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squeek 03-03-09 05:17 PM

What would you be in the Warhammer Fantasy world?
Hi all,

If you could choose, what race and role would you be in the Warhammer Fantasy world? This is just idle curiosity on my part since these sort of questions seem to be rather popular in 40k fluff! :)

Personally I think I would want to be a Wood Elf Wild Rider. None of the head aches with right or wrong, it is just what is best for Athel Loren. Added to that Wild Riders seem to have life pretty good really, they are mounted so get to charge about picking and choosing fights. They are pretty hard by most standards and aren't bothered by your average woodland interloper, but best yet they aren't so important as to attract too much attention from cannons and so on.

What would you guys choose to be? This is just for fun so be as daft as you like!

1001st Son 03-03-09 06:01 PM

Hmm... Having just finished the first book in the Witch Hunter series, I'm tempted to pick witch hunter... but I think I'd want to be a Tomb King of Nehekhara. I mean, come on! What's not to love about having legions of undead at your command, along with all of the perks of being undead yourself, like not having to worry about eating, sleeping, or dying? Not to mention having equipment given to you by the gods.

Vaz 03-03-09 06:35 PM

What's not to love about being Undead? being Dead for one.

Me? You won't have to think hard to guess.

Dragon Ogre. There are 4 things Dragon Ogres do, and they do a lot of them, and they do them very well indeed. Fight, Drink, Eat, and Sleep. Along with being Immortal, and get stronger, and bigger as you grow, get stronger in Lightning, (which would help me out, as I don't like Thunderstorms =O, Face your phobias, and all that) and have a Big Hitty thing =) Love 'em.

Not to mention I can worship the Chaos Gods, and become even more Powerful. Hell, I might just want "to be like Daddy" one day. Especially when your Daddy is the Size of a Mountain, and called Krakanrok the Black.

Short of that, possible a White Lion. I've seen an image of a White Lion, with the Lumberjack shirt, and a pair of Jeans recently, and I wanna be that. No Monty Python, though please.

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Trandoshanjake 03-03-09 06:37 PM

I would be a Waywatcher Highborn. I have a massive hardon for rangers, and they are the best at that in the entirety of the WHFB universe.

Dafistofmork 03-03-09 06:53 PM

dark elf noble- realy high up and powerful. then i can do anything (bar upset the monachy) i want, and possibly take a trip into the wastes to become a worsiper of chaos whenever i felt like.

then upset the monachy.

Syph 03-03-09 07:04 PM

Having read the previous few army books and Malus Darkblade, I don't actually fancy the life of a Dark Elf. Far too sadistic, too much politics, intrigue and backstabbing going off. Although I'm sure the bedroom antics are great! :spiteful:

A High Elf or Wood Elf may not be so bad though; a Prince of Caledor with a big ass dragon, a Swordmaster or a Mage of Saphery... All very cool. But a little bit tragic. The Wood Elves do seem to have the best life of it in terms of the Elves.

Sod it, a Dreadlord with a big ass dragon. :biggrin:

Talos 03-03-09 07:54 PM

I would love to be a Metal Wizard. Not sure why I just love the lore of Metal. Also Metal wizards dont have to be on the battle field that much so you would be pretty safe unless you blow yourself up.
It would also be fun to turn peoples weapons into lead or there armour into gold ( Gold is a soft metal not great for armour but pretty )
If not that then a Knight of Morr.

Apoca6 03-03-09 08:02 PM

I'd be the only guy in the whole of the fantasy world with the slightest ounce of common sense....

.... i'd be the guy RUNNING away from the giant. I ain't getting stuffed in no pants!

Pertoleum 03-03-09 08:27 PM

vampire hands down, their just so awesome, drinking blood wrecking face, raising the dead, its just so cool, if i coudlnt be a vamp id be a varghulf tho, just running through the woods wrecking anything in my path

Lord Justicar Gideon 03-03-09 08:48 PM

Hm ... i'd be one of two things;
- Supreme Patriarch of the Imperial Colleges of Magic (Gold Order)
- Necrach Vampire

Duty 03-04-09 03:35 AM

I'd have to be a Brettonian Lord on a Pegasus flying above everyone else with a huge lance messing up anything I choose, AND I got the blessings of the Lady on my side :biggrin:

Captain Galus 03-04-09 03:49 AM

I'd want to be a High Elf White Lion! A badass lumberjack who can still hit it off with the ladies :biggrin:

Srs bsns: Running around with an albino lion, one of the hardest animals in the animal kingdom, and choppin' Druchii up with a huge axe is right up my alley.

Vorag of Strigos 03-05-09 06:52 PM

I would be Vorag, The Ghoul King, who, (In the book) tried to reclaim the city of Strigos with a hugeass ghoul army, but was killed by a well aimed bolt thrower shot, either that Or I'd be a Death Lore DAEMON! kickass!!

your master 03-07-09 12:12 PM

id be a chaos spawn atleast it couldnt be any worse:laugh: just kidding
i would be slaan mage priest live forever, dont have to walk, minions do everything for you. plus crazy powerful spells

neilbatte 03-07-09 04:26 PM

I'd be a retired Empire greatsword running a bar somewhere quiet with enough stories to keep my patrons buying me beers but no real need to launch myself at the uncountable horrors that infest the world, Best to leave that sort of thing to the young'uns.

xiawujing 03-09-09 12:43 AM

I'd definitely go for being a Bright Wizard.

Israfil 03-11-09 02:07 AM

i would totally be a Halfling, because they got the easy life a few dozen meals a day lots of sleep, no murderous monsters out to get me. maybe i would hang out at neilbatte's bar, who knows.

xenra 03-15-09 02:15 PM

ill be anything chaos. specifically Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut

Death Shroud 03-15-09 11:03 PM

I'd like to say a cool Dark Elf Corsair cruising the waves and kicking arse or an Imperial Noble with my secret club Slaanesh membership card.
Truth is I always think Halfings have the right idea in life, the simple pleasures of good food, a drink down the pub with friends and then sitting in front of the fire with a good book.

Doombull 04-05-09 09:31 PM

I would like to be one thing and one thing only, i would like to be a reiksguard knight, they are the greatest knights in the greatest army in the old world and are just immense

Grik 04-05-09 09:52 PM

I honestly think I'd want to be a Witch Hunter or a Warrior Priest Of Sigmar. I just read the Mathias Thulmann trilogy and it was pretty badass. I've always liked Witch Hunters and Sigmarite Warrior Priests. Or maybe a Saurus, I mean being bread for just one thing - fighting. That could be cool making all the warm bloods pay for entering your jungle.

Ascendant Valor 04-06-09 12:46 AM

@ Apoco: Hilarious!

I'd definitely have to go High Elven here. I'd love to be a Phoenix Guard; the beholder of all the knowledge of the universe, a stalwart defender of the most holy place of an entire race, the protection (and gift of immortality) of the Gods, and a fear-inducing aura about you? Count me in!

The only downside would be the silence, but by knowing everything that ever was, is, or will be, who needs to convey ideas through words?

RagnarokX 04-06-09 03:23 PM

I'd be a.......vampire count cairn wraith cause i'd look like the grim reaperhttp://www.hobbymetal-iconoclasm.com...Wraith%204.jpg

edd_thereaper 04-06-09 06:45 PM

i would either be an empire flaggelant or a goblin fanatic
just for the pure fact that those two can go down i n style killing stuff or martyring themselves and having a glorious death

i mean who wouldn't want to get drunk on fungus brew and then be incredibly storng and have a kick ass metal ball to swing round at whoever is closest :biggrin:

imm0rtal reaper 04-13-09 05:39 PM

I'd love to be a Bretonnia knight, getting all the damsels:)
Being a Chaos Lord would be awesome, but I'd be too scared incase the Gods got pissed at me.

Actually thinking about it, I'd love to be like a rouge knight. Like a merc, who goes round kicking butt. that would be cool:)

moshpiler 04-24-09 07:29 AM

please! an elven follower of slaanesh that has infiltrated top high elf society, just for the kicks.

Edited: Removed adult content - squeek

jack 05-07-09 08:22 PM

A dark elf corsair!
So i can run around stealing your stuff.

keytag33 05-07-09 09:55 PM

What would I be in the Warhammer Fantasy world...........probably severly perforated.:grin:

Duty 05-11-09 06:10 AM

Three words.

Black. Arc. Corsair.

A sailors life is a life for me yo ho, yo ho, yo ho ho plus handbows and stealing are fun!

LukeValantine 05-11-09 06:18 AM

Whenever I see post like what would you be in ext. I can't help but wounder if the author is asking what would you be based on personal/physical traits or what would you want to be. Both tend to be incredibly different from each other!

primarch-angron 05-21-09 08:57 AM

I would be the Dwarf High King because i wouldn't have to walk anywhere and i would be the only Dwarf to have a weapon with Three Master runes, plue one of them is the only one of its kind

Narna 05-28-09 11:51 PM

One of 2 things:
-Orc Warboss
Why not? Lead a group of orcs, chopping up everything in sight.
-Chaos Chosen
Looks cool.

Lord Lucius 05-29-09 01:21 PM

probably that guy down the pub...
but Id love to be a slaneshy norse pirate capitain ,pilaging,drinking,fighting,drinking,slaving,drink ing,wenches,drinking,selling slaves ,drinking,narcotics,drinking,selling yourself as a merc,guess what the next one is...

BloodAngelsfan 05-30-09 12:06 AM

Nagash, just so I could pwn pretty much anybody!



Originally Posted by edd_thereaper (Post 352654)
i would either be an empire flaggelant or a goblin fanatic
just for the pure fact that those two can go down i n style killing stuff or martyring themselves and having a glorious death

i mean who wouldn't want to get drunk on fungus brew and then be incredibly storng and have a kick ass metal ball to swing round at whoever is closest :biggrin:

Seconding the fanatic. I just love mushrooms. They make me go :sarcastichand:

Otherwise a vampire lord. Physically superior to normal humans in every way, capable of wielding immense magical powers, pseudo-immortal, knowing the secret of life/death (Frankenstein anyone?) and of course you get can the fancy title count to use on the ladies. If only they could see past the fact that you're a rotting/dried carcass who hangs out with the braineating meatshields from dawn of the dead (or any other zombie movie).

Not to mention because villains who's only desire is to conquer the world or destroy mankind are epic (although not very original) :scratchhead:

johnnymajic 05-31-09 02:27 AM

I would be an ogre butcher, because im big and a butcher

Snoza 05-31-09 04:00 AM

I would so be Gotrek, Gurnisson the Slayer,

If not that i would be a Mighty Chaos Lord of Tzeentch on a even Mightier Chaos Dragon, at the Head of a Mighty Warhost, (yes i like the word Mighty :P) destroying all in my Path to world Domination.


Abhorash 05-31-09 01:46 PM

I would be a vampire lord killing and eating stuff around sylvania with my mates the blood knights . :santa:

Mutants_ho! 06-01-09 05:13 AM

I'd be the luckiest of the luck gnobbos.

Never getting eaten by an ogre, little baby rhinox to ride around on, and a bag of dice that are almost as lucky as me :).

Then I'd take peoples money via super dice at neil's pub.

LukeValantine 06-01-09 08:17 AM

Going by me personality, metal ability, and combat zeal I would most likely be a Marauder, or a chaos warrior. However if where going on what I would want to be I guess that would be a toss up between a low level vampire or a daemon prince (a none ugly one).

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