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The Wraithlord 11-01-07 01:26 AM

MUCH better Hes, much better. The burgundy is perfect. As for the bolt casings, leave them metal. Anything else will look wrong as we all 'know' that casings are made of metal.

Leave it as this last pic shows with the addition of a slightly darker skin colour on the bottom lip and you have one fine model.

Lord Sinkoran 11-01-07 08:58 AM

look great nice colour scheme never seen yellow and turquoise together before make a nice combo.

Hespithe 11-02-07 06:37 PM

I've started working on my remaining Seraphim. Thus far, they are only about half complete with over 5 hours into the six of them. This should be a fun project if the eye strain doesn't kill me first.


DaemonsR'us 11-02-07 11:11 PM

Wow awsome looking squad hespithe, not sure what else to say, just awsome looking!

Dirge Eterna 11-03-07 04:23 AM

Yeah! I've never seen a SoB army that looked good in bright colors, but that takes the cake.

And refuses to return it.

Excellent work!

The Wraithlord 11-03-07 11:14 AM

It only took you 5 hours to do six of them???? Holy crap Hes, I am impressed!

Hespithe 11-03-07 12:15 PM

Nononono, It only took me 5 hours to get six of them half done. But, thanks all the same. :)

DaemonsR'us 11-03-07 05:14 PM

Thats still rather impressive for 5 hours for 6 of them even half done its really good qaulity, no chunky paint from looking rushed or overly hevily painted areas great work :biggrin:

demonkin 11-03-07 05:33 PM

very nic colour scheme but this isnt the thing you would expect 2 c incuisatorial warriors wearing but it makes a change from the usual which is good so im not sure on how to class the colour scheme other than very pretty!!:laugh:

demonkin 11-03-07 05:35 PM

very pretty, and very strange,not the colours i would have chosen though!!!:laugh:

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