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Pie1000 07-12-17 09:34 PM

500 pts list feed back wanted
I'm new to 40k list building and want to start a mechanized guard force and was wondering if I could receive some feed back on it... If you have any experience with these units, I'd love to hear some advice as don't have any experience of my own apart from doing some math.

3 chimera (hvy bolters + hvy stubber/ hvy bolter multi laser storm bolter)

30 vets

3 grenade launchers

Platoon commander

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Khorne's Fist 07-12-17 09:49 PM

Welcome to the boards, and the hobby more generally. I'm no expert on IG lists, but that looks like a fairly standard armoured fist platoon. It certainly looks like a good starting point to a list. The one suggestion I might make is maybe mix up the special weapons a bit. A meltagun in there will add some anti armour punch.

You'll probably get more constructive input over in the list building subforum here, though

Pie1000 07-12-17 10:11 PM

Thanks for the help, I'm currently wondering if the best way to do that would be to switch the chimera to taurox (for the auto cannons) and leave out the platoon comander that would leave more than enough points to change the vet squads to one double plasma, one double melta, one double grenade launcher, and get some bells and whistles for the sear gents, or if I should with the next jump( too for example 750 or 1000) to get an anti-tank group (maybe russes or manticores)

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Khorne's Fist 07-13-17 12:01 AM

If you intend on using that list as a starting point, I'd go with it for now before buying anything else. What a lot of people do jumping into the hobby is buy loads of stuff, and then get overwhelmed by the sea of grey plastic in front of them. Build and paint it squad by squad, setting yourself realistic goals. If you decide to add the extra stuff later, that's easy to do, but for now I'd concentrate on getting a small, viable force on the table.

Another thing I'd mention is that you should take the minis themselves into account when list building. If you want to get an army painted, the easiest way to stay motivated is by painting minis you like. A horde army like IG can be monotonous to work on, so don't be afraid to throw in a unit of ogryns or ratling snipers to mix it up a bit.

Shandathe 07-13-17 01:34 AM

Let me just point out the Platoon Commander is an Elite, not an HQ. I'd recommend finding the 10 points to upgrade him to a Company Commander, which makes your list a proper Vanguard Detachment.

More analysis will come when I'm awake... maybe a mod can move this thread to the list section :)

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