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Hespithe 10-30-07 04:04 PM

Order of the Hallowed Lily
A Sisters of Battle Painting Diary :victory:

The painting aspect of the army progression will be updated here, while the entire progression will be updated in my blog: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/blog.php

I have 34 Sisters to paint currently, and this is the test fig for the army's color scheme after minimal shading and highlighting...


I'm steering away from the traditional 'hard' colors of the Adepta Sororitas as, well, I'm just tired of painting red and black (https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...=200&ppuser=55). :grin: What colors would work best for the details, such as the Inquisitorial Icon on the chain, the grenades, pouches, etc.? I don't want these girls to be too colorful, but I want a warmer look than the typical scheme.

I'm interested in opinions and comments. Thanks!

Hespithe 10-30-07 05:41 PM

Another couple of highlights have been added, and a somewhat failed attempt at pure black hair. :( I'm pretty pleased with the colors and the highlighting of the armor.


Hespithe 10-30-07 07:17 PM


This is the final highlight, I think, for the armor. The metal should be in the golden range for this model. Do you agree? The hair is still not to my liking, but I'm not too sure how to improve it. Should I paint the studs on the gloves teal?

The Wraithlord 10-31-07 12:25 AM

My thoughts

1) great colour scheme, very striking. No complaints whatsoever

2) to do black hair, paint it black and do a very small 'line' of white around the crown of the head, especially following the part of the hair, to show light reflection. Don't use colour if you don't have to and above all keep the highlight very thin and small.

2) Studs, grenades, small details, need to be a different colour from the main scheme. I would say go with a metallic brown like tin bitz and bronze/brass for the grenades and a similar colour for the studs and piping on the suit. Basically the only thing lacking on this model is the '3 point colour'. This is a colour that is NOT one of the main colours and is generally found on smaller details in 3 separate spots on the model in order to draw the eye around the model.

4) thin your paints just a hair more. It may just be the picture but the paint looks a bit grainy. Even if it means a couple more layers are needed, it will improve the model immensely.

Don't get the idea that I don't think this is a well done model though Hes. Couldn't be farther from the truth as I really like what you have going so far. This is the forum for constructive criticism though :wink:

Hespithe 10-31-07 12:36 AM

Thanks Wraithlord. What color, other than brown, would you recommend? Truthfully, I'd like to leave metals out all together, though I really don't see how as I'm not prepared to tackle NMM. Would a lavender work?

Hespithe 10-31-07 02:57 PM

I'm still working on that unifying accent color. Brown has been mentioned, as has tin bitz, and purple. I'm really trying to minimize metals and brown and purple just aren't my thing, but I'll try purple first, as its my daughter's favorite color (ugh).


As for the thin paints, well, I'm still struggling to control the flow when the paints are too thin. With small details, I struggle. (Might I also mention that I have a bit of a nervous twitch, carpal tunnel syndrome and my eyes are going - all medically documented?)

Hespithe 10-31-07 08:02 PM

How about burgandy? Purple was 'not-so-hot'.


DaemonsR'us 10-31-07 10:16 PM

Much better with the burgandy, makes the model stand out a little more to the eye then the light purple did, looking really good so far :biggrin:

Hespithe 10-31-07 10:33 PM

Thanks. One last question before I call her 'Done'. Should I paint the bolter casings burgundy as well?

Red Orc 10-31-07 11:29 PM

'Spot colour theory' would say no, I reckon. You just want a few (classically 3) small areas of the accent colour. You already have four, though the icon and kneepad-heraldry are close enough for your eye to take them in together. Not sure if burgundy bolter-casings wouldn't be overdoing it.

Maybe teal?

BTW, I liked the purple, but then I'm 'artistically challenged'... :wink:

Much better hair in these later photos. Nice all round really, ya talented brarstrard! (Envious? I'm not envious! I'm... ermm... oh all right I am.)


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