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Grik 04-05-09 09:52 PM

I honestly think I'd want to be a Witch Hunter or a Warrior Priest Of Sigmar. I just read the Mathias Thulmann trilogy and it was pretty badass. I've always liked Witch Hunters and Sigmarite Warrior Priests. Or maybe a Saurus, I mean being bread for just one thing - fighting. That could be cool making all the warm bloods pay for entering your jungle.

Ascendant Valor 04-06-09 12:46 AM

@ Apoco: Hilarious!

I'd definitely have to go High Elven here. I'd love to be a Phoenix Guard; the beholder of all the knowledge of the universe, a stalwart defender of the most holy place of an entire race, the protection (and gift of immortality) of the Gods, and a fear-inducing aura about you? Count me in!

The only downside would be the silence, but by knowing everything that ever was, is, or will be, who needs to convey ideas through words?

RagnarokX 04-06-09 03:23 PM

I'd be a.......vampire count cairn wraith cause i'd look like the grim reaperhttp://www.hobbymetal-iconoclasm.com...Wraith%204.jpg

edd_thereaper 04-06-09 06:45 PM

i would either be an empire flaggelant or a goblin fanatic
just for the pure fact that those two can go down i n style killing stuff or martyring themselves and having a glorious death

i mean who wouldn't want to get drunk on fungus brew and then be incredibly storng and have a kick ass metal ball to swing round at whoever is closest :biggrin:

imm0rtal reaper 04-13-09 05:39 PM

I'd love to be a Bretonnia knight, getting all the damsels:)
Being a Chaos Lord would be awesome, but I'd be too scared incase the Gods got pissed at me.

Actually thinking about it, I'd love to be like a rouge knight. Like a merc, who goes round kicking butt. that would be cool:)

moshpiler 04-24-09 07:29 AM

please! an elven follower of slaanesh that has infiltrated top high elf society, just for the kicks.

Edited: Removed adult content - squeek

jack 05-07-09 08:22 PM

A dark elf corsair!
So i can run around stealing your stuff.

keytag33 05-07-09 09:55 PM

What would I be in the Warhammer Fantasy world...........probably severly perforated.:grin:

Duty 05-11-09 06:10 AM

Three words.

Black. Arc. Corsair.

A sailors life is a life for me yo ho, yo ho, yo ho ho plus handbows and stealing are fun!

LukeValantine 05-11-09 06:18 AM

Whenever I see post like what would you be in ext. I can't help but wounder if the author is asking what would you be based on personal/physical traits or what would you want to be. Both tend to be incredibly different from each other!

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