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ntaw 08-30-17 03:11 PM

2k Thokt Dynasty
One day, hopefully soon, declaring your Dynasty will have an actual impact on the game. For now it just means I like blue.

I've got a game tomorrow against some slimy Alpha Legion (using Raven Guard tactics) allied with a Questoris Knight Styrix. My army's weakness is dealing with armour so this will be a real test of what I own as an army as well as my ability to prioritize and neutralize targets. This is what I've got, organized into a Battalion Detachment:

*edits in blue


Cryptek - staff of light

Overlord - warscythe, resurrection orb


Triarch Stalker - particle shredder

5x Lychguard squad - hyperphase swords, dispersion shields


10x Immortal squad - gauss blasters

10x Warrior squad

10x Warrior squad

10x Warrior squad

10x Warrior squad

Fast Attack

5x Scarab squad

5x Scarab squad

6x Wraith squad - 3x whip coils

Heavy Support

2x Heavy Destroyers


Doom Scythe

I'm open to any and all strategic suggestions, but the models are all I have. I'm sure there will be a couple other FW Dreadnoughts with 24" range weapons and brutal CC ability on top of the Knight, aside from that I expect power armour infantry.

Shandathe 09-01-17 12:11 AM

Hoping you'll see this in time, but... I'd recommend reforming the Warriors so you have at least one 20-man squad, and possibly reforming the lot into 2 squads of 20. With a Cryptek behind them, half your losses will get back up - but ONLY if the unit still has a model left in it, and that's much easier to achieve when the squad is bigger. By increasing the unit size of the Warriors, you'll up the value of both your Cryptek and your Resurrection Orb.

A 20 man squad can still shoot at multiple targets, just declare it when you shoot. Obviously it's limited in its ability to be in 2 places at once, but your list will have to move with all the subtlety of a brick to the face regardless :)

As there's no recovery for your Fast Attack choices in the list, there's no reason NOT to break up the Wraiths or Scarabs into two smaller squads - those COULD be in two places then, and could still operate together where preferred.

ntaw 09-01-17 03:26 PM

Hey, thanks for the comments. I ended up winning in The Relic, though if the game had gone on I would have very likely lost.

This is actually my first time playing squads of 10 instead of 20 and I think I'm going to keep it that way for a couple reasons. First and foremost, morale. 20 man squads take a lot more fire than 10 man squads and as such it was common for me to lose a few models to morale or even the last 3+ models in the unit to morale from a competent shooting army with good line of sight. Another reason is that one model can tie them up entirely from shooting with a charge, forcing either a protracted and stupid combat for the rest of the game or me to fall back with a huge unit and do nothing with them. 10 man squads allow me to fall back with my front rank and still fire with my back rank once the enemy has decided they've had enough and charges me.

I still play them in a block with the Cryptek at the centre, this isn't about moving around and grabbing objectives; that's what everything else in the army is for. The four 10 man squads preformed marvelously in the game and kept more models shooting more often once the enemy closed in (all my enemies seem to close in, I guess I haven't faced a truly shooty army yet).

The Scarabs I agree about, the only tweak I made for this match was upping my particle shredder to a heat ray and dropping a Scarab base, although I think that the particle shredder is a better weapon than the heat ray even against armour after yesterday's game.

Two squads of five Scarabs and a particle shredder on the Stalker it is.

Wraiths have been really tricky to use in units of three for me, this also was my first time playing them as a unit of six. They ran through two Tactical squads and tied up the Knight for more than half the game in a protracted combat thanks to their 3++ saves, though they only ended up taking ~9 wounds off the Knight throughout. With my Heavy Destroyers getting offed in the first turn that was my only real solution to that monstrosity.

Ultimately I think I'm going to do the scarab/shredder swap and play a few more games, but my biggest weakness is high W/T and I'm just not really seeing useful things for Necrons to deal with that without compromising how the list deals with other units. At the end of the game he still had most his wounds on the Knight as well as two Dreadnoughts at full health, a Leviathan and Contemptor. There was no stopping those models, only tying them up in frustrating little knots of Warriors with a Cryptek close by so the units were always bigger than the number of attacks the Dreads had. The weird thing is the thing I would drop is the Doom Scythe...maybe for more Heavy Destroyers? That would give me 70 points to put elsewhere I think and give me two more reliable shots over the randomized death ray.

Crap I just don't want to have to convert more stuff. Maybe I just paint until a Codex comes out.

Serpion5 09-02-17 01:08 AM

There does seem to be limited options for each army as far as dealing with vehicles and monsters this time around.

I've been running two stalkers with Twin Heavy Gauss cannons. It's the scariest thing I can make for targeting vehicles and it gives a boost to anyone else who fires at the same target. Add a squad or two of heavy destroyers and you should be pretty dangerous to mechanical units.

The problem of course is that this eats a lot of points, so you need to scrimp elsewhere. Pretty much nothing else but warriors, an overlord and if points can be found a cryptek or two.

Shandathe 09-02-17 05:28 PM

Huh. It's nice that he let the Knight be tied up, but it's perfectly capable of walking out of CC and shooting/charging anyway.

Anyway... The vast majority of Necron big guns is on a correspondingly big platform. Troops can't really make a good dent in vehicles, sadly, unlike in 7th where their Gauss guns worked wonders on tanks. While basic Gauss weaponry will still shave some wounds of tanks at a similar rate (usually wound on 5+ now, but then saves come in...), all tanks have 3-4 times more wounds than they used to have Hull Points, so that's a problem.

At least the Necrons have a ton of the very, very efficient Strength 5 in their weaponry.

Back on this list... I can see getting rid of the Doom Scythe, but it'll make your stalker the obvious target for any heavy long-range gun. Any vehicle with Quantum Shielding can take a beating and a half, but that might be a bit too much love. A second Stalker like @Serpion5 is running might mitigate that (and if you picked up more than one Start Collecting, you'll have one ready).

Other than that... Maybe embrace the "tie things up" strategy? Fit in more Scarabs, as the little buggers are cheap (plus, given the number of Warriors you have, you should have a few bases more of them), and good at tying annoying (non-superheavy) vehicles up and forcing a good amount of saves in the process. Should let you focus fire on one or two, and get there by sheer weight of fire?

TBH, given the uncertainty of what the Codex will change, adapting a ton right now might be the wrong move anyway. Wait for codex and paint might well be your best option.

ntaw 09-03-17 08:32 PM

I am getting in a rematch with the same guy this week, will be doing the subtle changes I can as noted in blue. I suppose I could proxy the heavy gauss on the Stalker but I'll give the shredder a try while I try and source another couple without having to buy another Stalker. Will report back with results.

I can very much see the merits of multiple Stalkers in the list and may very well work toward it, but transporting them is a pain. I couldn't fit another one in my case as it is.

Any experience with Pylons? I was perusing the IA:Xenos book and they look like they could be pretty fun. They also kinda look like I could convert them with a couple cheap spinning globes from the dollar store.

Shandathe 09-03-17 11:24 PM

Pylons used to be a staple of the tournament scene, still saw some on the Nova Open cast on Twitch this weekend so... prolly still good?

Note, if you're going to need to buy a Stalker anyway... It's probably worth taking some more time to consider all the other options.

ntaw 09-04-17 12:16 AM

I like the rules for Pylons, gotta see if I can make a couple though...

I don't really want to buy a Stalker. If none of the other Necron players in my group have some spare and I can't convince an Ork player that he really wants to convert a Stalker but doesn't need the gun I might then consider buying one. Kinda hard to buy new models without a Codex though. Even the Chapter Approved book has promised a bunch of changes for points costs and faction rules...Emperor be damned, I just want the rules for my army! :laugh:

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