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Saul Glimmerman 01-12-19 12:24 PM

Mercenaries and PMC
I am looking into start building a fluff army in 40k. The original idea i had was mercenaries or a private military company that secretly works for the Alpha Legion. At first, i thought i use the renegades and heretics list from forge world. I would just not give them any covenant, skip all the spikes and give them purdy uniforms. The good thing about that would be i could use a Malefic Lord as the commander, but apparently, they and the army list is shit so i am wondering if one could use Astra Militarum instead. Obviously, such a group would not use any commissars or priests.

So what do you think and which army list would you choose?

Also, is a Forgeworld renegades and heretics army even allowed to be near a GW event?

Khorne's Fist 01-12-19 12:56 PM

You could use commissars and priests. Just rename them. The commissar might become the boss mans enforcer, and the priest could be a paymaster, exhorting the mercs to fight harder to earn bigger bonuses. The appropriate minis would be an interesting little conversion project to work on.

Old Man78 01-12-19 08:37 PM

Would you use the necromunda models as pmc/mercs? House van sar or house orlock

Saul Glimmerman 01-13-19 04:03 AM

I will actually use Cadians as a base, i want them to look squeaky clean. I mean i want them to look the part of merks. But i will change them a little. Give them ww2 helmets and throw in a few auto rifles and auto pistols (appearance only) to make them look a little cheap and ragtag. Also, make them a mixed unit with 20-30% females. Colour scheme will be grey, white & black city camo with a black armour colour.

Old Man78 01-13-19 12:10 PM

I wouldn't go for a rag tag look meself, mercs and pmcs usually have better gear than regular military at the individual and small unit level. Victoria miniatures do a good line of female imperial guard style troops

Saul Glimmerman 01-13-19 02:40 PM

Ohh i know i can get female guardsmen (and better looking) from other places but i don't think i would be allowed near anything GW related if all my miniatures is of a different brand. XD

I also know how to make Cadians females (slice and file) and since i want to avoid any ridiculous boob armour i can still use the regular torsos. Like those Victorian models you mentioned.
A pain in the butt, sure but i am talking about starting with max 10 female figures and max 25-30. Not to much work i say.

You think that fluff wise the merks should be considered better equipped than let's say pdf? You might have a point, maybe clean them up a little then.

Old Man78 01-13-19 03:06 PM

For mercs and pmcs I personally would make them look slick. Mercs you can model more individual it is the usual cliche. For pmcs, they are usually well equipped in the real world depending on who you work for😉

darkreever 01-13-19 09:49 PM

I'd honestly recommend considering tempestus scions. They are better armed and trained than the average soldier, which would fit in with the fluff of your group having some affiliation with the Alpha Legion. (They being operatives who would very likely have received some training and gear from the legion in order to better perform duties as AL operatives.)

Quite honestly, when I've done RP's involving AL operatives thats what I've always done to some extent.

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