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Khorne's Fist 09-04-17 04:25 PM

Squats Desquatted?
I was just flicking through the rule book, and noticed this little snippet at the back regarding abhumans. It looks like they now officially still exist in the Imperium, 112 years after the return of Guilliman. Poor old beastmen look like they're for the purge though. Could we see a return of them to the game?


Serpion5 09-04-17 09:12 PM

I've never even heard of most of these. Felinids? 40k has Khajiit now?

Also I was under the impression that squats were their own race, but now they're a class of abhuman?

Shandathe 09-04-17 10:21 PM

Squats always were abhumans I think... it was something like heavy gravity conditions as they settled near the galactic core.

Felinids - and most of those others - we never learned about beyond the name I believe, but given GWs naming sense there's a suspicion of a planet full of catgirls out there. Think there was an article about abhumans in White Dwarf that mentioned them a dozen plus years ago.

EDIT: And as for the original wondering. Check 6th Edition, page 404 (I'm serious!) which has a bit on Abhumans that looks to have been copy-pasted into 8th...

Khorne's Fist 09-04-17 11:34 PM

Yeah, squats were always abhumans. In old epic they shared war machines like the collususs and leviathan with IG.

Old Man78 09-05-17 04:23 AM

Everyone wants space dwarves back!

Gret79 09-05-17 10:20 AM

Ratlings = short men
Squats = short fat men
Troths = tree men?
Longshanks = tall men?
Pelagers = fish men
Felininds = cat men
Beast men = 'Variable' men...That's like a PC version of just calling them mutants :D
Neandors - no-one knows.

And if squats come back, we'll need a verb change. GW will have to start Zoat'ing things. Although that doesn't roll off the tongue.
What else have GW squ... gotten rid of over the years?

Shandathe 09-05-17 06:32 PM

... okay seriously. Check the 6th ed rulebook. The abhumans entry hasn't changed for 8th. Like, at all. A de-squatting looks extremely unlikely, certainly on THAT evidence.

Kreuger 10-07-17 03:36 PM

This sounds like free license to create wild conversions.

Ever wanted dryad imperial guardsmen? Troth-corps to the rescue!

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