post 40134)
Wow, those guys look great! :ok:

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the compliments, it's very encouraging!

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