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H0RRIDF0RM 01-09-09 03:37 AM

[Eldar][Winter Campaign]
January 4, 2009 Game 1

1,000 Points
Scenario: Kill Points
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Special Rules: None

John's Eldar VS. Scott's Tau

John's List:

The Avatar of Khaine
Dire Avengers x 9 Exarch w/Avenger Shuriken Catapult x 2, & Bladestorm
Wave Serpent w/ Shuriken Catapults x 2, & Spirit Stones
Guardians x 10 w/Scatter Laser & Warlock w/Embolden
Pathfinders x 6
Wraith Lord w/Bright Lance, Eldar Missle Launcher, & Flamer x 2
Wraith Lord w/Bright Lance, Eldar Missle Launcher, & Flamer x 2

Scotts List:

Tau Commander
Crisis Suit x 3
Fire Warriors x 10
Fire Warriors x 10
(Forge World Models similiar to Piranahs, I guess we will call them Mako Sharks lol???) x 2
Hammer Head
Hammer Head


I placed medium sized ruins in the NW quarter. Scott revealed a fancy box of homemade terrain. Scott chose a medium size building with 3 Fire Points and placed it on the SW Quarter. I then placed a small forest light on the NE quarter. Scott continued to place his own terrain picking 2 small baricades (none area) that made up some decent cover; he placed them in the SE quarter. I placed the last piece of terrain in the middle of the board. A nice large rock formation.

The roll of for deployment was bad for me as I rolled a 2 :cray: and Scott rolled a 5. I was suprised that Scott forced me to take the side that he placed his own homemade terrain in.


The Guardians deployed behind the small building on the SW Quarter blocking LOS. I will admit I was scared the Rail Guns would just blow the damn thing up and kill half my Guardians. I was able to get both Wraith Lords behind the building as well. I placed my Avatar out in the open to the left side of the building hoping to draw the Heavy Fire away fromt he building. I opted to place my Wave Serpent behind the building, it was concealed but to bulky to fit behind it completely.

Scott placed 1 squad of Fire Warriors in the NW ruins; the other in the NE Forest his suits and commander just behind the forest and both of his Hammer Heads out in the open. The Mako Sharks were behind the NW ruins.

After he deployed I placed my Pathfinders behind the SE barricades. I failed to steal initiative.

Turn 1:

Scott took the bait and rail gunned my Avatar failing to wound it. I admit that he did roll a 1 on a to wound roll which disappointed him greatly. I laughed :laugh: inside my head. Scott's Mako Sharks Plasma'd the Avatar and also failed to wound it. His sneaky little Suit Team advance to the Rock Formation and hid. The Fire Warriors shot at both my Avatar and my Pathfinders leaving a single wound on the Avatar. Then out of no where Scott did something stupid and moved his Crisis Suits out from behind the Rocks and in to the open. I looked at him further puzzled by his strategy. :shok:

On my turn both my Wraith Lords popped out and decimated his suits killing 3 leaving his Commander left to panic. My Wave Serpent transporting Avengers flew out on to the left flank and took shots at the remaining suit. Combined fire with my Scatter Laser that was litterly peaking out from behind that wall reduced the Tau Commander to a single wound. My Pathfinders could no longer see his Suits instead sniped the Fire Warriors on the NW side of the board exactly 35 inches away. I scored 1 kill and pinned the unit. My Avatar rushed towards his Mako Sharks and stopped roughly a foot away.

Turn 2:

Scott really took a toon for the worse as he was incredibly frustrated at my shooting phase. At this point he was afraid to shoot at the Avatar with his Hammer Heads so he focused fired on a Wraith Lord who survived with 2 wounds. Scott dropped missles and plasma on the surviving Wraith Lord and failing to wound it. The NE Fire Warrior team ran to the West edge of the Forest blocking LOS from to my Pathfinders. The Mako Sharks retreated backwards and shot my Avatar dealing a second wound.

I knew I was about to lock the game because of his losses against mine. I sacraficed shooting and ran my wounded Wraith Lord behind the small building; obstructing LOS. I like to make people work for there Kill Points lol :cool:

My Avatar moved forward and shot the Mako Sharks metling one of them completely. I measured distance from the explosion to his Fire Warriors after rolling a 5 and successfully killed 1 of 2 hit by flaming wreckage. My Dire Avengers deployed behind the Wave Serpent and Bladestormed the same Fire Warriors killing 5. The Wave Serpent then dropped Shuriken Cannon rounds on the last Mako Shark sending it back to Forge World.

The other Wraith Lord failed to deal significant damage to a Hammer Head. The Guardians finished off his Commander. My Pathfnders who had no LOS to anything ran to the other end of the fence.

Turn 3:

Scott was complaining to spectators that he rolled to many 1's and that I was cheesy for brining 3 monstrous creeatures in 1,000 points. :threaten: The spectators were supportive of me trying to point out some of his mistakes. Scotts mind wasn't in the game anymore he was just waiting to lose.

Scott took evasive actions with his remaining army. A Hammer Head dropped submunitions on my Dire Avengers killling 6, luckily they were Fearless. The other Hammer Head dropped a rail shot on my Wave Serpent forcing it to land but not blow up.

On my turn I swept in closer with my Avatar while my remaing small arms pummelled his fresh Fire Warriors into submission. I managed to destroy a rail gun on a hammer head with my Wraith Lord who was now to far away from his Warlock to reliably pass Wraith Sight.

Turn 4:

Scott had nothing really. Not enough fire Power to destroy anything other then the immobile Wave Serpent; he tried and failed. My Avatar crushed his 3Fire Warriors who were fleeing behind the ruins for the last turn. While my second Wraith Lord appeared to help shake and immolize the undamaged Hammer Head.

Turn 5:

Turn 5 I cleaned up. Scott kept 1 Hammer Head alive at the end of the game so it ended triumphantly for the Eldar.


We shook hands and I went along with his rolling to many 1's bid and wished him luck in his next game.

Eldar 6 Kill Points
Tau 0 Kill Points

H0RRIDF0RM 01-09-09 04:29 AM

Sorry No Pictures this time, I brought the damn picture taking machine but it's batteries were dead. I promise to post picks though out the remaning 8 games in the season.

Spot The Grot 01-09-09 07:28 AM

Loved it , i always look forward to your battle reports as they always done well.

Hope the nxt games go well :victory:

H0RRIDF0RM 01-09-09 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by Spot The Grot (Post 273511)
Loved it , i always look forward to your battle reports as they always done well.

Hope the nxt games go well :victory:

Thank you sir. Check out my Eldar list if you know about the Eldar army. Next week the game is.

1,000 points
Pitch Battle: You may only deploy HQ and Troops; all other units arrive from reserve.
3 Objectives: 2 make units within 3 inches Fearless; the other lets you reroll misses in the shooting phase.

In theory I don't have enough time to practice playing a game before the actual campaign day so I'm stuck a bit on what I should use.

H0RRIDF0RM 01-12-09 03:57 AM

January 11, 2009 Game 2

1,000 Points
Scenario: Sieze Ground
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Special Rules: Only HQ and Troops can deploy. All other unit types must begin the game in reserve.

John's Eldar VS. Jeff's Space Salamanders

John's List:

The Avatar of Khaine
Dire Avengers x 9 Exarch w/Extra Avenger Shuriken Catapult, & Bladestorm
Wave Serpent w/TL Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
Guardians x 10 Warlock w/Embolden, & Spirit Seer, Scatter Laser
Wave Serpent w/TL Bright Lance, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones
Pathfinders x 6
Guardian Jet Bikes x 5 w/Shuriken Cannon

(My list was designed to deploy my whole army on the board taking advantage of maximum fire power.)

Jeff's List:

Terminators x 5 w/Thunder Hammer, & Storm Shield
Dreadnought w/Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod w/Deathwind Missle Launcher
Tactical Squad x 10 w/Flamer, & Meltagun
Drop Pod w/Deathwind Missle Launcher
Tactical Squad x 10 w/Flamer, & Meltagun
Drop Pod w/Deathwind Missle Launcher



I won the roll for terrain placement and placed a large rock formation in the SE quarter. Jeff placed a large forest on the NE quarter. I then placed medium forest on the SW quarter. Jeff then placed dummy piece of terrain (a useless hill that hardly blocked LOS) on the East cross point along the table edge. I placed the last piece of terrain; a small over growth in the center of the map.

Jeff rolled 4 objectives. I an objective behind the rock formation. Jeff placed 1on the NW forest. I placed 1 towards the middle point of the board leaning towards the SW quarter. Jeff placed the last objective a few inches away from the center of the board leaning towards the SE.

3 Objectives real close was bad for me because it would require my army to condense.


I won the roll to go first, and despite knowing this was a drop list and that going 2nd would allow me to capatalize on my speed. I still chose to go first. I honestly cannot for the life of me think what my rationality was behind this decison. Maybe I was being controlled by an outsider?? :scare:

I crammed my Wave Serpent w/Guardians and the Jet Bikes behind large rock formation. My other Wave Serpent w/Avengers on the opposite side of my deployment zone behind the Forest. My Avatar stood fearless in the North most center of my deployment zone. I placed my Pathfinders on the boarder of the NW forest next to an objective. Honestly the Pathfinders were a trap for Jeff. In all my experience against Jeff I know that he likes to overkill and I was hoping he would do just that.

Turn 1:

I thought long and hard about my first turn. What due I do? I thought about boosting my Serpents and Jet Bikes to swich places for a cover save, but then I imagined his drop pods landing in the right spots then melting both vehicles killing half the passangers inside. I just moved my Avatar to the center of the board to broaden his response. :good:

Jeff Dropped both pods w/Tac Squads right infront of my Pathfinders. That fool took the bait, now he would have to foot slog down the board. :taunt: Hahaha! Only took 1 flamer and some bolter fire to annhilate the poor Pathfinders. This was not as awesome as my predictions made it seem. I felt it would play out later after I shot him for 2 turns.

The Second Squad with Vulcan ran for some distance around the corner of the Pod.


Turn 2:

Jeff's Tac squads were well positioned for cover behind those pods. I elected to take some pot shots at the lousy Drop Pods with pretty much all my Str 6+ weapons thinking I could damage some marines in the exploding vehicle. Didn't work, didn't do anything... My Avatar dropped the ball on Vulcan's squad because a single marine had it's butt hanging out to far. Luckily Vulcan was to far to make it into close combat. THIS IS WHERE THE GAME GETS WIERD. Avatar drops 4 hits, and rolls to wound 2, 4, 1, 1. I figured whatever it happens, but I just botched a good opportunity to slay a Tac Squad. Avatar walks away unwounded.

On Jeff's turn his Terminators land right behind my Avatar while his Second Tactical Squads claims the NW Objective. Dreadnought stays in reserve. The Avatar strikes landing 3 hits and rolls to wound 5, 1, 1. Ok.. Annoying now...


Turn 3:

I unload my Avengers move them enough to stay away from the Terminators charge, but close enough to Bladestorm them. My Guardians dismebark and push towards the south table edge in a conga line to minimize potential Heavy Flamer damage from the dread still in reserve. Both Serpents move a few inches forward but stay within pick up reach of the respective squads. The Jet Bikes jump the Shuriken Cannon over the rocks. Now my Bladestorm comes down on those 5 termies. Devestating them with 1 whole Kill!!! Now I'm mad and losing sight of the game. I turn every other gun I have and drop all fire power on those termies and kill 1 more. :ireful2:

Jeff's Termies charge my Avatar. Avatar has 1 chance to finish of this Tac Squad before he gets beaten to death. The Avatar lands all 4 hits and kills 3. About frikin time! I was lucky that the Avatar didn't die at this point, but it was left standing with 1 wound and dazed by Thunder Hammers.



Turn 4:

I decided to stop worrying about the Termies and start taking evasive mauvers. Picked up the Avengers and tried to flee the combat radius of his termies, but dont get far enough. I was scared I wont lie. Guardians creep up against the rock formation, while the Bikes bound infront of the rock formation. This time I allocate my firepower against the available Tac squad and actually score some kills.

The Avatar dies finally and pushes towards my Wave Serpent with Avengers.

Jeff disbands Vulcan from the Tac Squad and makes an Assualt against my Wave Serpent with the Termies. All of those nasty master crafted Thunder Hammers only destroyed a TL Bright Lance.


Turn 5:

So this is it. Now or never. I needed to get rid of Vulcan or the Termies to make this work. I unloaded the Avengers and flew the Wave Serpent into the NW objective right infront of his Tac Squad for a successful contest.

My Bikers fanned out between the center W and center E objective, being in range to claim either or. My Guardians camped the objective behind the rocks. TL Bright Lance on Vulcan and he passes invulnerable. I follow a Bladestorm on Vulcan and out of 18 wounds 1 stuck.. I use my remaing fire power on Vulcan and once again fail to stick any wounds. At this point Jeff made the outrageous claim that Vulcan was God. :P

So I am pretty much screwed here, but hey at least I have all the objectives captured or contested.

Jeff gets his Dread finally.. Har har har. It drops somewant north of my Bike Squad. Vulcan moves to assualt the Jet Bikes, the Termies move to assualt my Avengers. My Wave Serpent graciously survives a meltagun. Jeff dropped some rapid fire and a multi-melta from his dread on my Jet Bikes. He kills 3 so I remove the 3 close to Vulcan; denying him a charge. Get this! My Dire Avengers kill a termy, lose 3 bodies and hold thier ground.






Turn 6:

Funny thing about turn 6. So both Jeff and I look at the board while he's shaking a die in his hand for the end of game roll. I will win the game by 1 objective if the game ends here. So I say, "Wait let me roll the dice my rolls have been so crappy and I need to roll low to win." Jeff honoured me and I rolled a 1. A 1 that saved me the game. :laugh:


This was a surprise game for me really. I was use to beating the socks off of Jeff's IG in previous Tournaments, but damn his Marines were solid. This was Jeff's last Tourney for a while since he leaves for the airforce soon. We reflected for a while on the match and wished each other the best of games next week.

PandaPaws 01-12-09 07:39 PM

Cor... that game read like it was a very exciting one! Amazing how mach difference a report makes with pics included!

Well done! :grin:

Munky 01-12-09 11:53 PM

il bring me pic machine on thursday then shall i :wink:

H0RRIDF0RM 01-13-09 12:50 AM

Spot The Grot 01-14-09 07:41 AM

That was a amusing game :laugh: . I liked the climactic last turn roll. I have that luck but with 5's and 6's so damn my own luck in some games.

Once again hope the next game goes smooth.

Justicar Auarilius 01-14-09 12:37 PM

I liked the tau battle report the most and i totally agree with you. I dont know what that player was thinking as far as his movement and overall stradegy, i guess "the greater good" isnt always "the greater intelligence"

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