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Shandathe 04-29-19 11:45 PM

BIG FAQ April 2019
Okay, it's called the WARHAMMER 40,000 Update April 2019 now, same difference. Grab your copy from the link and tell me what you think.

First thought, aside from the usual "people were doing that?!?" is that the Imperial Knights got a deserved hit from the nerf-bat. Not sure how the total picture will look for them, but limiting Rotate Ion Shields to a max of 4++ seems decidedly sane as the bigger Knights running Ion Bulwark are an utter pain to remove from play (and the Questor Mechanicus 'What's a Damage Bracket?' Stratagem does not make them any easier to deal with) and I doubt anyone's going to argue with the Castellan point increase.

Pointy-eared soup's been nerfed as well, though Imperial soup seems mostly left alone - granted, it mostly involved Knights Castellans ANYWAY so they might want to see how thpse changes shake out first.

Nordicus 04-30-19 08:29 AM

There are quite a few small changes, that could have a big impact. Off the top of my head, I can think of the following:

- The Castellan nerf. 100 point increase and a max of 4++ save is huge. They are still hella good, but now they're more manageable from an opponents perspective.

- FLY units can now charge over enemy units again, just not anything with a BUILDING keyword. Thank god for that change!

- AIRCRAFT (a new keyword for anything with the FLY keyword and a minimum move distance) now no longer blocks moving. As long as you don't end your movement on their base, you can move underneath them, so the old tactic with blocking a charge with a flyer is dead.

- The beta bolter rule got removed from vehicles (except dreadnoughts and helbrutes). In addition Deathwatch lost it on their speciality ammo, which was WAY too good. Good changes overall, so hurricane bolter vehicles and 2+ to wound infantry doesn't murder the enemy at any given time.

- Orks got a nerf with the combining-units-stratagem, that is twofold. First off, it can only be used on Boyz now, so Lootahs are out. Secondly you have to do it before you set up units, that can deploy outside your zone (so no more infiltrate and combine for cheeky 60 boyz squad 12'' from the enemy.)

- Aeldar got a massive hit, with their psychic powers Doom, Guide and Jinx only being usable by Craftworld Aeldar units. No more debuffing enemies and unload with your Drukhari units. It only works on their own codex now.

- It now cost 2 CP to use the Assassin stratagem, where you include it in your normal detachment, you can only do it once per game (so no more 4 assassins in one list, unless you bring a whole detachment) and Fallen can no longer take assassins. No rule changes to the units themselves.

From a chaos perspective, there are a few changes.

- Obliterators are back to 115 points. I was hoping they would meet in the middle, so don't expect to see many Obliterators anymore. 115 points is way too expensive.

- You can now only take 3 Daemon princes, regardless of what codex they are from. You can summon in though, to break the rule of 3. (it is even specifically stated that you can do this).

- The new renegade legions now have god-specific tags attached to them. Nurgle for Purge, Tzeentch for Scourged, Slaanesh for flawless hos and Khorne for Brazen. No more Slaanesh Purge units.

- Legion traits now affect Characters, Infantry, Bikes and Helbrutes. This means that Juggerlord, Discsorcerer, etc. and Lord Discordant now have legion trait.

Overall, not too shabby! I am happy with most of the changes and they do make sense.

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