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Battman 07-08-17 11:36 AM

Pdf (planetary defense forces) questions
I have been recently been reading through the book "Death or glory" another of the Ciaphas Cain books by Sandy Mitchell.

It has had me thinking of other potential projects (to add to the current pile) of another diorama or singular models namely: a leman russ and crew called the "vixens" in the novel, named so for the female pdf crew.

[B] So the question is as such, if any is there any point of reference for identification for PDF troops in comparison to Gaurd troops? If so which?

On a side note is there any identifying colors schemes in specific Pdf forces[B/]

Thats all my musings for the second.

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Serpion5 07-10-17 09:13 PM

From what I understand, PDF troopers don't have the same level of training as frontline Guard units, so to compare a trained guardsman to a defence trooper would probably be along the lines of comparing guardsmen to conscripts.

Gamewise it would be a case of just keeping it thematic, and avoiding the use of veterans and stormtroopers. As for identifying colours, I'm pretty sure they still have their own heraldry, banners, uniforms and all the organization that a true Guardsman regiment would. You could pretty much paint them how you want.

Old Man78 07-11-17 03:08 AM

As with all 40k fluff pdf troops will be of whatever inconsistent quality the author needs, so you can pretty much let your imagination run wild.

To apply some "real world logic" to pdf troops, they would probably perform mainly garrison duties, manning anti air/orbit defences and key infrastructure, have a localized air/orbit force. Carry out VIP protection duties on planetary officials and government buildings.

I would imagine they would be well trained and equipped in "reality" but would lack heavy equipment in large numbers as ground and orbital defences would probably be expected to do most of the work.

One could also assume they would have their own HRT/SWAT special ops whatever units.

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