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Lord of the Night 08-29-17 09:12 PM

The Plague Fleets of Typhus - LotN's Death Guard Project Log
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With my old project log now filled with placeholder images thanks to Photobucket's stupid decision to go pay-to-share, I've decided to restart my project log and do them separately based on what i'm painting at the moment... which hasn't really been anything. Real life, a miserable job and some other stuff has crushed my drive to paint and it's been a long time since I last did anything. But yesterday a sudden burst of energy, which I have no idea how or where it came from, got me to sit down and paint this bad boy in the course of a single day. Tiring, but the end result was worth it (I think, you guys be the judges).

I went with the Plague Fleets of Typhus because I like the Traveller (He'll be one of the kits I buy for certain!) and his Zombie Fleets, the colours match the base DG scheme which is what I want to use, and because I wanted to use a warband with some cool history, but with space to make my own characters. Haven't worked on any lore for this guy, but thus far he's one of Typhus' lieutenants who enacts his will and leads a contingent of troops. For the actual paint scheme I went with the How To video from Warhammer TV (Praise Duncan!) but with some additions and two changes. Firstly I went with Mephiston Red for the cloak with a highlight of Wazdakka Red and an edge highlight of Squig Orange, the reason for this is because I didn't want to do the cloak in the same colour as the guts. Secondly I left the burst stomach shaded with Druchii Violet and Carroburg Crimson rather than going over it again with Rakarth Flesh because I like the idea of discoloured skin on such a pestilent figure. Thirdly I went with Mournfang Brown and Gorthor Brown for the axe handle because I felt brown was more suited then black for that particular part. Finally I didn't repaint the smoke with Ulthuan Grey and settled for a highlight over the Coelia Greenshade, I did that because I feel the green smoke is much more fitting for the Death Guard than white smoke is. I also added Nurgle's Rot to the guts and Blood for the Blood God to the axe-saws to get the approximate effects.

At the moment my Death Guard consists of just the Dark Imperium boxset. But if I can make steady progress with what I have I will allow myself, finances permitting, to add reinforcements to them piecemeal over the next few months. Next up I think will be either a pair of Plague Marines or the Noxious Blightbringer. Hopefully, I still want to paint at the moment but i'm hoping that this newfound drive will last. For reasons I don't want to get into, I'm not certain that it will. But we'll see.


Old Man78 08-29-17 09:50 PM

Looking good there, really like the cloak, are you leaving it as is or are you going to dirty it up a bit

Myen'Tal 08-29-17 10:16 PM

A wonderful job, Lord of the Night, if I collect Death Guard, I may have to borrow some of your technique changes. Quite like the Coelia Greenshade and highlight, the toxicity of the fog looks way more foreboding with that scheme. I think you handled the cape well, really pops from the model. I've considered Death Guard (Weeping Legion), if that happens they'll likely become a second and final army for a good while. In either case, I hope good things come down your way soon:smile2:, hang in there!

Khorne's Fist 08-30-17 03:08 AM

Nice job. Really like what you did with the smoke.

If I might make one suggestion, it is get your hands on the Slaanesh Grey dry paint, and give it a go on the flesh and tentacles. It really works a treat on most of the fleshy colour tones. Painting my own DG has really opened me up to paints and schemes I'd never have tried painting loyalist SMs previously, and this is one of my new favourites.

Lord of the Night 09-04-17 10:50 AM

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Started work on a pair of Plague Marines yesterday, very pleased with the end result. I also added some reinforcements to my DG that brings me up to two combat-sized squads of Plague Marines. Will be leaving it at that until every unit in my army is painted and I feel that I have earned the right to add new units to the collection.

I'm finding that devoting a single day to painting is getting me better results than trying to catch an hour or two here and there to paint, which kills my motivation quickly. True how i'm doing it now is slow, but it's producing results where trying to paint full squads wasn't. So I think i'll stick with this method for now.


Lord of the Night 09-11-17 11:07 AM

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The Noxious Blightbringer is ready to spread some misery!

Basecoating him was a damn chore in of itself, those censors are too numerous in such a confined area, but the end result is very pleasing to me. Stuck with the primary theme of Death Guard Legion colours but going with crimson for the cloth rather than white, this is because I am also working on lore for my army and decided a few days ago that their name is the Crimson Company. Still part of Typhus' Plague Fleets, but i'm going with the idea that he has multiple warbands and vectorums in his service that maintain their own gloried histories. The Crimson Company is one of them, and one of the more powerful.

Also painted muzzle burn for the first time on his pistol, I think it turned out alright. I also went with Ryza Rust on the pistol while leaving the coils in the classic plasma blue, I wanted to give the impression that this was an Imperial issue weapon that has rusted and decayed over time, but remains recognisably an Imperial weapon. Added Nihilakh Oxide to the Tocsin along with Ryza Rust for the skull symbols to create the look that it's further decayed, and to separate a Daemonic gift from the regular corruption and weaponry he carries. The Nurgling is just Rakarth Flesh with a colour wash, this time Carroburg Crimson, which is a theme that i'm keeping throughout the army for any Nurglings that are simply hangers-on, a simple paint scheme that unifies them all.


Khorne's Fist 09-11-17 11:13 AM

Looks great. Personally I'd use the oxide on the inside of the censures as well as the bell, just to tie it all together. I thought the ones on mine looked too clean, and it helped with that too.

Myen'Tal 09-12-17 10:42 PM

I agree with Khorne's Fist's advice, would love to see some glow effect on the censures or some severe oxidation. Otherwise, I'm loving it!

Lord of the Night 09-18-17 11:09 AM

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The latest reinforcements arrived over the weekend and they are looking sharp! Really liking these three elite Death Guard models, planning to have them form a Chaos Command Squad along with the Blightbringer and the Plague Surgeon model i'll inevitably pick up. The art cards are gorgeous, makes me wish they'd kept the rotting angel wings for Mortarion, and the Codex is filled with great lore, fantastically disgusting artwork and lots of fun rules. Definitely a good purchase on both!


Lord of the Night 09-18-17 11:12 AM

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Two more Plague Marines are finished! These two were much simpler given a lack of horns and a great deal less exposed and mutated flesh than the others, though the prominence of metal across both of them and these being the first two with actual lenses on their helmets meant a great deal more Leadbelcher was used and that I had to choose an eye colour. I went with Soulstone Blue over Stormhost Silver for a gem effect, I feel the brightness and clean appearance of their eyes is a nice contrast with their grimy armour and repulsive mutations.

Will be starting on the Malignant Plaguecaster soon and a Plague Champion to round off a completed combat squad. After that I think i'll either look to the Blight Drone or perhaps make a start on some of the Poxwalkers.


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