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wedgie2007 05-31-19 04:07 PM

Traditional Space Marines
Hi all, Me again.

I was hope someone here could give me advise on painting the following figures for a custom chapter:
Primaris Captain
Primaris Librarian
Primaris Apothecary
Primaris Chaplain
Taddeus the Purifier Ministorum Priest
Space Marine Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour
and 2 boxes of Company Command

Do these figures have to be in the traditional Space Marine blue or can I paint them all in my custom chapter of black with left shoulder and both knees red?

I have tried to get some information on this via the internet and discord and all I have gotten is conflicting reports, some say that all HQ figures need to be in the blue and others say in the chapter color as you can paint them as you like and the third headache is that some say if you don't paint them blue clubs won't let you play.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


Old Man78 05-31-19 04:25 PM

You only have to paint them blue, if you are making a named chapter, such as the "ultramarines" otherwise you can fill your boots and paint them whatever you way you want, your chapter, your way, just like Burger King

wedgie2007 05-31-19 05:31 PM

Thanks for your reply I appreciate you answering most of my questions as I learn this game, one final question. does Gilliaman my Primarch for my custom Chapter have to be in blue being the primarch of the Ultramarines?

Shandathe 06-01-19 05:23 PM

You can paint him (and your Chapter) however you want, just remember that he has the ULTRAMARINES keyword instead of the <CHAPTER> one, and his XIII Primarch rerolls only apply to other ULTRAMARINES units. Thus, if you're fielding him using ULTRAMARINES as your keyword/chapter tactics is much recommended.

Serpion5 06-02-19 11:19 AM

Basically you only need to count them as Ultramarines for rules purposes if you want to get the full benefits of fielding Guilleman. This only applies to rules for gaming purposes, so it doesn't matter what colour you decide to paint them as long as your opponent knows what you're fielding.

Guilleman does still give benefits to any generic Imperial units, but to get the most you need to field him alongside other Ultramaines.

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