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forkmaster 12-01-17 01:43 PM

Black Librarys 2018 Advent Calendar!
Day 1: Perturabo: Stone and Iron.

The 33rd Grand Battalion of the Iron Warriors, newly raised and seeing battle for the first time, have the honour of the primarch himself, Perturabo, leading them. But the Hammer of Olympia is there for more than just battle – he is evaluating his new officers and deciding their fates. And with a force of Imperial Fists allied to their cause, Perturabo sees the perfect opportunity to teach his new warriors the difference between the stone of the VII Legion and the Iron of his own.

Now I am not familiar with the author, but if he is anywhere near as good as Guy Haleys interpretation of the character and the Legion, I am sold! The Primarch-stamp seems to be the overall brand for pre-heresy-stories now.

forkmaster 12-01-17 01:44 PM

Oh shoot, I defnitely meant 2017. A total miss for me. If a mod sees this, please correct the title of the thread!

forkmaster 12-02-17 12:04 PM

Day 2: Endurance

Lystra is a hive world, with a population of billions… or at least it was. Now Lystra is a corpse, overrun by the walking dead, with just a small force of Astra Militarum and a handful of Space Marines defending against the numberless horde. Exhausted and an inch away from destruction, they hold against the tide… but things are about to get worse, for the Death Guard have noticed Lystra.

So what I've heard is that Chris Wraight is working on a Death Guard-series in the 40k-timeperiod so I wouldn't be surprised is this is the pilot-start to that. Wraight have rarely disappointed me so I think I'm gonna get this one!

Link to the calendar just because Black Library is a mess to search through.

forkmaster 12-03-17 11:06 AM

Day 3: Doombound

In the cursed city of Shadespire, two Stormcast Eternals Liberators, Darras Sunblade and Erak Grimwatch, seek a way to rejoin their comrades in Severin Steelheart's company. However, the twisting and ever-changing maze of the dead city thwarts them at every turn – and Grimwatch has his own troubles as flashes of another life take him. Mortal danger stalks them, as a warrior of the Khorne Bloodbound, also suffering visions of an impossible past, seeks to take their skulls for his bloodthirsty god…

AoS is not mu cup of tea so don't have much to say about this!

forkmaster 12-04-17 05:14 PM

Day 4: Duty Waits


Spoilers for the Ruinstorm-novel.

forkmaster 12-05-17 02:49 PM

Day 5: Key of Infinity

On the warship Messenger of Hermes, Ahzek Ahriman and his servant Ignis study a most unusual prisoner – a metal construct containing the consciousness of a member of a long extinct race – the necrontyr. As they interrogate the necron Setekh, he is also learning about them – over and over again as he uses ancient techonology to relive the moment and plot his escape. Will he succeed, or will Ahriman prevail?

To be honest, I'm done with John Frenchs Ahriman-series. Someone else should write him.

forkmaster 12-06-17 07:17 PM

Day 6: Gods' Gift

Hamilcar Bear-Eater, famed Lord-Castellant of the Astral Templars, leads the hunt for a deadly creature in the untamed Gorwoods of the Realm of Beasts. But when strange dreams come to Hamilcar that he thinks are prophecy, his mission becomes muddied. Will he heed the call of the Oak, or continue the hunt? And if he chooses the former, will it doom the mortal woodsman his warriors aid to a grisly death? Or could the dreams be the key to completing his mission?

forkmaster 12-07-17 04:05 PM

Day 7: Magisterium

The Webway War is over, the Custodian Guard devastated by the daemonic hordes that flooded the lower reaches of the Imperial Palace. Constantin Valdor, commander of the Emperor's Guard, stands at the head of his fellows, but in conflict with the Lord Commander of the Imperium, the primarch Rogal Dorn. And it is not the first time Valdor, the Emperor's magisterium, has found himself pitted against a primarch. His memories of Prospero are all too fresh…

This definitely interests me at lot!

forkmaster 12-08-17 10:53 AM

Day 8: The Assassination of Gabriel Seth

For many long years, Gabriel Seth has led the Flesh Tearers to war. Master of a dwindling Chapter, he has made many enemies in his unceasing battle to keep his warriors alive – and now those enemies conspire against him, luring him to a remote world in order to end his leadership and life in the most violent and bloody way possible; Gabriel Seth is to be assassinated. But can even an Eversor Assassin kill one of the deadliest warriors in the entire Imperium?

Personally sounds like a shorter version of Nemesis where one character is to be assassinated and everything fails.

forkmaster 12-09-17 12:17 PM

Day 9: Now Peals Midnight

Midnight is coming. For long years, the defenders of Terra have stood sentinel, awaiting the inevitable: the coming of the Warmaster, the traitor Horus and his horde. For Rogal Dorn, his brother primarchs and his loyal sons – among the billions of others awaiting the breaking of the storm – the wait is almost over. The sun is setting and night falling. And the enemy comes.

Not surprised that John French got to write about the Fists again. Hopefully this is a better look into Dorn that before.

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