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dardle reesraf 12-04-09 09:47 AM

definately a lizardmen slann.
think, you're practically imortal, you can sleep for like, a bazillion years and when you wake up, all you have to do is cast a few spells, mutter a few words about what to do, and fall asleep again.
thats like awesome!

Freedirtyneedles 12-04-09 04:22 PM

I'd be generic empire handgunner #4 who retired and spends all his waking moments at a bar correcting the greatsword's stories.

The Son of Horus 12-05-09 07:08 AM

Given the choice, I'd pursue the service of the Dark Gods, I think. When you consider how much the Old World just plain sucks, your options are somewhat limited. But when you put on Chaos Dwarf-forged plate, find yourself reshaped into a seven-foot-tall god of war who neither eats nor sleeps and subsists entirely on his service to his patron... that's not so bad. One of three things happens, too-- you either die in battle (which is a likely outcome no matter who you are in the Warhammer world, so whatever), you end up as a Chaos Spawn and then die in battle (at least you're insane and no longer really human, so you're not likely to care at that point), or you become truly immortal and become a daemon prince. While the whole becoming an embodiment of primal evil doesn't really appeal to a lot of folks (and honestly, doesn't particularly to me) it's a decent outcome given the options available to humanity in general in the Warhammer world.

And if I wasn't human... well... eff that. Nobody wants to be a short, fat, ugly little thing that lives underground, or pointy-eared jerks that frolick in the woods. And if you're neither a dwarf or an elf, then you're some kind of monster, and that has little appeal as well. So... Blood for the Blood God, I suppose.

dradcliffe09 12-05-09 07:33 AM

Given my recent experiences at my job, I would probably be one of the gnoblars in the front ranks of some Ogre Kingdoms army, quickly used and forgotten. :laugh:

The Fallen 12-05-09 09:43 AM

id probably wanna b a Dark Elf Crossair. Gotta admit, the lifestyle (and pay) is really appealing

Zorenthewise 12-09-09 09:00 PM

A Dwarf Longbearded Thane would be my ideal. I get to sit around, grumbling and doing my craft as I see fit, kill goblins when the mood strikes me, and live a good long life aiding my hold with wisdom and combat prowess. Also I would have mastered a craft to such a level that I would be teaching others how to do advanced techniques of whatever I was doing. Furthermore, the King would know me, and likely want me around whenever something was going down. Plus I'd be tougher than nails!

Also, as my beard would have to be tied to not hit the floor, this would mean all the lady Dwarfs would be after yours truly. Yeah. I went there.

Fallen Angel Sammael 12-10-09 12:16 AM

Champion of Khorne!!!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

matty570 12-24-09 09:43 AM

Sadly, being a fat balding accountant there aren't many comparitors in the WH universe though I could see myself as an merc Ogre or a maneater.

In terms of if I could choose then I'd probably go for an Empire Outrider, bobbing around on your horse have a repeating handgun and since your of noble blood having a pretty easy life overall.

Failing that a sneaky night goblin squig rider, whats not fun about that!!! Short life expectancy but still good fun...

ChaosRedCorsairLord 12-24-09 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by LukeValantine (Post 383515)
Whenever I see post like what would you be in ext. I can't help but wounder if the author is asking what would you be based on personal/physical traits or what would you want to be. Both tend to be incredibly different from each other!

I also wonder this. And the title does say: 'What would you be...' not 'What would you like to be...'.
I would be an Empire Cannon Crewman. I would like to be a chaos undivided daemon prince.

bobss 12-25-09 08:09 PM


I would be an Empire Cannon Crewman. I would like to be a chaos undivided daemon prince.
Im slightly drunk... but thats ownage of epic proportion....

Id like to be a Witch Hunter.... ' BURN THE HERETIC! '

Id be...... some random peasant + pitchfork who`s village is destroyed in a Beastmen incursion most likely...

iiirjw 12-27-09 05:47 AM

I would want to be an Dark Elf Assassin....

Travel the World
work freelance.... Where and when I want.
Prolly get to have all the witch elves I want......
Collect cool magic items and money.

Yeah sounds pretty good.:victory:

dardle reesraf 01-29-10 09:50 AM

slann or skink cheif, riding a stego. pownage!

Schultz 01-30-10 10:18 PM

Oh, definitely a Bretonnian. I'm not that adept on horseback though, so a Footknight, or Man-at-Arms.

Edit: But, thinking on it, knowing my luck, I'd wind up as a Night Goblin Fanatic. Pass the Mad Cap Juice

LukeValantine 01-31-10 11:03 AM

The sad thing about this thread is by going on averages, and general psychological trends the vast majority of everyone that has replied to it would either be a humble empire men at arms/free company, or a regular ork boy with a smaller percentage being stuff like Bretonnnian bowman, handgunners, or yarr boys... Now if it was called what would you want to be in the war hammer fantasy world a lot more of these posts would be relevant.

Going on the same restrictive logic shown in my reply I would either be a Slaanesh cultist of low birth in the northern fringe of the empire, or a short Marauder who worships Slaanesh.

Da Ogre 02-02-10 11:58 AM

Id wanna be an ogre. Feast, sleep, fight. . . dont sound to bad to me

Masked Jackal 02-02-10 01:33 PM

A Dark Elf noble. I can get slaves or servants to do the menial stuff for me, and if I'm feeling bored, I'll just organize my forces and go kill some stuff on a raid.

CoNnZ 02-04-10 08:46 AM

A dwarf king. Get to sit on a pile of gold drinking all day.

Varakir 02-04-10 09:07 AM

Definitely a waywatcher.

My affinity for rangers/hunters/trackers knows no bounds.

Lord Justicar Gideon 02-04-10 11:23 AM

Hm ... i'd like to be a High Elf noble, probably from Caledor. Start out your life riding as a Silver Helm, then become a Dragon Prince as befits your title. Eventually Prince Imrik loves your courageous-ness so much, he gives you the ability to awaken a dragon.

Oh yeh!

I'd be the High Elf-Dragon-Rider-Who-Is-Skilled-At-Slaying-Other-Dragons. And you'd see me in tapestries, my armour shining in the sun and the golden scales of my dragon reflecting the light, valiantly fighting (and winning, though the tapestry can only show one thing at a time) against three black dragons ridden by Dreadlords.


Grimskul25 02-04-10 08:19 PM

I'd either be a master engineer of Nuln or a Bright/Gold Wizard Lord, either way I'd be blasting the enemy from range, laughing as they do the "burny dance" or when ranks of foes collapse and flee after a cannonball careens, demolishes and grinds them into the ground as a fine, mushy paste. :biggrin:

Masked Jackal 02-04-10 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Grimskul25 (Post 563294)
I'd either be a master engineer of Nuln or a Bright/Gold Wizard Lord, either way I'd be blasting the enemy from range, laughing as they do the "burny dance" or when ranks of foes collapse and flee after a cannonball careens, demolishes and grinds them into the ground as a fine, mushy paste. :biggrin:

Just hope you don't misfire/miscast! D:

EuroChild 02-04-10 09:07 PM

A Marienburg merchant greedy, fat, sleazy and rich enough to afford my own private army to come and eff you up when you step on my toes.
And don't bother trying to assassinate me, they know I can pay them more than you can.
That's what I'd want to be.

Reality would most likely be a Brettonian Peasant toiling in the fields and living in poo.

stevenhassell 02-05-10 07:59 PM

lets see im 6'4" 290lbs um it would have to be an oger, but defantly a hunter,,, i have to big dogs:grin:

Barnster 02-28-10 09:26 PM

I'd either be a HE mage or a von carstein vamp

fatboy955 03-06-10 06:02 PM

i guess i would have to be Orc:Drinking, Fighting, More Drinking, More fighting then a nap and then more Drinking etc

shaantitus 03-08-10 03:03 AM

Engineer, thats what i am now.

Arvelen 03-08-10 06:15 AM

Dwarf Ironbreaker. One solid wall of Gromril-clad killing machines.

Serrated Man 03-08-10 08:43 AM

Want to be:

Dark elf Sorceress coven's massage therapist.
Empire noble, part of the local slaaneshi cult.

What I would be:

The village idiot or local madman :biggrin:

Inquisitor Aurelius 03-12-10 05:26 PM

I'd have to go with vampire. Ageless, hard as nails, able to walk into a graveyard and come out with an army...

But more importantly, it'd give me the opportunity to just do what I liked. None of that "defending a slowly dying empire" or "pleasing the gods" crap for me, thanks. If you're a vampire, you get to be your own boss.

I tend to be nocturnal anyway (when given the choice), so I've got a head start. The whole thirst-for-the-blood-of-mortals line would be a bit of a pain in the arse, but I reckon you could just take a nip here and there without ever actually murdering anyone. And failing that, there's always those bastard witch hunters that come hammering on the gate just when you've picked up a book.:grin:

ChaosRedCorsairLord 03-13-10 03:43 AM


Originally Posted by Inquisitor Aurelius (Post 587983)
I'd have to go with vampire. Ageless, hard as nails, able to walk into a graveyard and come out with an army...

There is the insanity that usually affects them, which would kinda suck.

Inquisitor Aurelius 03-13-10 07:36 PM

Meh. There's nothing that says vampires must be insane; I'd chalk it up to a natural outgrowth of becoming the indisputable top of the food chain. Just have to try to keep a little humility, is all.

In any case, I'm sure there are many people who'd tell you I'm a bit squirrelly to begin with.:wink:

aja10000 03-13-10 10:11 PM

I would be the giant stuffing things in my pants... LOL.

murdock129 04-02-10 04:17 PM

I'd choose to be a Vampire, I don't care if I were insane, it would be plenty enjoyable

death-skullz-kill-all 04-08-10 01:35 AM

a squig for sure

cheef3 04-08-10 02:33 AM

id be an eternity warden. im the strongest, most skilled saurus and have awsome special weapons and items

Asmodeun 04-08-10 05:05 AM

Dark elf Dreadlord. Wouldn't that be fun, sadism fulfilled fo life.:biggrin:

the-graven 05-08-10 10:55 AM

I would love to be a Keeper of Secrets, toying with my enemies, slowing them down with magic and then feast on their dead bodies, it would be awesome to just make my opponents flee when I want it or make them attack me with such slow speed that it's just too easy to kill them :victory:

Farseer_Iowan 07-13-10 09:33 PM

What I would be? An average citizen in some Empire town that is about to get raided by Chaos, Skaven, Goblins, and Dark Elf all at the same time... So I would end up being Dead, Dead, Dead, and wishing for Death depending on who won the brawl... What I would want to be... High Elf Mage

Serpion5 09-06-10 11:01 AM

Would be? Some random militiaman somewhere.

Would like to be? Skink Priest. My head is in the clouds anyway, might as well make a living from it.

Muffinman 09-06-10 08:38 PM

I'd really like to be a Squig, nothing to worry about except eating stuff and doin wat you want. A very worry free life in my opinion!!

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