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wd6669 11-19-08 11:43 AM

Flesh Terrors
Ok well i've been trying to find a good background to my Renegade 5th Company of flesh tearers and i want to see what u guys think of the background i have so far, All comments good or bad welcomed

They are renegade company with a possessed Librarian Arkyne/ Eye of Mael, He got possessed when all his company went black rage and found a eldar daemon host which was near death and it told Arkyne to place apart of daemonic flesh from the daemon host body on his body and he would save the FT from the black rage which the daemon ended up doing.

The Daemon is 1/4 of a kind of super daemon named Maelhomerwraph or Mael who was to begin with 4 seperate greater daemons from each power ( Eye of Mael is Tzeentch ) who turned traitor from their masters (with their armies) when a new master swayed them to his side ( malal ) and united them into one daemon so that no one god would be able to destroy it then sent it on a mission to destroy the entire galaxy. The eldar confronted Mael but was unable to defeat it since this was not very long after THE FALL so they seperated the daemon by making 4 daemon hosts. The mael daemon host need to use possession because if they go back to the warp in their divided state their original gods would just destroy them for good.

So for the look of the Flesh terrors they can be any rogue SM or CSM with original colours but they wear a piece of flesh or a Skinned Face for captians on there shoulder. I have my "Eye of Mael" Planned out but any one have any good ideas how to do a model of "Word of Mael/Slaanesh" which will be my eldar daemon host? i was thinking Wood elf Spellsinger

when in doubt, shoot! 11-19-08 03:50 PM

Maybe the c'tan deceiver? That's a good t'zeentch looking model, with the robes and all, will take some converting though. Might be a bit big though, daemonhosts can't change their hosts bodies much, they can add horns and make the skin paler, but I'm not sure if they can make their host form bigger.

wd6669 11-21-08 02:15 PM

thanks, ya the deciever will look like a nice tzeentch possessed. I made this army so i could mix like the black legion does (like noise or plague marines that worship different aspects/parts of mael) and when i play daemons i can actually have a good reason why my plague bearers are next to my horrors. Just wondering do u think the 4 daemon making the 1 daemon is a bit of a far fetched?? i read some stuff on malal that he doesn't have daemons on his own so i thought this was something he might do

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