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High_Seraph 02-17-19 10:04 PM

Need help with a 2k Dark Angels list
So like the title says I need help with what would be good for a 2k point Dark Angels list with no special character or new models. I do have a company of marines and about 35 Deathwing terminators with a squad or three of Ravenwing as well. I have two whirlwinds and 2 predators as well as a Land Raider Crusader. Haven't really played a game since the begining of 6th when I got dragged to a small tourney so completely new to most things that have come out since then.

Grokfog 02-17-19 10:21 PM

Well, with the Beta Bolter rules, Deathwing Terminators, the Ravenwing Bikes, and the Land Raider Crusaders Hurricane Bolters are going to be kicking out a truly unholy amount of strength 4 shots, so that may make for a good core. You'll have to excuse me giving any more in depth assistance though, I don't own the Dark Angels codes yet.

High_Seraph 02-17-19 10:26 PM

I have no clue and reading through the new codex is confusing as hell as what is the power rating or whatever the heck it is in the corner and why is that there and what is it for?

Old Man78 02-17-19 11:41 PM

Most people just use the points values. Power level makes for quicker list building, using standard unit sizes with the cost of sny upgrades included in the power level. As for the D.A I have the codex but not gone through it really. Unlike a lot of people I hate the new primaris marines, that being said inceptors are too good to pass on really.

I don't have the codex to hand but with what you have listed you would s decent army based around the predators, the crusader and ravening squads, that be half your points right there. Marines are s bit lacklustre this edition but the D.A have good stratagems and some unique flying units. Not really helpful I know, but im a collector not a gamer really

High_Seraph 02-18-19 12:50 AM

Ah that's fine oldman just glad to get any advice as any list building skills I may have had have gone away.

Shandathe 02-18-19 01:44 AM

Unless you've already signed up for something, I'd very much suggest playing a smaller game or two to get a handle on things before worrying about a 2k points list.

While I think you've got a good core, you may need to find some more anti-armour for a 2k list... That's the sort of territory where the Knights Valiants live :crazy:

High_Seraph 02-18-19 01:58 AM

Yeah doing a fun 40k campaign and need two 2k point lists but I do have the models for the lists just not any of the new shit. Free campaign just doing ir for fun.

Shandathe 02-18-19 10:25 PM

Hrmm. Let's try and work this out logically then, starting with HQs. None of the new shit means everything Primaris is out, but in a Company-sized toolbox of marines you can probably find models that make good Lieutenants/Ancients. No Special Characters (that's gonna sting) limits the selection further though. Masters, Chaplains and Librarians in several varieties remain available at least.

Between Grim Resolve and the Dark Angel penchant for Plasma weaponry, a Lieutenant should probably be the first HQ. If we're aiming for some Ravenwing, putting in a Talonmaster would similarly be a good idea (if you've got a model that can serve).

Master might add some more mobile rerolls if we're footslogging, though I'd normally recommend just going with Azrael then...

What does the armoury look like? What kind of heavy/special weaponry do you have available?

High_Seraph 02-19-19 03:39 AM

To be honest most of my special weaponry is plasma guns/pistols with a small smattering of flamers and meltas. Heavy weapons is more missile launchers than anything else with a small smattering of lascannons and plasma cannons. I do have enough rhinos/razorbacks to comfortably sit most of my army. Did have a friendly game where my opponent brought 2 knights at a thousand points and I used deathwing and land raider crusader with two preds, one full las the other auto cannon and heavy bolter. Just got wrecked though. So not really liking this new edition but imma try to move past that.

Grokfog 02-20-19 09:32 AM

Your opponent brought two knights to a friendly game at 1000 points?

Your opponent deserves to have those knights stuffed up their arse.

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