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DecrepitDragon 11-27-11 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by michaells (Post 1114478)
i would be a chaos warrior not only do you get to kill,pillage and loot in the name of 4 of the best warhammer deitys around you get to look cool while doing it

Interesting choice mate.

You seem to be a new guy - have you started a "Welcome" thread yet?

If not, welcome to Heresy.

Back on topic though - I think I would choose to be Aborash.

Nuff said.:so_happy:

michaells 11-27-11 03:12 PM

No i have not what is that?

Hurons_Champion 06-18-12 10:17 AM

I Would be a Celestial Wizard from The Empire, cause it's cool and i like to gaze at the stars:P

Galloglasses 12-16-12 02:28 PM

A border prince. I would do so for the primary reason of getting my principality together, purging corruption, bonking the other princes over the head to expand my realm, teach the Tilean Republics some bloody much needed humility and respect for their betters and become a Fantasy Kingdom expy of Switzerland and hire out my awesomesauce professional mercenary armies to the Empire and sit in my nice warm Estate sipping the FINEST of wines while awaiting for Tzeentch to plot my downfall.

Or the Skaven.

TRU3 CHAOS 12-24-12 03:00 AM

I guess I'd like to be a High Elf Lord. The good life, sure there are some hot elf ladies as well.

Tim/Steve 12-24-12 12:38 PM

I think threadromancy somewhere along the line has pulled this one out of the abyssal depths and back into circulation... regardless of how, we now have 2 identical 'active' threads.

If you want to tell us what you would really be in the WFB universe please post HERE

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