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Syph 03-11-09 08:19 PM

Heresy Online's Official Award Medals

Heresy Online is very proud to present it's new Award Medal System.

These awards will appear in your Avatar information bars and also in your viewable member profile should you be lucky enough to receive one.

The majority of these awards will be presented by Heresy's Staff when the occasion is correct; but to keep these as a special item they will be fairly uncommon and only given to those that excel in those areas.

Do not pester Staff for any awards!

Awards may be stripped from a member by the Staff to keep the integrity of an Award should anyone disgrace the honours bestowed upon them.

A PM will notify any of you that have been presented an Award, telling you in more detail why you have been awarded.

Without further ado, here are the current batch of medals, ready to award the worthy!

Wreath of Champions


This is awarded to all winners of the Member of the Month accolade.
Each winner of this Medal will have contributed to the boards in different ways for the betterment of Heresy and have been given the Award by Staff nomination and vote.

Laurels of Victory


Awarded for a placement in a recognized Grand Tournament.
First,Second or Third place in a Grand Tournament gains the Laurels of Victory.

Crest of the Terraforma


For consistently excellent scenery.
This is awarded for making terrain of the highest standard to create the perfect settings for battle.

Favour of the Warmaster


For tireless effort or effort above and beyond the call of duty in promoting positive experiences on Heresy Online.
The winners of this Award will have made the forum a better, friendlier and more interesting place for an extended length of time.

Guilliman's Seal


For writing an exceptional tactical piece.
This award is for those wily few that have the tactical acumen to guide budding commanders in the best use of their forces.

Fulgrim's Favour


Award given for excellence in art.
Bringing visual pleasure through artistic endeavour will gain the Favour of Fulgrim.

The Mark of the Hydra


Award for excellence in finding and confirming rumours.
Awarded to those that bring in the advance news of changes to the game and upcoming releases.

Baton of the Grand Marshal


For 'marshalling' your forces for the Army Painting Challenge.
This award will be presented to those that have completed an entire Army Painting Challenge.

Mark of Tzeentch


For winning a Conversion Contest.
Having exerted the power of change to reform a miniature to your will to win a competition.

Order of the Artificer


Award for excellence in Modelling and Conversion of miniatures.
This award is presented to members that have produced outstanding modelling and conversion projects.

Mark of Slaanesh


Awarded for winning a painting Competition.
This award will be presented to those that have bedazzled us with their painting skills to win in a painting competition.

Order of the Codicier

Awarded for sharing tactical victories and defeats in battle reports.
Win or lose, quality and entertaining Battle Reports posted for any games on the forums will receive the Order of the Codicier.

Order of the Astropath


Awarded for producing tutorials of the highest standard.
Being a Guiding Light in the tutorials forum earns the Order of the Astropath.

Mark of the Remembrancer


Awarded to members for Role Playing based excellence.
Steadfast dedication and commitment in taking us off to the realms of your imagination with excellent roleplay will gain you this award.

Insignia of the Artisan


Awarded for excellence in painting.
Painters of renown that share their work across the boards will receive this award.

Tithe of the Faithful


Awarded for generous donations to Heresy Online
Large donations, Competition Sponsorship and large scale programming projects.

Seal of the Librarian


Awarded for consistently high quality 'fluff' posts - homebrew or otherwise.
Those whos imagination and takes us deeper into the setting of the game are rewarded with this Award.

Bonding Knife


Helping Heresy be the friendly and useful community that it is will gain this Award. Bonding Knife shows the members dedication to 'the greater good' of the forum.

Medallion of the Chosen


Awarded for winning Official Heresy Online competitions.
Awarded to those that achieve supremacy in competition on the boards of Heresy.

Crest of the Wise


For exceptional quality posting on the boards.
Consistent good quality posting will be rewarded with this Award.

Lexicanum's Crest


For Outstanding Literary Achievement.
Showing exceptional affinity for the written word within your works of original fiction will earn you this accolade.

Mark of Nurgle


Awarded for long service.
Members who have survived all the boards have thrown at them and are still here to tell the tale are awarded this for proving their long term commitment.

Kiss of the Harlequin


Awarded for keeping humour on the boards.
Awarded to those who keep balance on the board by making excellent Off Topic contributions - especially humorous posts for the Laughing God.

Mark of Khorne


Awarded to the Highest Referrers.
Like the followers of Khorne, who collect skulls for the Blood God, the recipient of this award has collected members for Heresy Online - reflected by high referral numbers.

Dark Disciple


Hitting the magic mark of 500 Posts or 15 started Threads gains the Dark Disciple Award for the month in question.

Sigil of the Scarab
Exceptional contributors to the Heresy Sprue Database earn this accolade.


Those that fill the Sprue Database with a substantial quantity of usable submissions will gain this Award.

These medals will be awarded in due course once initial Staff nominations are made.
This is your chance, Heretics, to earn rewards for your posts.

All images are the sole property of Heresy Online and are only for use on the boards of Heresy with permission of the sites owner.
Any improper use of Award images will result in serious action being taken against individual misusing the artworks.

HolyHpnotiq 03-12-09 12:57 AM

What an amazing idea! I can't wait to see who will be getting awarded what! I hope that you will post people receiving awards as a Forum Announcement?

Perfect Idea regardless!

Djinn24 03-12-09 01:27 AM

I want to make it known that Syph is to thanks for these awesome graphics as well as some that are being released.

The Wraithlord 03-12-09 01:54 AM

Yeah Syph has really come through for Heresy Online with these medals. Kudos Syph.

Chaosftw 03-12-09 02:03 AM

They Look great! Well done syph! I like them a lot! Well done. +rep for the graphics forsure! I really like the idea too! Make me want to focus on some things a little more!



gwmaniac 03-12-09 06:03 AM

Wow, looks great! I noticed Jez had one the other day, and was hoping there would be medals soon! Thanks Syph, you really are a graphics wiz!

SpaNNerZ 03-12-09 06:25 AM

Thats good
Itll now make people try really really hard to post good stuff.
Also tis some sick graphics work there Syph, nice stuff.

One thing though, The wreath of champions, is it only awarded to past MoM or future winners aswell?

Peace out:victory:

Djinn24 03-12-09 08:50 AM

@Spannerz: If will be for both past and future winners.

SpaNNerZ 03-12-09 09:55 AM

Ah okay cool
I was just checking as the way its written up top, just yeh, it says all previous winners, doesnt say anything about the future.
Again awesome idea

peace out:victory:

Stella Cadente 03-12-09 10:42 AM

awww no medal for the biggest flamer, I did win that competition after all, and was commended by a mod, there should be a medal for it :P

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