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pchandler43 11-28-08 01:46 PM

Hello from Iraq
Hey guys, been reading the forums here for abit. Don't have much to do out here during my down time so I'm going to be trying my hand at some Death Korp of Krieg. Any suggestions on where to start? I thought maybe a command squad.

Paint wise should I buy each paint individualy? Or is there a set out there that works well with the earth tones so common amongst DKOK

SPC Chandler

squeek 11-28-08 02:21 PM

Welcome to the forums! :) I have heard of a few DKoK players who use non-GW paints for exactly the reason you mention. I don't have a brand unfortunately but some of the paintsets aimed at WWII models have nice earthy tones for your Krieg, so it would be worth shopping around if you get the chance.

Perhaps another DKoK player will help you out if you post a thread in the modelling section.

pchandler43 11-28-08 02:51 PM


GW paints are abit pricey now that I think about...hell everything GW is pricey lol

when in doubt, shoot! 11-28-08 03:37 PM

too right.... welcome to the forums mate, thankfully all our lovely knowledge and help is free! free free free! (subject to availability) enjoy yourself :)

Leatharnak 11-28-08 05:43 PM

Welcome to Heresy!
Privateer press offers a couple of good earth tones through their P3 range.
Oohrah Army Doggie.

chrisman 007 11-28-08 07:01 PM

I find enamel paint from WW2 Brands (as squeek mentioned ealier) work best to get an earthy feel. They fuck up your paintbrush though, mind.

Djinn24 11-28-08 07:29 PM

You can also look into Reaper Master Series triads, i think they had a couple earth tone packs availabile.

Welcome to the forums and I hope you find us enjoy able and a good value (lol).

morfangdakka 11-28-08 09:04 PM

Vallejo also makes a couple of different WW 1&2 paint sets that have a nice earthy tone as well.

Good Luck and welcome to the forum. Your always welcome here on your free time.

shadowscout13 11-28-08 09:08 PM

Hey, welcome to the site. how long you been over there?

pchandler43 11-28-08 09:25 PM

Been out here for about 6 - 7 months....it's my second tour

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