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squeek 03-13-09 01:45 PM

What is wrong with your armybook?
Just a quick one really, what do you think is wrong about your armybook? What would you change? Obviously we are talking rules here (what with this being a brand new Houserules and Homebrew section) but feel free to add other bug bears if you really want to! :)

I'll make a start with OnG:

Animosity - It's a duff rule, no other army has to contend with their units being so likely to do anything but what you ask them. It was a nice idea, but other armybooks have nice army wide rules like Eternal Hatred for DE, so why do OnG doso badly?

Night Goblins - Yeah they are useful, but they cost a point too much and the cost of nets is far too high! :P

There are more, but I don't want to moan too much in one go! Feel free to suggest improvements if you can think of them.

keytag33 03-13-09 02:31 PM

Missile troops. Now I'm not saying that chaos warriors need to start sporting bows or anything.

To my way of thinking marauders wouldn't really be the farming type, more the nomadic hunter gather type. So wouldn't they have bows for said hunting.

Now I know they're not most intelligent race in the WHFB world but come on even the thickest twit would eventually realise that the same bow that killed dinner could kill that Empire swordsman over yonder.

Of course anyone willing to live in a northern snowy climate probably isn't to bright to begin with, hmmm................

neilbatte 03-13-09 02:54 PM

Well for my chaos dwarves its the lack of an army book thats a problem as I can make my own troops.
Ogres there are so many little niggles that handicap the army, Needing 5 models for a rank really bit into their effectiveness, The leadbelcher misfire chart is overly harsh on a small unit and more damaging than the cannon itself.
Hunters need to move and fire to get more of a look in, No level 4 butchers until 3000 pts. the command upgrades are too expensive and are just free points to your opponent. the magic items are arse unless you fight in challenges which no clever opponent will let you do freely, they need more rank and file killing weapons to help you beat combat res and some half decent armour/ward. My biggest moan about the list though is that toughnes 4 is not enough for a great big monster its he same as an orc or chaos warrior and you can get at least 3 orcs for the price of 1 ogre if not more.
I'm quite happy with my empire though my only gripe is the toning down of the volleygun it has 50% less chance of hitting now for a 10pt reduction in cost.

Rahmiel 03-13-09 03:08 PM

actually I like the animosity rule, it adds that extra fluff to the game, but I would change wolf chariots to two per special like they used to be. They just aren't worth it for one whole special choice. N Night Goblins are overrated anyhow. :)

Tha Tall One 03-13-09 04:29 PM

Animosity once made my unit of Night Goblins slaughter a unit Waywatchers. Big time.

zabo 03-13-09 08:49 PM

The only problem I have with my ogres, is the restrictions on the army, well, and the point costs on everything, which ar to high.

how are night goblins overpriced? theyre only 3 points we get way worse goblyns for 2 points! I would die to get your stats on my gnobbos!

Ascendant Valor 03-13-09 09:10 PM

For High Elves, I can think of a few things, but I'll toss in my major grifes:

The Army Book is shottily crafted. The binding fell apart within a week of owning it, the fluff is rather boring (compared to other, newer books, that is), and from what I've heard of older HE players, a lot of the content is just copy-pasted.

Silver Helms should be a Core Choice. After all, they are fairly common comparatively speaking, and shouldn't have to compete for special slots with Dragon Princes and chariots. I've heard some nifty ways of making them core (such as not counting towards the minimum, for instance). Still, I think their points cost is fine, considering their decent capabilities.

The HE mages are supposed to be the best. If only there were another special rule or two to help them out...

That's all I've got for now.

Othiem 03-14-09 01:17 AM

For the Empire:

Greatswords not having access to magic banners is a massive oversight.

Master Engineers need to be purchased as upgrades to warmachines, not take up Hero slots. Empire competition for heros is already too tight as is, there is no room for these guys.

Halberdiers need SOMETHING to make them suck less.

Knightly Orders are overpriced, sure they have a 1+ save, but their offense is a joke.

Is it seriously necessary for the helstorm to have to roll for a random displacement twice? Have it fire like a normal stone thrower with a large template.


Originally Posted by Ascendant Valor (Post 328819)
The HE mages are supposed to be the best. If only there were another special rule or two to help them out...

On that topic, giving HE mages drain magic ONLY if they take High Lore is BS. All mages should get drain magic fullstop.

Erie Ed 03-14-09 03:39 AM

Dogs of War for a rare choice slot for skaven and thats all i can think of

Grik 03-14-09 05:58 AM


Originally Posted by Ascendant Valor (Post 328819)
The HE mages are supposed to be the best. If only there were another special rule or two to help them out...

Actually HE Mages are like little kids compared to Slann Mage Priests, but to make Slann Mage Priests as powerful as they are according to fluff would unbalance the game so badly it wouldn't even be funny. I like how HE Mages are the only ones who can really equal Slann in casting Talent, I think it's great as it it is right now. Just wish Slann Mage Priests still had Drain Magic though, oh and Saurus Warriors need to be WS 4! I mean they are bread PURELY for war and fighting afterall. That's all i have really, I think the new Lizardman book is really balanced as I was skeptical of the rumored changes, but I think it's a great book.

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