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lordcardigan 03-19-18 06:32 AM

Very new
Hello everyone.

So I'm new to this forum and looking forward to discussions and crunch argumentation!
I'm back to 40k from a very long hiatus (last games I played were when Chaos 5th codex came out) and a mate sucked me back in.
I'm currently working on an Alpha Legion list and dealing with various issues; mainly my absolutely atrocious painting (but I will improve) and working out how to build a nice tasty list.

In my newbidge I've come up with something like this (the short version)
1 terminator lord, 1 sorceror (though might get rid of), 5 terminators, 2 squads of 10 marines with plasma/missile launcher, a dreadnought (I am NOT calling them a stupid hellbrute, what a silly name) and dunno what else.

Personally I'm more into 40k for the fluff, that's what gets me going. But I'm hoping to improve my painting/modelling and hopefully play a game within the next month or too!

Nice to meet you everyone

StartARevolution 03-19-18 08:52 AM

Hey lordcardigan, l found your post :)
If you're into Alpha Legion fluff then yeah groups of cultists are mandatory and a sorcerer can give nice buffs to your army on the cheap (if he's taken with minimal equipment).

To start helping with your painting skills l'd recommend looking at the "Warhammer TV" YouTube channel.
They've got great 1 to 2 minute long videos on painting things from armour chipping to muzzle burns while being easy and clear to follow along.
Lucky for you they got a painting tutorial video dedicated to the Alpha Legion:

A great tip for painting is "wetting your paints," you'll hear that a lot in many painting tutorials and you can't go wrong with using a wet palette, whether bought or homemade.
Great to hear from you!

Old Man78 03-19-18 08:53 AM

Welcome to the heresy, what colour is your cardigan?

lordcardigan 03-19-18 10:13 AM

Hey mate.
Yeah, I might grab a few cultists. Not really sure. Fluff wise I'm not sure if they are required - especially as the ways the Alpha Legion uses them doesn't really translate well mechanically to the tabletop. I'm not sure though!

Thanks for the video. I'm going more for this colour scheme (dunno if that video embedded or not). It reminds me of this http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki...a_LegionPH.jpg which is a colour I like very much. Pre heresy and all. There are so many different schemes for the Alpha Legion, makes it really fun to look into.

I like that colour scheme because it reminds me of the original 'Index Astartes' article on the Alpha Legion. I love the look. Though my paint order is more 'steggadon scale green, biel tan wash' colour, so a very muted and dull greenish dark blue. I'll post some pictures definitely once I am happy enough with them not be ashamed haha. Already learned how to strip models thankfully. Hahaha

I'm probably going to learn how to do the wet pallette soon. Seems more efficient for batches. At the moment I am just doing one at a time.

lordcardigan 03-19-18 10:14 AM

Hey old man.

My cardigan is dark greenish-blue. Or blueish green? I dunno, i've been told I'm colour blind!

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