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Kharn The Complainer 06-29-17 10:49 PM

Khârn Painted Something
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A friend and I went halves on Dark Imperium. The tough decision was which army we should pick. We've both been out of the collecting scene for about 10 years, apart from the odd purchase here and there. He was always a SM player and I went Eldar, but also lent towards chaos (so many lovely opportunities to convert)
I would have chosen Chaos, but don't really like Nurgel. Yet at the same time SM are so...well...normal. But I do like the primaris models. Yet, the poxwalkers look great and the Chaos SM would have been fun to paint. Neither of us could decide, so we did what any sensible people would do in such a situation; we let the dice decide.

I would have painted them in the White Scars colour scheme because I always felt that WS are under represented in 40k and I just love the idea of Mongols in space. To my disappointment, the only transfers included in Dark Imperium are for the generic legions. Meh. Colouring your army Ultramarine or Space Wolf colours is like supporting Man United or Chelsea. How dull.

So I went to my local GW and asked if they had any WS transfers. It seems that GW doesn't sell such things anymore. So I went with plan B, make my own chapter. Yeah, I was so invested in making a WS army that I gave up simply because there were no transfers.

I've always loved the Heresy Emperor's Children and Alpha Legion colour schemes, so I just went with that. The idea was to create a White Scars successor chapter called 'Kheshig'.
But now, after painting my guys, I just don't know if they really fit in as a child of the Khan.

So, I present my work in progress...

Considering the fact that I haven't painted models in a decade and that I was never very good in the first place, I have to say that I am pleased with how they are turning out so far. I still need to tidy bits up and add detail, but the basics are there. Not award winning, but they'll do for the table top.

So, any suggestions on which legion this chapter should succeed? Hah, maybe I should just call them Filii imperatoris.

Khorne's Fist 06-29-17 11:15 PM

Similar scheme the Soul Drinkers, so Imperial Fists, maybe?

Kharn The Complainer 06-30-17 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 2415065)
Similar scheme the Soul Drinkers, so Imperial Fists, maybe?

Hmm...while I've never been a fan of the Imperial Fists, I do like their successor chapters. Perhaps I should call my chapter The Fisters. Their specialty will be Deep Striking.

Khorne's Fist 06-30-17 01:09 AM

What about the Purple Helmets?

Old Man78 06-30-17 01:50 AM

Never met anyone who didn't like a deep strike! The Imperial Penetrators! You do yourself a disservice sir, they look really well, especially after a long break from painting keep up the good work

SwedeMarine 07-06-17 12:41 AM

As an Imperial fists player I must say that it would suit the lore. But as for your original idea of White Scars. I know i have around 20 or so transfer sheets from the years with White scars decals, and I'm sure you can find them online for a decent price. Here's one listing that can give you an idea of the prices you'd be looking at.

Your current scheme is a little too close to the Soul Drinkers which could work in your favor. You can dual purpose them as both traitor and loyal marines. I mean I'm sure its only a matter of time before we start seeing traitor Primaris Marines which puts you ahead of the curve.

Kharn The Complainer 07-10-17 09:13 PM

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I really had fun painting the Ancient. Although after taking this photo I noticed that I haven't painted the skull on his gun.

I unimaginatively named them 'Praetorians of the Emperor'. I just had to write something on the flag, so ended up going with 'Praetorian'.

Old Man78 07-10-17 09:23 PM

Loving the banner! Are you still looking for white scar decals?

Kharn The Complainer 07-10-17 11:17 PM

Nah, I've abandoned that idea. I'm wondering whether some generic Imperial Guard decals might be better suited. I'll have a look around.
Thanks for the compliment. I'm currently only partially employed, so I have lots of time to sit around and paint, which is awesome.

Khorne's Fist 07-10-17 11:24 PM

Banner looks great. Well done.

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