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Cypher10110 10-01-07 10:01 PM

PROJECT: Warhammer 40k table
Hello, I’m a UK student doing my A-levels this year, and for my Design & Technology project I’m basing it on my favorite hobby, Warhammer.
Part of the project requires me to have feedback from a 3rd party - a "Client". The client's role in my project is to give feedback, advice and to give the project direction.
So I would be really grateful to get feedback from anything l post on here.

A little about me
I've been playing Warhammer 40k for nearly 8 years, and my main army is Black Templars, totaling around 4000 points. I've also got a Lost and Damned army of about 1500 points.

I’ve been collecting Black Templars since I started, slowly adding new units, since the release of the Black Templars’ own codex I’ve been paying them a lot more attention.

My Lost and Damned army started off as a conversion idea really. I was thinking of making a Chaos-conversion of a Leman Russ, and I had been helping a friend with a basilisk conversion for his Iron Warriors Chaos army, when I decided to check out the Lost and Damned army list in the Eye of Terror codex to see if I could make a fun army out of it. Basically it consists of 2 Leman Russ battle tanks, a basilisk, some traitor imperial guard, and Nurgle/Khorne themed mutants.

About the project
For the project I'm going to be designing and constructing a war-games table for Warhammer 40K. The rest of the specification of which is up for suggestion from you guys.
Regularly I will update this thread with information on my project, so check back and feel free to leave any feedback suggestions or any comments.


Ok guys, to get the ball rolling here’s a few questions:
1. What’s your gaming area like - where do you usually play? (Kitchen table, floor, a GW store, a gaming room. On a board, on a matt, on a cloth. What size do you prefer? 4x4 6x4, etc – tell me, I want to know!)
2. What sort of board do you like to play on? - your favored place. What’s the sort of place you look forward to having a game – what sort of things do you expect? (do you like playing on city, desert, rocky, grassy boards. Perhaps describe your favorite board and what makes it so good?)
3. What’s your view on themed boards? – do you like them, what do you think makes them good/bad ideas. Examples are things themed around a particular scenario, such as a bunker defense board with perhaps a stronghold on a hill with gun emplacements etc. Or a board based on a war of attrition with trenches on either side and a crater covered no-man’s land between. (or anything else you want to suggest for that matter).
4. If I were designing this board for you, what criteria would it have to fill? – think about things like storage, terrain type, what features you would like too see.

Answer them as fully as you want, or as sparingly as you choose, you don’t need to answer them all but the more the better.

Thanks for your help,

Cadian81st 10-02-07 12:17 AM

My gaming club has no board per se, but rather drags a few tables together, throws a dropcloth over them, and places terrain pieces on top. Works quite nicely. On the home front, my house is too small for a full blown table, but i have been helping a small group of friends to build a table in a friend's basement, themed around mars. (Red soil, short hills, outposts dotting the table, things like that.)

I prefer large tables rather than small, as my grey knights tend to die less when there's space between me and the enemy, and i love to see the look on my opponents face when my entire SM army infiltrates across 2/3 of the table and totally blows his plans to high hell. But that's more of a personal thing, as my armies are tuned towards large tables.

DaemonsR'us 10-02-07 12:20 AM

I usually play on 6x4 and for personal preference, fortresses or city style boards is what i enjoy playin on :)

Anphicar 10-02-07 01:01 AM

My board that am am still in the progress of building is a nice canvas mat stapled to a 4x6 piece of high-density foam.

http://www.thewarstore.com/battlefieldgreenmat.html <-- That is the mat, and where I got it from.

I'm in the process of making grassland/hilly area pieces of terrain with ruined buildings and trees.

I generally just like a normal table like I described.

Themed tables are great, but...Static. Its uncomfortable to play a Apocalypse game on a pristine jungle, you know?

Storage is easy, simply take terrain off and but in a box gently, and set mat-stapled-to-board against the wall.

Kujo 10-03-07 04:33 PM

I would agree that a themed table is cool, but would get boring as players learned what the critical spots to take were. Maybe if you could make it modular without making it look like a modular setup.

I have also been toying with the idea of making streams and such that could be moved around to change up the gameplay

but hey..... I'm still a noob

Lord Sinkoran 10-04-07 10:48 AM

Re: PROJECT: Warhammer 40k table

Originally Posted by Cypher10110
Hello, I’m a UK student doing my A-levels this year, and for my Design & Technology project I’m basing it on my favorite hobby, Warhammer.

dude join the club me too :D I'm designing a display case which you can tell is speciffically for warhammer without anything being written on it or anyone seeing any desgn work....its tough. Oh btw mine is for A2

hwrdfrnd 10-05-07 01:56 AM

1) I have nowhere to play at the moment :(

2) I used to play in a guys basement who had a sandbox table...it wasnt hard on the mini's like i first thought it would be and it was alot easier to change around hills and such.

He also had a plywood top painted grey on one side for urban fights and green for wooded fights

3) Themed tables are nice as long as they are still general in theme. By this I mean an urban table is nice but if you only have 3 buildings and a grey square it can get boring.

Hespithe 10-05-07 11:53 AM

1. What’s your gaming area like -

*** My gaming area used to be a separate room (Dad's Room) until the In-laws arrived to set up camp. Now my son uses this room, though the gaming still survives here. We have several shelving areas, a stereo, enough terrain for a 4x16 table, and a 4x6 table. It's sometimes tempting to over-crowd the table.
The local gaming store is about a half-hour away. Its an Indy Retailer and has a local gaming club as well as 10 gaming tables (4x8 each), and enough terrain to make them all seem crowded.

2. What sort of board do you like to play on?

*** I don't suppose that I have a favourite board style. I know that Cityfight usually looks very nice, but like the simple 'green' board, it has been overdone in my opinion. I like the look of scrubland styled boards best, I suppose. There is still the opportunity for plenty of varied terrain, and it gives a look that is not too common in my area.

3. What’s your view on themed boards?

*** Themed boards are cool, but I'd not build a board simply for one scenario. Terrain pieces can take care of the job. Playing specific scenarios in a campaign setting is awesome fun, and having dedicated terrain pieces on an appropriate board just increases this awesomeness.

4. If I were designing this board for you, what criteria would it have to fill?

*** Simple, I suppose. Think of it from a gaming perspective. The board should be of a minimum of 4 feet wide, and generally 6 or 8 feet long. The top should be textured to match the terrain concept and painted accordingly. Generally, a small railing around the board is necessary to keep leaning gamers from damaging the edges of the board. At least 25% of the boards area should be represented in terrain. Terrain should be designed to match the board's concept and should blend as seamlessly into the landscape as possible. Terrain should consist of various LoS blocking pieces, including area terrain and impassable terrain, as well as the common hills and difficult terrain. But most of all... the table and terrain set should be easily usable by the players. Models should not find too much difficulty moving through difficult terrain (no matter the play on words), and should not fall from hills because of steep slopes. Also, when placed, the terrain set should not obviously benefit one player over another. This will greatly depend on placement by the players, but assuring that the terrain set is varied can prevent the set from becoming more of a factor in a game than the players armies.

Cypher10110 11-06-07 09:14 AM

Hello people!
First of all, thanks for the great responses! Keep it up :biggrin: I’ve had more than I expected already, and I’d like to apologise for not getting back to you sooner.

I would have liked to post this last week but unfortunately things got in the way. (Hope everyone had a good Halloween by the way :biggrin:)

I’ve been spending the past few weeks going through the responses and doing some background research on construction and planning – using the internet and official games-workshop books (”How to Make Wargames Terrain”, was very helpful).

A few have asked about photos – Yes. I will send photos at each stage so you guys can see what’s going on and be involved with the construction too. I’ll need some advice and feedback from you guys and handy tips and other info will be useful at this point and throughout the construction.

Ok down to business – I have here the specification. This is basically points that my designs have to fit into – criteria they have to meet, and will be assessed against. I have split it into primary and secondary criteria. These criteria are based on my research and the responses from you guys.

I want to start drawing up design proposals, my initial ideas for games boards. I’ll scan them and post them up here as I do them.

Before I start I thought I’d just post my specification up here to see if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for alterations. Any constructive criticism is welcome ^^

Product Specification
Primary Criteria
  • The board must have a playing area of 6’ by 4’
  • The board must be suitable for games of Warhammer 40,000
  • The board must be suitable for deployment types C D and E.
  • The board must have around 25% terrain coverage, with half that blocks line of sight and half that provides cover.
  • At least 50% of the terrain pieces should be on removable bases.
Secondary Criteria
  • The board should be sectioned for ease of transport and storage.
  • The board should be of the “sandwich” construction – with a rigid base and an easily sculpted top.
  • The board should include obstacles and fortifications suitable for a mission that uses the “fortifications” rule. (i.e. 6 rows of razor wire, 6 rows of tank traps, and one or more bunkers/firing pits)
  • The board should have a desert or cityscape theme.


Everything here is either based on a majority vote from the forums or advice from my research. Let me know what you guys think ^^

cccp 11-06-07 05:36 PM

moved to ongoing projects


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