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kaede 12-05-08 11:06 PM

Battle Sister Costume
I wasn't going to post this before I had some proper pictures, but it looks like it might take a while before I have the time to arrange a photoshoot.
I have a lot of other costumes to take care of first. :(

SO, without any further ado, here's a costume I've been working on for a while.




not very good picture, but you can see the light in the melta.


just the wig and some make-up (without the scar, sorry!! :no:)
Can someone say EMO :laugh:

I made it and I'm wearing it in the photos. I could've chosen a better model for it I guess,
but turns out it's easier to make these things your own size (I'm also quite small, so it's cheaper :giggle:)
I won Best Costume at the London Expo with this ^.^
I originally made it just for fun, but there you go. :good: got more in return than I had expected.

the 40kforums community really backed me up on this one. I did it for them.
I suggest that if anyone on this forum wants to make a costume, everyone should back him/her up.
Takes a lot of work, you really need all the motivation you can get. Especially if you're a first-timer.


FAQ (questions I kept being asked when walking around in this costume)

What is it!?

Yea.. I got asked this a lot... was nice when the occasional WH40k nerd came up to me and said "hey, a battle sister"! or something of the sort. :victory: So yes, it is a Sister Of Battle, Order Of Our Martyred Lady to be exact. It's based on that gorgeous artwork Karl Kopinsky made for the Witch Hunters codex. I instantly fell in love when I saw it.
I actually considered Repentia first, but I'm more comfortable in something like this.

How long did it take you to make this?

2 weeks. I was playing around with planning sketches and buying materials for it
for about a year before that (aka doing all the fun stuff first, and delaying the actual
work until I can barely get the costume together in time without reducing my hands to bloody stumps) :lazy2:

How did you make the light in the gun?

(not very visible on these pictures, but the melta has a LED light down it's nozzle for effect.)
It's a dot-it LED light. Cheap I guess, but it also happens to be one of the most powerful LED lights that size.

How did you make this?

Meh, lots of different materials and techniques. If there's something in particular you need to know,
ask me about that particular part only. Explaining the whole costume could take a while.
Usually people wonder how I made the "armor". Well, it's basically foam on a steel wire frame,
treated with latex and varnish. All the armor bits were painted with GW paints only,
in the colour scheme described in the codex (Order Of Our Martyred Lady). The gun's colour scheme is my own.
I find the Boltgun Metal-painted guns a tad boring.

Isn't that very hot to wear?

Yes, it was. But much more uncomfortable were the shoes and the corset. I hate wearing corsets,
even if I bought mine a size too big I could barely stand it. I'm also partial to flat jogging-shoes for casual wear,
so I'm just as used to wearing heels as most men would be (actually, probably even less so).
I might post some more pictures later. Better quality, some repairs to the costume, possibly with added white wings.
But it might take a while before I get around to do it! :good:

Gobbo 12-05-08 11:15 PM

:o I have got to get my girlfriend one of these... Surely she won't think its weirder than the whole princess leia thing.

You should actually do you hair like that, it looks pretty foxy. And I like the little sister symbol thing on your face (whats that actually called?)

Awesome costume, you need a helmet to go with it. And maybe next time you can do a repentia outfit?? And if you need any help.. you need only ask.

Ok fine... I'll stop the shameless flirting :(

But on a serious note you look awesome, it must take real commitment and skill to make something like that, I am very jealous, I think I would look pretty hot in it too.

Take note from the scar people, this is why you don't run with chopsticks in your hand.

LVix 12-05-08 11:33 PM

Gosh darn it... thats a great costume! :victory:

Yup... I'm jealous... :P as the only thing I could manage to look half decent in is some sort of daemon (Sadly not a slaanesh one!)or a skaven!

Well done for winning best costume.... extrememly well deserved! :biggrin:

Hidemons 12-06-08 06:13 AM

Wow that is really cool.
That melta gun with blue light in it is especially boss.

What's going on in that third picture? Was this whole costume thing part of something you were supposed to do?

And that last picture.... Just ... yow :ok:

magician847 12-06-08 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Gobbo (Post 248946)
And I like the little sister symbol thing on your face (whats that actually called?)

It a fleur-de-lys - a very old peice of french heraldic art :p im such a nerd!

nice peice though!

when im all done with my life and i've done uni and im earning enought money, im gonna make myself a space marine outfit :)

nice one!


Underground Heretic 12-06-08 09:51 AM

Very good work on this costume Kaede. Congratulations on winning the contest.

officer kerky 12-06-08 09:56 AM

very nice costume indeed.

here have som rep for the hard work. it looks amazing wow!

changes my view of nuns with guns lol.

Dagmire 12-06-08 10:41 AM

Got to give props for anyone that spends that much time on a sisters battle suit.

officer kerky 12-06-08 10:48 AM

notice that its only males replying to this thred not anygirls that i know here. no happy chopper no kate drake etc.

but the costume is tops

Underground Heretic 12-06-08 10:52 AM

Kerky, Rule 16 of the Internet: there are no girls on the internet. Just kidding I've been up for about 22 hours and have two more on my shift.

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