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WannabeKurt 06-02-09 02:34 AM

Tough call. I'd LIKE to be...Probably a Brettonian Knight. I'd Likely be a peasant bowman.

LOKI_DE 06-03-09 08:00 PM

i would probably go with a dragon mage, it might be jus me but flying around on a dragon throwin fireballs at people seems quite appealing.

HorusReborn 06-04-09 04:12 AM

one thing's for sure, high hopes of being a Lord or something big is something I wouldn't attempt because if it were to happen I'd say a member of the college of Engineers manning a Steam Tank. Since i was a tanker IRL it's the obvious choice. It's a little more risky, but hey, I've got power and protection around me, more so than the little halberdier! Then as I get a bit older, I'd become a warrior priest...

Fire starter Pyro 06-04-09 06:33 PM

I'd like to be a Dwarf ranger seeing the local sights and at the end of the day:drinks:
that or a bright wizard or at least a Pyromaniac with lore of fire :grin:

Ammit Brando 06-04-09 07:33 PM

Vampire Count Ammit Brando.

I would rule the skies on my Zombie dragon, Summoning forth legions of undead to do my bidding. Marching forth my army of death, consuming anyone in my path.

Herald of Huanchi 06-06-09 05:57 PM

I'd be a Saurus temple guard because I'd get to see the best magic in the world everyday! :biggrin:

RavenGuard123 06-07-09 03:51 AM

Dwarf Slayer (the ones that cant die da ones da r jus to grimnil gud haha)

NagashKhemmler 06-13-09 06:42 AM

I would go one of the old style liches like Nagash, from the 'necromancy' undead. Who doesn't want pure dark power to do whatever they please with, the ability to summon an army by yourself, also the gift of immortality without 'owing' it to anyone or anything, it's immortality with freedom.

Sword Slasher 06-16-09 03:19 PM

Pretty much a shadow warrior, but worshiping Lileath as the primary diety.

Battle BrotherVII 06-20-09 11:51 PM

i would be the guardian of the crystal mere cause im freaki'n invincible
or an alter kindred
actually second thought both!

Razagel 06-22-09 10:04 AM

I'd love to be a Great Unclean One, being rotten to the core and not giving a damn then happily gurgling, oozing, over the battlefield vomitting weak humans to death ^_^
And i would have dozens of pets living in my guts :D

Azkaellon 06-24-09 02:16 AM

Easy, Well some what.....eather a Lord of Slaanesh So i get Boob Equiped Minions or a Dread Lord on black Dragon.

Pedro_Kantor 06-28-09 04:43 AM

Hmm i think its simple for me i would be a Black Orc Warboss because i would be big scary and if any of my orcs misbehaved i would krump them with a big club:biggrin:

Azkaellon 06-28-09 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Pedro_Kantor (Post 423455)
Hmm i think its simple for me i would be a Black Orc Warboss because i would be big scary and if any of my orcs misbehaved i would krump them with a big club:biggrin:

Admit it, you just want to launch a grot bomb. :biggrin:

BloodAngelsfan 06-29-09 06:54 AM

I'd want to be:
a.) An Orc Warboss- I'd get to ignorantly hit everything around me and talk with a funny accent (Sounds like one of my relatives)
b.) A Grail Knight- Powerful knight with amazing war gear and holy powers? What's not to love?
c.) An Eldar Farseer whose psychic powers tore through reality and got dumped outside of Nuln along with a Falcon Grav Tank- World domination! :laugh:

Just kidding about that last one, that would never happen.

Micklez 07-02-09 08:22 PM

@ BAfan: i dunno mate, GW has pulled off harder to believe stuff

Also, High Elf Swordmaster. Sure i may hate all things pointy eared but the sheer epicness of this one class outweighs it. In fact, im using one in my first GD attempt

fediensb 07-23-09 08:24 PM

If I were to convert myself from real life into WHFB I would probably be a dwarf engineer. Though I'm not short, i have a beard, i drink a lot of booze, and i like creating crazy contraptions of varying usefulness!

But if I got to choose what I wanted to be, lets see.... probably one of Bugman's Rangers. I mean, whats not to love. Hunting down and killing greenskins all day long, and you get the best ale to have ever been brewed in the entire world!

Vrykolas2k 07-24-09 11:24 PM

Dark Elf Highborn...

Jester12 07-27-09 04:32 AM

Good thread. Enjoyed reading all of the replies. I'm somewhere between a High Elf and a Dwarf. First off I'm 6'6" and pretty skinny so I look like an elf and I'm very noble and have good morals so dark elves are out. In terms of a class probably white lions would suit me better since even though I'm skinny I'm still very built so swinging a giant axe around seems more like me. On the other hand I'm very innovative and can put down a few beers here and there so dwarf engineer may be more like my personality. The only other thing I could see myself as is life wizard. I'm a firefighter/emt so I'm good at casting Rain Lord and Gift of Life:biggrin:.

col44mag 07-27-09 04:34 AM

Champion of Chaos. Either nurgle or khorne Would be amazing

123birds 07-28-09 03:22 AM

I would be the Chaos sorcerer lord of tzeentch that finaly figures out that the chaos gods are slightly evil, so tzeentch cursed me by giving me 9 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds, 9 milliseconds, starting 9 seconds ago to live, but he would left me live if i found a way around it. So i go find Zacharias the everliving, force him to make me a vampire to die so the curs has no effect, and then kill him. So now i'm necrarch and tzeentch :grin: I would then go to one of the temple city's of a slann, strategicaly kill stegadons, then charge the city at the head of a 1000 undead stegadons :shok: and kill the slann. Lastly i would desecrate their temple tombs, find lord kroaks corpse, summon his soul from the dead and bind him somewhere, then give his dead body the blood kiss and possess it. So now i'm a necrarch who has the power of W'soran (due to the fact that Wsoran was killed by melkhior so he got the power, then zacharias got the power, now i have the power) I'm Tzeentch sorcerer lord and i'm a first gen slann :good:. My first goal.... kill all the von carstein vampires:spiteful:

Sei 'fir 07-28-09 05:06 PM

a dwarf brewer for the £££ and the fact i'd be safe in my mountain brewery coz no red blooded dwarf would let a brewery be destroyed.


a druid from Albion sure there may be giants but it's better than being on the mainland where everone's getting stabbed.

Major Harker 08-15-09 03:04 AM

I would be a Dwarf slayer, I mean life doesnt get any simpiler, Kill, drink, sleep, eventualy die and all your sins are forgiven. A life that is short, violent, and uncomplicated.


kungfoomasta 08-15-09 03:15 PM

i would want to be one of the original immortals. they are better than vampires cus they dont need to wear sunscreen :)

astornfleshlay 09-06-09 06:01 PM

Knowing my luck....I'd probably end up being a Goblin Doom Diver *sigh*

MrFortunato 09-06-09 06:29 PM

:laugh:BLOOD KNIGHT....hands down... Vampire, crazy-ass combaty stabby machine, AND you can raise the dead, duel with people and kill them for noooo reason...:biggrin:

and stupid chaos lords that get in my way.... ill call in my blood knight buddies....20 of them, muahahahaha:laugh:

High_Seraph 09-06-09 06:32 PM

a vampire lord who uses my everlasting existince to feed my desire for learning all possiable tactics then turn around and destroy the empire and become the first undead emperor

MrFortunato 09-06-09 06:35 PM

scratch my last post, I would be.....Tzeentch
1) you can't kill me, i'm a god
2)whatever happens, I let it/made it happen
3) I can turn you into something interesting and colourful for no reason at any point, one minute your walking around, next your sorry ass is turned into a hedgehog... a colourful one:laugh:

Kale Hellas 09-07-09 07:19 AM

a blacksmith who is also a wizard of fire i make big ass fires and hammers and live in some back water village killing beastmen then maybe start worshipping khorne for kicks ,or start a medieval heavy metal band

Kingwatothemax 09-07-09 09:17 AM

Dwarf Master Engineer- I'll ALWAYS have the best and newest gear, Gyrocopters to fly around in, and there's always a never ending amount of Beer around Dwarves anyways:grin:. Hang around the Dwarf Gunline during a battle and pick off Star Dragons with my awesome BS.:victory:

fungusyak 09-07-09 05:55 PM

I would be a high elf stationed on elithys, i could just sit around safely all day laughthing at those who actualy have to fight :P

MontytheMighty 09-07-09 06:32 PM

definitely a high elf stationed somewhere relatively safe

an interesting question is "who you would you least want to be (out of the generally non-evil races)", I wouldn't want to be a a Bretonnian peasant, or a footsoldier in any of the human armies that's for sure

Dragearen 09-11-09 06:22 AM

I like Lizzies. Practically immortal, rarely at war, and very powerful.

I'd probably be a back-liner... Like a Priest.

Yilmar 09-12-09 09:05 AM

I'd be the adventurous, young 2nd in command in a secretive chapter of Empire knights. (working on a fluff for my army) :victory:

In my younger years I'd be sent out on chapter missions, travelling abroad and purge evil in the name of my grand master.
In time I'd take over the role of my mentor and be the chapters grand master.

Yep I prefer the mortal life over the immortal.
Wouldn't you live life to the fullest enjoying every moment? Or be a lame immortal that has done everything a thousand times before. Trust me you'll get bored! :P

Tha Tall One 09-12-09 09:57 AM

Daemon Prince would be nice. It means I fulfilled my years as champion without becoming a spawn.

Yet if I'd be more realistic I'd probably be a blacksmith in the Empire/Bretonnia because I am still a human. With my current age I'd probably be a blacksmith's apprentice. Why? Because blacksmithing is fun :)
That, or I'd be a scholar of some sort.

cain the betrayer 10-21-09 10:16 AM

i would like to be a everchosen who becam demon prince
after killing the emperor

Farseer Ulthris 11-21-09 01:23 PM

I would love to be one of the loremasters of Hoeth, a Swordmaster, A Prince mounted on a Star Dragon or White lion. But I can't make my mind up.

Oh what the hell, a Loremaster of Hoeth (you probably would be a mixture of Swordmaster and Archmage all rolled into one)

tadhg546 11-21-09 02:17 PM

i would most definately be tzeentzch himself lol lord of change.

Mossy Toes 11-21-09 06:39 PM

A rat.

Not even a skaven. Just a rat.

Herald of Huanchi 12-03-09 09:37 PM

I'd be an Orc.

We fight all day, having a good time and than hit another over the head and steal his fungus beer!

Good Times.

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