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Khorne's Fist 07-17-17 08:58 PM

FW Sisters of Silence Kharon Pattern Acquisitor
Loving the 50's Flash Gordon style of this. I hope they maintain it through the rest of the range as it comes out.

Psykers have nowhere to hide – the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is here in today’s sneak peek at an upcoming Forge World release. You won’t have to wait long now to add this sinister assault transport to the arsenal of your own Talons of the Emperor army.

Like the vehicles of the Adeptus Custodes, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a skimmer, albeit one of a more ominous and covert provenance. Aquiline motifs like the winged tailfin and the beak-like front of the vehicle tie the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor to the rest of the Talons of the Emperor, but it has a distinctively brutal silhouette, complemented by the iron-maiden style hatches on the sides of the vehicle. These are not for the Sisters of Silence but for their unfortunate psychic quarry; the Sisters themselves disembark from the irising hatch at the skimmer’s fore, embellished with the icon of their shadowed order. It’s easy to imagine just how terrifying seeing one of these in the 31st Millennium would be, psyker or no!


In-game, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a versatile and powerful transport for Horus Heresy armies, either laying down a hail of fire with its weapons (you can see these at the front of the vehicle) or disrupting incoming fire with an array of cloaking technology (like the sensor pod running along the vehicle’s spine). Sisters of Silence units equipped with short ranged weaponry (like the flamer-wielding Seeker Cadre) or power weapons (like the Vigilators) are going to be harder than ever to escape when attacking out of one of these.


You’ll be able to get your hands on the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor soon – in the meantime, why not pick up a few Sisters of Silence for your Talons of the Emperor army, or check out their rules in The Horus Heresy Book VII: Inferno?


darkreever 07-17-17 09:10 PM

Not really digging this one, I like the concept but not the design. Previously, even the more sleek Imperial designs were still relatively brutal overall but this not so much.

Loki1416 07-17-17 10:48 PM

Yeah I'm not really liking this one either. To be honest, it's rather boring looking.

Old Man78 07-18-17 02:19 AM

Looks like something out of Flash Gorden

Khorne's Fist 07-21-17 10:50 PM

Now up for preorder looks pretty good painted up.


Old Man78 07-22-17 03:16 AM

Looks a bit better painted up but I'm still not sold on it, it is the back that lets it down for me, the model looks like confused mix of Flash Gordon, Stingray, and something out of Dune

ntaw 07-22-17 01:55 PM

Is it just me or does that look like it comes out of Batman or some steam-punk video game? It looks cool and all but kinda out of place in 40k somehow. Almost a Kharadron look to it.

Shandathe 07-24-17 01:39 AM

It looks out of place for 40K because it's very much a 30K vehicle. The aesthetic is borrowing a lot of elements of the Grav-tanks of the Custodes (and some of FW's 30K Mechanicus designs). I'm not sure it even has rules for 40K.

The back @Old Man78 pointed out looks weird because they stuck the air intake the Custodes vehicles have in their fronts on there (I can see why it can't be in the front, but... still weird and impractical).

ntaw 07-24-17 04:37 PM

30k, 40k, it still looks like it should have rules for AoS and be manned by Dwarves to me :laugh:

Roganzar 07-24-17 07:21 PM

While I'm tend to like all the weird designs of things like this I'm kind of on the fence with this one.
Though this intrigues me:


The hull contains holes for inserting 2 8mm magnets (not included) to allow you to switch between the closed and open access hatch assemblies on the fly – of course, if you strongly prefer one, you can always glue it in place.
This is a big deal to me. I'm not certain but I think this is the first time GW or Forgeworld have designed a thing with magnetization in mind. I want to see a video of someone who had done the magnetizing correctly sliding the panels in and out to see how that would work.

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