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Riandro 11-15-08 09:04 PM

D&D, where to start?
me and my girlfreind are thinking of having a go at D&D, but we havent a clue where to start or what to buy first,

help? :laugh:


Blackhiker 11-15-08 11:21 PM

My suggestion is to go to your local game shop and find out whether they have any DMs and what edition they play. After you find out get the player's handbook for that edition, and attempt to get into one of their campaigns. My suggestion is to get 3.5 because it is a bit harder, but you have a lot more customization with your character than you get in 4th edition.

Col. Schafer 11-16-08 02:36 AM

probably do 4th edition, its the most recent, and its easiest to learn, and most vercitile (You can use the streemlined rules to just go aroud killing things, or to get thru the combat encounters faster and do more roleplay). If your just looking for a good time, all you really need is the players handbook, you will have to make up your oun monsters and come up with your rewards based on winging it, but you will save about 100$. If its just you and your girlfreind its going to be lame, you need at least one Dungeonmaster, and 2(Absolute minimum in my opinion) players. Your also going to need dice.

If you want to get more into it, get lots of dice, and the players handbook, monster manual, and Dungeon masters guide. Now, if your going to have probloms geting people on board because they think it is geeky (Sadly one of the bigest probloms) Do 3.5 or3. Because 4th editions illustrations are a lot more childish. I just ignore the pictures, the rulles are streemlined and easy to use (If your familiar with the D20sys). The D20 system seems really complicated at first, but its really not.

squeek 11-16-08 01:42 PM

I would echo what Blackhiker said about finding out what your local group play. If you just go out any buy everything to run a game it could end up costing you an absurd amount, whereas your local club may only use a few books, or if you are lucky have a library set for members to borrow.

Druchii in Space 11-16-08 02:58 PM

All good advice here, I'm more prone to say 4th edition for D20 as well, more as thats what Wizards has moved onto, its easier to learn from what I'm hearing and anything new and shiny will be based in 4th. Detailed characters are nice but not neccesary for roleplaying a good game. In fact D&D has always been one of the more complex systems in the past, but simplier systems can allow for quick rolls and more roleplay. Both types have their merits though.

As to the local current gaming group, excellent points if they have one, depending on the place they live they may be in a RPG wilderness. This means you may need to form the local group by convincing friends to give it a go, or at worst play one DM and one player, which although not ideal can be loads of fun as well.

If you are going it alone or starting the group my advice is to buy only what you need, look at the sub games as well, some come with all the rules you need to play and create characters in the main book. By sub games I mean Star Wars, Starfleet, and some of the other D20 worlds as listed in the big list above in the Roleplay Games forum.

Thats also another key point, do you plan on making up your own world, or do you just fancy playing in someone elses. On the latter it comes down to the style you want, Sci-fi, fantasy etc. If you where a Fantasy fan for example I'd strongly recommend Forgotten Realms. If its the former and you want to create your own world, then you will need the first three main books, DM Guide, Players Handbook and Monsters Manual and then build away from there.

Hopefully these responses have helped, but I'm quite sure we're happy to respond to any further questions.

Alexander Darkblade 11-18-08 03:55 PM

well i havent played D&D in a long time but i do remember alot of my stuff for it.

my dad gave me all his AD&D 1st ed stuff which is what i use (high lvl paladin ftw)

fist thing you should do is buy a starter set :P period, theyre like 30-40$ and have a pretty good dungeon and rulebook to start you out with.

Chaos&Beer 11-20-08 12:46 PM

I agree with those who said that you should find out what your local group plays.

Dungeons and Dragons is the most rewarding hobby I have ever had. I have so many precious memories connected to this game it's silly. There is nothing quite like getting together with a bunch of your comrades, cracking the beers (I find it works best if the DM abstains, lol), and getting into character.

Just find a group and buy the Players Handbook of whatever edition they play to start. If it's 3rd Edition, consider buying the handbook for whatever class you end up wanting to play (Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, etc). If they play in Forgotten Realms, buy that Players book as well. I find it ruins things if all of the PC's have all of the DM content memorized.

Get ready for a new addiction my friend, good luck! =)

Blackhiker 11-20-08 01:12 PM

It is better for the DM to be sober because this happens otherwise


Hidemons 11-21-08 06:28 PM

As I remember because I haven't played for years:
You need at least 4 players to play to be any fun. 1 Dungeon Master and 3 Players. If you don't have that than go to a game store and look up events and find a group of people to join.

You need to a players handbook. Figure out which version you need or want to play with.
And you need a set of dice, they makes sets for D&D - - very common place. Then you're set.

And you have a girlfriend that wants to play D&D with you?!? Brutal.

Chaos&Beer 11-22-08 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Hidemons (Post 238266)
And you have a girlfriend that wants to play D&D with you?!? Brutal.

That's what I'm saying man. I wish my wife would play ANY of the games that I play, be it 40K, DnD, or Talisman (I have the old school board + timescape + dungeon + city).

You are a lucky man.

Druchii in Space 11-22-08 06:56 PM

Tbh thats the one factor I didn't really raise an eyebrow over as it seems normal to me. Perhaps my main group of players are rarer than I thought. But aye, all the long term players from my core group (five of us) have ended up with partners who Roleplay as well, heck one pair became a couple via the games I was running. (Lvix and the girl in question makes seven total, sadly I never got to run many games with the other girlfriends as they where relationships that came together either at uni, or after I left Cornwall.)

Ok I admit few of the girls also Wargame as my otherhalf LVix does, but yeah none of us can imagine a world where we'd be with someone who looks at the hobby we love and snorts.
I remember two of my older friends (they where in their 30's when I was in my teens) years ago both ended up getting divorced due to that, I knew then I could never live like that.

Getting back on track though I feel the need to ask if any of this has helped in anyway Riandro. Any closer to making a RPG choice? :)

Initiate 11-22-08 08:39 PM

I would recommend starting out with 4th ed because it is much easier to learn. Lots of dice will make for quicker play and more players means more fun. My party has four players in it with me as the dungeon master. What you should do, is find out who you are going to game with and what kind of person your DM is. When the players' desires are different from the DM's things get bad.

As for what to buy first, I would say the player's handbook because it has all the core rules. Wizards also has some other products that make it easier to play, like the dungeon tiles. I hated making grids myself.

Hope this helps!

DarknessDawns 11-27-08 11:58 AM

hey im playing D&D tomorrow, we are playing pathfinder, which is like 3.75 edition, not crap like 4th ( no insult meant) it can be downloaded for free, it just is a updated version of 3.5, so all the complicated annoying rules have been streamlined, the characters have been balanced slightly, not level 8 wizards with a max of 30 hp for me

Holmstrom 12-09-08 11:00 PM

I played D&D for about 3 months but lost interest since it took too much time away from other things I wanted to do more. But I'd say is the game is only as good as the people you play with.

My friends never took the game seriously like I mentioned in another post a few minutes ago, but it was funny. My friend caught himself on fire and the dungeon master rolled a d6 to see if he could vomit on himself to put out the fire...and it worked. And later my character died after being attacked by a pack of giant rabid squirrels. I died because my friend shot a fireball at the squirrels but it him me instead for some god forsaken reason, hah. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Its cool if you have the imagination for it.

Count Arioch 12-15-08 01:21 AM

I'd recommend 3.5 personally, second choice 4e. Pathfinder is free, but honestly they'd have to pay ME before I'd play that dreck.

Pathfinder kept everything that was broken about 3.5, buffed already overpowered classes, and nerfed fighters with a cactus until they liked it. (In case you don't get that, I was referring to forcible anal rape.)

Trust me, Pathfinder is crap. 4E is honestly better in every way.

Waaghmaster 01-04-09 12:08 AM

4.0 Dungeons and Dragons
i play 4.0 so this is what i got:

- Player's handbook
- Monster Manual
- dungeon master book (fergot name)
- 4.0 dice bag

These ones are not needed, but I enjoy them:

- Draconoligy books
- dungeon packs (starting with Keep on Shadowfell)
- might want some forgotten realms books aswell (more options of gameplay)
- figures or some icons that u can use for you avatars aswell as the enemies'

Hope this helps :biggrin:

Riandro 03-12-09 02:07 PM

Sorry for not replying everyone!

been busy :(

BUT i managed to round up enough money to get most, if not all the core rule books :) just read through the players handbook, going onto the DM book

Druchii in Space 03-12-09 10:51 PM

Nice to hear Riandro, hope you have many wonderful games. :)

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-12-09 10:52 PM

OK, i am a veteran DM of many years, so here is my advice. BUY 3.5 players handbook, monster manual and dungeon masters guide. DON'T BUY 4th ed, ITS CRAP!

Druchii in Space 03-12-09 10:59 PM

Well to be fair thats a bit harsh, but I agree its not as detailed as earlier editions. AD&D is still probably the best version in my opinion, but I wouldn't make a blanket its crap statement.

I was expecting terrible things and its not as bad as some where making out, I understand the MMO comparisons, but its is a much quickier system now pick up and learn. As long as its bringing new folks into the hobby I don't see a problem.

I was more disapointed with the decesion to reverse the 'open licence' personally, but other than that its a great RPG entry system for new players, and its detailed enough for experienced ones.

The main reason I'd still suggest anyone new to get 4th is because the older books will slowly become more scarce, and theres nothing worse if you have three or four friends trying to get rulebooks and they can't get hold of them. End up battling over one or two dog-eared copies. :)

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-12-09 10:59 PM

also, i am making a campaign setting right now, if anyone wants it pm me and i'll send you the finished product :)

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-12-09 11:00 PM

Ok, druchii, i will clarify: spell lists WERE D&D for me. now they are gone. 4th ed PH made me cry... :(

Edit: druchii, i will try to hold my tongue in check in future, and put forward more explanation :)

Druchii in Space 03-12-09 11:04 PM

Ah well aye I can see that reasoning. I'd still say its a good entry lvl system, and hopefully they'll bring some other stuff out in the future to sort the issue. Maybe.

Although I'm like you in the sense if I don't care for it, I can play earlier editions as I have all the stuff. :) I'm just thinking of those who are just starting when I post, and even though like I said I reckon AD&D is best, I'd never suggest to a new player to go crawling through ebay trying to find it all.

Just might offer them the occasional taste now and again. :biggrin:

Riandro 03-13-09 02:36 AM

thx druchii!
right, the list of what i have managed to get are....
3,5 and4 DM guide
3,5 and 4 player manual
3,5 and 4 monster manual

Races and classes
worlds and monsters

Keep on the shadows adventure book
thunderspire labryrinth
pyramid of shadows

tile sets 1 to 7
DM screen

forgotten realms players guide 4e
forgotten realms campain guide

all i need now i think are some various sided dice, and a few freinds to join my and my girl in a game :)

still thankin people for the help!

ive read both the of the player handboks, and i honestly think that 4 is the easiest to pick up, while 3.5 has some interesting features!

Btw, any D&D'ers in and around of lincolnshire?

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-13-09 06:33 AM

nah, im a little far away from you, but if you can be bothered, i do run a group. To Druchii: Thanks mate, i just also REALLY like making my own adaptations (just ask initiate about my D&D adapt for 40k, that's another one i might be able to upload :) ) and found trhat 4th ed really pissed on that :'(

Riandro 03-13-09 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by Da Red Paintjob Grot (Post 328279)
nah, im a little far away from you, but if you can be bothered, i do run a group. (

Oh Really? Where abouts?

BTJ 04-14-09 12:40 PM

Out of curiosity, does anyone know of any good alternate minis for D&D?, I'm really not a fan of the crap random pre-paints they have released for the games

Druchii in Space 04-15-09 01:04 AM

There are a few companies still making random metal sculpts for general fantasy, these are you best bet I'm reckoning. Although you might have to look around or use stand in for certain creatures not released.

In general though I've found some of the following companies are worth a look...

Darksword Minatures

Reaper Minis

and I've always found CMON useful for Heroes/villian figs

CoolMiniOrNot Store

Tigirus 04-16-09 10:09 PM

I would suggest D&D 3.5 ed as it's the cheapest to start thanks to the amazingness of D20srd. Also though this sound a bit wierd, I would suggest for you and your girlfriend to not dm. Partially because you are both new to the game but also because it gets tough cause you might have trouble trying to kill her in game.

Druchii in Space 04-16-09 10:38 PM

If I'm honest unless its a pick and play game, or at a convention worrying about character death is something I'd not worry about. If you are tosing the character sheets of you players out the window week in and week out, I'll be frank, you're not doing it right.

The purpose of the DM/ST etc is to weave the story, to make it fun for themselves and the players, to follow the story of the characters.. not to be scoring kills. I'm not leaping at you in particular here btw Tigirus (I don't even think you've insuiated anything,) its something I just personally felt I should raise regarding roleplaying and being a DM/ST in particular as you mentioned killing a character and this is a thread for a beginner.

To me One death every few month is sloppy, one death a month is bad news, any higher than that and its time to find a new DM as he's out to get your group.

Basically a characters death, unless in a game planned to be particulary dangerous, or if you are going for the sink or swim game. Should be thought out and not spure of the moment if you can help it. If you wheren't planning for a player to die, then fudge it, say it was a mortal wound, give the healer one more round to get there or worst case scenario have a npc save the day.
It shouldn't happen that often anyways, unless you are throwing creatures beyond there skill lvl at them. Sometimes all the fudging and last chance saves in the world can't save some characters mind you, but I loathe to kill them unless I have to (because they somehow blew all their safety barriers,) or it was something planned for, potentially could happen.

Myself I think the last time a PC died in one of my games was nearly six years ago in a Werewolf the Apocalypse game, although she died to save the rest of the pack. (Who where the other players.)

My view simple is, you don't get epic stories for your characters who you chat about years later, if they all got blown at the water before level five. :)

Just some thought for the fire.

Godstud 05-18-09 04:08 PM

All 3 D&D books for fourth edition cost me a total of $88 CA in the mail. It's not that expensive to get into.

Captain Galus 05-18-09 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by Riandro (Post 233727)
me and my girlfreind are thinking of having a go at D&D, but we havent a clue where to start or what to buy first,

Where are yall finding these women?!?!?! Goddammit I hate California.

Godstud 05-21-09 05:15 AM

My grilfriend does RPGs, computer games, card games, etc. You find them everywhere!

ChaplinWhulfgar 05-30-09 12:51 AM

I heard 4th edition sucks.

Thuellai 08-12-09 07:09 AM

It's really not that bad. They've simplified and streamlined the system, but it plays a bit smoother, is a fair bit easier to pick up than 3.5, and is, in my own opinion, a lot better balanced (no more wizards hiding in the corner for the first five levels, and no more thumb-twiddling, useless warriors past level 12)

Also, in terms of models for DnD, Anima Tactics miniatures are fairly nice, fantasy themed, and the right size for your standard 1" square grid.

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