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Jezlad 03-08-09 09:25 PM

Mick the Mercenary
I had a weird Jezplan last night.

Mick the Mercenary - A Mascot

Basically it's about an old and knackered Imperial Guardsman called "Mick the Mercenary".

What does he do?

Firstly, we're going to get a guardsman painted up, Viscount Vash has offered to build and paint him for us. Once the model is built and Mick comes to life we're going to send him off around the United Kingdom to take part in people's Tabletop Battles.

We have a rough idea of where we want to go with him statwise, basically he'll be a Sly Mambo standard character, not too fancy that he'll win a battle on his own but good enough to give a space marine a good kicking.

Right, so now we have a mercenary - he needs to see some action. This is where you guys can apply for his services to join one of your battles. Once we have a suitable candidate we'll post him to you on the understanding he's used in a tabletop battle within the next two weeks. The person who receives him has to write a brief outline of the battle, what he achieved, what he killed, what "injured" him. You can right it into a fluffy story if you want, be imaginative. If you took photo's post them in the thread.
Once that battle is over he'll be posted to another trustworthy applicant who will use him in another battle. The person that receives him will be expected to pass him on at their expense so don't apply for his services unless you can meet the postage cost to forward him to the next member.

A forum character who travels the UK fighting battles every week. A bit of fun really. A site mascot.

That's it in a nutshell. Clearly we're placing an element of trust in the people who use the model so we'll only be sending him to reputed members of the forum.

A month in the life of Mick the Mercenary will look something like this
  • 01-04-09 - Vash Sends him to Squeek
  • 06-04-09 - Squeek uses the model in battle, writes the report on the thread then forwards it to Vaz
  • 14-04-09 - Vaz uses the model in battle, writes the report on the thread then forwards it to Dusty's Corner
  • 25-04-09 - Dusty's Corner uses the model in battle, writes the report on the thread then forwards it to Concrete Hero
...and so on and so on.

What we need from you

What we need from you guys is a set of rules. A character design. This is going to be a fast one to get his rule set finalised by Saturday next week. We might only pick certain elements of the rules you design, try to be original, add some interesting and quirky wargear.

His stat line can be anything between these totals.

[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Min | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 9 | -
Max | 5 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 1 | 4 | 4 | 10 | -
[/table]Remember this is about designing a fun and characterful model, not a killing machine. Also the name Mick is kinda something that stuck, it isn't definite though, feel free to suggest other names.

He can have saves you desire too, I think the key is Wargear. Think up some whacky and interesting equipment.

Here's the code to use to display his stats, copy paste this into your reply and edit the bottom line.

HTML Code:

[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Edit this line | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv

I'll be dishing out 1 months supporter access to anyone who suggests something we go on to use too.

Come Saturday next week we'll have a character and statline for Vash to model and paint up.

scruff 03-08-09 09:31 PM

[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Mick the Mercenary | 4 | 4 | 4 | 3(4) | 2 | 4 | 3 | 9 | 4+
Trusty Steed | - | - | - | +1 | +1 | - | +1 | - | -
(the Trusty Steed is an item that further modifies Mick. See below)
(Cheers for the table by the way - i'll use it in my customs lol)

Special Rules: Independent Character, Stubborn, Combat Tactics (see Codex: SM)
The Ballad: Mick is known far and wide, his repute itself touches the sky! All actions named by Mick's comparderie, are named in rhyme which the player must say. To break this vow, Heresy won't allow - a save to be taken by those who give no cow
Deadly Repute: Regardless of Ballad, of constants there's one: to Mick's employer theres a drink to be had when the game's WON!!!
Mick's Only Aim: Mick's a Mercenary, but he's pretty nice. His very pants are made of spice! The moment Mick is even played, one must make demands if thats ok - the opposing player may offer Mick many things - shiny things - if Mick joins him. Sure, Mick may refuse, but if its really tempting to give in to the cake and etcetera then the opponent gains control. The original person who should have had him will instead get the bid =P

Trademark Item (Cigar, copy of his Ballad), Mick's Trusty Gun, Mick's Pick
May be upgraded to have his Trusty Steed for +25pts - this makes Mick's unit type a Beast. However, his skill is as legendary as his beard - Mick has the Skilled Rider special rule
Mick's Pick: This is a two handed weapon that gives Mick +2 strength. Only the hardiest of the hard can wield it however - Mick gains +1 to his toughness and may not be Instant Killed (this is included in the brackets)
Mick's Trusty Gun: This is a Twin Linked Lasgun. However, it has +2 strength and also Gets Hot - only then does it truly satisfy it each time it causes a BOOM!

How about all repliers also add to my ballad?

He's Mick the Mercenary, but he's really very nice
<Your line here>

(essentially, the idea that my suggestion gives is that the entire battle gives the player a base for the report that must follow. a ballad to end all ballads!)

Dagmire 03-09-09 07:47 AM

mick the merc
[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Mick the Mercenary | 4 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 3 | 10 | 4*

Special Rules: Independent Character ,infiltrate, fearless, eternal warrior

Merc: Mick works for cash, weapons or anything else he can get his hands on that’s worthy of his time. Mick is fearless and passes any moral check as he stays and fights till the end to get his money
He is also avalible to any army as he will fight for the highest bidder

Lucky git: Mick has been around for so long that he is believed to have the luck of the Gods Emperor on his side. All saves Mick takes are inv* saves regardless of any others codex’s rules and he is immune to instant death

say hello to my little friend: Mick has a constant supply of weapons and some times doesn’t know what to take. Roll on the wargear chart twice before any game. Any double counts as him being to excited to pick two items and only one weapon is taken

Wargear: Hellgun, frag and krak grenades power weapon
Mick's car boot:D6

1:vortex grenade
2:melta bombs
3:Master crafted power weapon
4: Storm bolter
5: Combi bolter/melta
6: Sniper rifle

Jezlad 03-09-09 03:33 PM

Awesome contributions guys. I can see some great ideas already :)

Death 0F Angels 03-09-09 04:07 PM

nice idea Jez.

how bout "If Mick kills ......... opponent buys the beer!' hahahaha, maybe we should just make that a "site" rule though instead of actually putting that in since we may not want to exactly promote drinking with our younger crowd. I really like the "Mick's only aim" rule where you can sieze initiative to bring Mick to your side(if i understand that correctly)

Jezlad 03-09-09 04:13 PM

That rule wouldn't work.

The person you're playing might not be a Heresy member, it's a no go.

when in doubt, shoot! 03-09-09 05:43 PM

plus a cigar trademark item kinda thing, that would be awesome.

Maybe He can also have a rule like "The element of surprise" So that he gets a scout move or can't be shot at by any unit, unless he's already shot at them.

I'm thinking the chuck norris of the imperial guard. :laugh:

Jezlad 03-09-09 06:04 PM

Lets stay away from chuck norris, its annoying... :wink:

scruff 03-09-09 06:42 PM

Chuck Norris is too far...

I too love the Mick rules already ^_^

Farseer Beltiac 03-09-09 07:46 PM

haha:laugh:, I like the idea of Mick the Mercenary...it gave me a chuckle....but I have a good idea, how about a mini based of Mickey Rourke:biggrin:?!?!?!

come one, he has a grizzled look to him that fits a guardsmen...it's not like I'm saying there should be a Rob Thomas Space Marine:P....

Pretty cool rules if I can say so myself!!!:mrgreen:

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