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loki619 01-13-18 02:02 AM

new project (really need help)
me and a friend are wanting to make some 40k models based on the dbz universe and are really stuck to find heads that could work for super saiyans any ideas or links could really help thx in advance

Shandathe 01-13-18 02:41 AM

Look at the Spave Wolves, maybe? Like this dude:


Though FWIW, you can probably get most of it done grabbing any mostly bald head and add appropriate hair with green stuff.

Loki1416 01-13-18 04:57 AM

My first thought was greenstuff as well. Wouldn't even need bald heads as the greenstuff would cover whatever is there.

loki619 01-13-18 12:02 PM

thx guys that space wolf one is not to bad but yah green stuff might be the way forwards

also what do u think to a dbz style 40k army playing a bit like fantasy vampires with a few strong chars and loads of chaff

Loki1416 01-14-18 12:23 AM

So Astra Militarum? lol. I'm all for a themed army in any setting/game. What I don't like are horribly over powered armies. If the lowliest available unit you have is WS 10, something is wrong. Has to be a balance to it.

loki619 01-14-18 06:14 PM

yah its taking some work getting the setting the power right

atm i have
sayians as hq
goons as troops
ginu force as elite
asoro as heavy

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