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2DSick 09-24-17 09:04 AM

Conquest! The brand new game from Para Bellum Wargames and River Horse Studios
From out of nowhere, Para Bellum have come racing out of the blocks with a series of previews for possibliy one of the finest visual experiences in recent years. Combining influences from Geiger, Bacon and more, it's ticking all my boxes so far. As a painter/collector, I'm sold on the minis already ad I'm really looking forward to seeing of the game mechanics can hold up too. I for one am hypnotized by this fulture Large scale (greater than 28mm... maybe 35?) Fantasy Skirmish Wargame.

If you like what you see and want to find out more as the weeks tick on, Like and Follow their Facebook page to keep up to date; https://www.facebook.com/ParaBellumWarGames/


With little over a month until Conquest is revealed at Spiel Essen games expo, I've had the chance to have some questions answered by Para Bellum regarding Conquest here;

2DSick 09-25-17 01:03 PM

an excting reveal
Just in!

Alessio Calvatore is conformed as the rules guru behind Conquest! With his portfolio it's difficult not to get excited about it!

Gone are deployments and turns instead a new Command Stack mechanic where players preditermine what order their troops will activate coupled with an escalation system that gives true rolls to light, medium and heavy troops. Not only that... The Fog of War is set to be a real thing in game terms!

I was already exited by the prosepect of a complex and mature setting. I'm a mature gamer and sometimes I've found myself looking for something without the token comic relief that's become the norm!





2DSick 09-30-17 07:30 AM

Just need to say quickly, I needed to remove the post of a studio Spire paint WIP by request of PB. They want to wait for the finished thing to release themselves (understandable) but please bear in mind that the purple and red spires that we see above are not the offical studio schemes and the proper ones really do reflect the artwork ;)

On the upside, they did say they would send me a few models to paint and share with you lovely people :D

Well the next faction revealed is one we've seen a few pictures of so far.

The Hundred Kindoms. Twice in it's existence, the kingdoms were united but the throne sits empty amongst squabbling, treatery and war.

Within this little snipped we can already see The Imperial Court, The Orders (many of by the looks of it) and The Faith.

Hopefully we'll see some minis in the next reveal...



As ever, if you want to stay up to date and follow this project through to retail (it is not being kickstarted btw... just straight to retail) follow them on facebook here...


2DSick 10-06-17 09:49 PM



I've got my hands on some resin prototypes that were going spare (the production mini's are going to be plastic) to paint up for Para Bellum.

Really really nice in the flesh. There are some really delicate details in places. Can't wait to get started. I've taken my pallet from soe of the artwork :D

The archers stand 48mm tall to their heads. The brute is enormous standing on a 53mm base. I assume these are 35mm scale. They are pre production resins though so could still be downscaled for th ereal thing(?)


2DSick 10-09-17 09:26 PM

Damn... I better up my game on mine XD


2DSick 10-14-17 09:53 PM


More top artwork for The Hundred Kingdoms and the promise of more to come shortly along with a run down of what to expect from the reveal at Essen Spiel ;)



2DSick 10-20-17 09:34 AM

A little late but not forgotten ;) some of you followinfg the facebook page will already have seen these but for those who haven't...

Para Bellum have been hard at it getting enough models painted to demo the game at Essen Spiel next weekend... which also gives us a glimpse at the unit coherancy.

With the minis being closer to 32/5mm scale, this has the postential to have that big game feel without the high mini investement ??

Men at arms -


Spire brutes and.... CLONE SPEARMEN? :O


Lots of anticipation for Essen next weekend!

In the meantime, I've been given the opportunity to paint up my samples :D


2DSick 10-26-17 09:46 PM

fantastic interview and a concise demo. No fucking around ;D

2DSick 11-01-17 10:10 PM

A Pheromancer found lurking at Essen :O


2DSick 11-01-17 10:39 PM

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