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squeek 03-03-09 05:17 PM

What would you be in the Warhammer Fantasy world?
Hi all,

If you could choose, what race and role would you be in the Warhammer Fantasy world? This is just idle curiosity on my part since these sort of questions seem to be rather popular in 40k fluff! :)

Personally I think I would want to be a Wood Elf Wild Rider. None of the head aches with right or wrong, it is just what is best for Athel Loren. Added to that Wild Riders seem to have life pretty good really, they are mounted so get to charge about picking and choosing fights. They are pretty hard by most standards and aren't bothered by your average woodland interloper, but best yet they aren't so important as to attract too much attention from cannons and so on.

What would you guys choose to be? This is just for fun so be as daft as you like!

1001st Son 03-03-09 06:01 PM

Hmm... Having just finished the first book in the Witch Hunter series, I'm tempted to pick witch hunter... but I think I'd want to be a Tomb King of Nehekhara. I mean, come on! What's not to love about having legions of undead at your command, along with all of the perks of being undead yourself, like not having to worry about eating, sleeping, or dying? Not to mention having equipment given to you by the gods.

Vaz 03-03-09 06:35 PM

What's not to love about being Undead? being Dead for one.

Me? You won't have to think hard to guess.

Dragon Ogre. There are 4 things Dragon Ogres do, and they do a lot of them, and they do them very well indeed. Fight, Drink, Eat, and Sleep. Along with being Immortal, and get stronger, and bigger as you grow, get stronger in Lightning, (which would help me out, as I don't like Thunderstorms =O, Face your phobias, and all that) and have a Big Hitty thing =) Love 'em.

Not to mention I can worship the Chaos Gods, and become even more Powerful. Hell, I might just want "to be like Daddy" one day. Especially when your Daddy is the Size of a Mountain, and called Krakanrok the Black.

Short of that, possible a White Lion. I've seen an image of a White Lion, with the Lumberjack shirt, and a pair of Jeans recently, and I wanna be that. No Monty Python, though please.

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Trandoshanjake 03-03-09 06:37 PM

I would be a Waywatcher Highborn. I have a massive hardon for rangers, and they are the best at that in the entirety of the WHFB universe.

Dafistofmork 03-03-09 06:53 PM

dark elf noble- realy high up and powerful. then i can do anything (bar upset the monachy) i want, and possibly take a trip into the wastes to become a worsiper of chaos whenever i felt like.

then upset the monachy.

Syph 03-03-09 07:04 PM

Having read the previous few army books and Malus Darkblade, I don't actually fancy the life of a Dark Elf. Far too sadistic, too much politics, intrigue and backstabbing going off. Although I'm sure the bedroom antics are great! :spiteful:

A High Elf or Wood Elf may not be so bad though; a Prince of Caledor with a big ass dragon, a Swordmaster or a Mage of Saphery... All very cool. But a little bit tragic. The Wood Elves do seem to have the best life of it in terms of the Elves.

Sod it, a Dreadlord with a big ass dragon. :biggrin:

Talos 03-03-09 07:54 PM

I would love to be a Metal Wizard. Not sure why I just love the lore of Metal. Also Metal wizards dont have to be on the battle field that much so you would be pretty safe unless you blow yourself up.
It would also be fun to turn peoples weapons into lead or there armour into gold ( Gold is a soft metal not great for armour but pretty )
If not that then a Knight of Morr.

Apoca6 03-03-09 08:02 PM

I'd be the only guy in the whole of the fantasy world with the slightest ounce of common sense....

.... i'd be the guy RUNNING away from the giant. I ain't getting stuffed in no pants!

Pertoleum 03-03-09 08:27 PM

vampire hands down, their just so awesome, drinking blood wrecking face, raising the dead, its just so cool, if i coudlnt be a vamp id be a varghulf tho, just running through the woods wrecking anything in my path

Lord Justicar Gideon 03-03-09 08:48 PM

Hm ... i'd be one of two things;
- Supreme Patriarch of the Imperial Colleges of Magic (Gold Order)
- Necrach Vampire

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