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earemir 01-03-07 04:21 PM

Gravitatory Vehicles blocking line of sight?
First, Hi everyone, I'm new here, nice page. Very clean.

If I remember good in 3th edition gravitatory vehicles in general didn't blocked line of sight, so for example, a Howling Banshee Unit disembarking from a Wave Serpent were unprotected against fire from enemies in front of the Wave Serpent.

Is this working in the same way now in 4th edition? I have the rulebook but I don't find a similar rule.

Could you please help me a little bit here?



Knight of ne 01-03-07 04:26 PM

i think that know you have to pass a target priority test to see if you can shoot.

for example, banshees get out of wave serpent but to be shot your opponent has to pass a target priority test, i think.

blkdymnd 01-03-07 04:33 PM

I thought vehicles were not eligible to have the priority test taken. In other words, vehicles if i remember right may be shot at regardless of priority and can shoot at anything regardless of priority. Thats just off memory though

earemir 01-03-07 04:43 PM

Yes you are right, you don't have to pass a priority test for vehicles and monstrous creatures, But what about the line of sight, gravitatory vehicles block line of sight?

x -------> W b

For example, if X is a devastator squad, W is a wave serpent and B is a Banshee Squad, can X see B and fire at them?

What do you think?

pathwinder14 01-03-07 04:44 PM

It says so right in the rules. Skimmers never block line of sight.

earemir 01-03-07 04:49 PM

That's what i wanted to know

Thank you.


The Son of Horus 01-03-07 07:06 PM

You have to take target priority if you're shooting a vehicle or monstrous creature and there's another vehicle or monstrous creature that's closer, though.

Galahad 01-04-07 12:14 AM

However, just because skimmers don;t block LoS doesn;t mean hiding behind them is a bad idea.

A common Tau tactic ("Fish of Fury") is to move their skimmer transport in close, disembark a unit of fire warriors from the back (within 12" rapid fire range) and unload into the target squad from behind their tank. Meanwhile, if the target squad wants to fire back they have to make a target priority check. And if they want to charge the melee-weak tau, they have to run all the way around the tank, and by then the Tua will have climbed back in and taken off.

earemir 01-04-07 02:24 PM

Yes, you are right, nice tip. I usually use Banshees but I'm having some problems to reach combat without been killed first.

Can you help me some tips about how to manage banshees in Wave Serpents, how to assault efficiently?

Galahad 01-04-07 03:11 PM

Well, the first thing to remember is that no army consists of just one squad. Your melee troops will never get into assualt if they don;t have fire support taking out squadbusting guns, and other units providing a distraction. When I play marines,I have my LSTs buzzing the enrmy, raking them with withering fire and generally drawing a ton of fire while my assault squad leap frogs from cover toc over until they;re in range.

A skimmer transport means you can't completely hide behind it, but at least they'll have to make a Ld check to shoot your squad.

Try not to get too close when you deploy. Banshees are Fleet, which means they can move 6+1d6" and then assault 6" if you don't fire. Try placing your banshees out of rapid-fire range. They can close that gap pretty swiftly on your turn, and it;ll help keep them from getting mown down. If the enemy squad doesn;t have heavy weapons and isn't afraid to get in closer, you might place them further back than that, so they can;t move up and then rapid-fire your ass off.

Don't forget about terrain. See if you can deploy behind some piece of area terrain, or a LOS-blocking terrain feature, like a hill or wall. Even if it puts you a little further back, you can probably gamble on fleet to get you by.

Use the transport to harass the enemy. Tank shock them, shoot the crap out of them, keep it between them and you. aNything to make them focus shots on your serpent. Between the energy field and its fast skimmer status, that little monster is going to be hard to kill

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