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anhuangdi 11-18-18 10:08 PM

Iron Age Farmstead 28mm
Hello everyone!

Just sending out the news that Steepled Hat Studios released a 28mm Iron Age Farmstead almost a week ago. It is currently on Kickstarter and is looking for funding.

If you're interested in the Iron Age and need a farm or place for your 28mm Britons, or perhaps want to invade the Britannia with your Romans, Steepled Hat Studios has got you covered with this Farmstead. It includes three pieces - a Granary, a Fence Set, and a Round House, all of which come fully painted and battle ready. Or you can pledge on the raw resin forms as well.

Would work great for Wahrammer Fantasy / Barbarian groups as well!

Check it out here:


Thank you and have an excellent day!

anhuangdi 11-22-18 09:55 PM

Hello everyone!

We've added our Desert Guard Tower as a pledge reward option for this Camapaign!
But there's only 50 of them to go round! Special $55 Free shipping offer ($45 for Farmstead backers!)

Check them out here and more details in the Special Offer Section! http://kck.st/2zJrth9


anhuangdi 11-28-18 10:09 PM

Hello everyone!


We're at 60% and there is only about 10 days left to fund this project!


Check it out before time runs out!
Thank you!

anhuangdi 12-03-18 10:56 PM

Hello everyone!
Just a reminder that there are only 5 days left now to pledge towards this project. We're at 91% and are nearly funded!
Last chance to get an Iron Age Farmstead scenery piece!
There are still many Desert Empire Guard Towers as well!

Click the link to check it out before this Kickstarter ends! http://kck.st/2zJrth9


anhuangdi 12-06-18 09:45 PM

71 Hours to go!

Thank you all so far for your interest! Almost there with 94%


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