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Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-12-09 10:59 PM

also, i am making a campaign setting right now, if anyone wants it pm me and i'll send you the finished product :)

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-12-09 11:00 PM

Ok, druchii, i will clarify: spell lists WERE D&D for me. now they are gone. 4th ed PH made me cry... :(

Edit: druchii, i will try to hold my tongue in check in future, and put forward more explanation :)

Druchii in Space 03-12-09 11:04 PM

Ah well aye I can see that reasoning. I'd still say its a good entry lvl system, and hopefully they'll bring some other stuff out in the future to sort the issue. Maybe.

Although I'm like you in the sense if I don't care for it, I can play earlier editions as I have all the stuff. :) I'm just thinking of those who are just starting when I post, and even though like I said I reckon AD&D is best, I'd never suggest to a new player to go crawling through ebay trying to find it all.

Just might offer them the occasional taste now and again. :biggrin:

Riandro 03-13-09 02:36 AM

thx druchii!
right, the list of what i have managed to get are....
3,5 and4 DM guide
3,5 and 4 player manual
3,5 and 4 monster manual

Races and classes
worlds and monsters

Keep on the shadows adventure book
thunderspire labryrinth
pyramid of shadows

tile sets 1 to 7
DM screen

forgotten realms players guide 4e
forgotten realms campain guide

all i need now i think are some various sided dice, and a few freinds to join my and my girl in a game :)

still thankin people for the help!

ive read both the of the player handboks, and i honestly think that 4 is the easiest to pick up, while 3.5 has some interesting features!

Btw, any D&D'ers in and around of lincolnshire?

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-13-09 06:33 AM

nah, im a little far away from you, but if you can be bothered, i do run a group. To Druchii: Thanks mate, i just also REALLY like making my own adaptations (just ask initiate about my D&D adapt for 40k, that's another one i might be able to upload :) ) and found trhat 4th ed really pissed on that :'(

Riandro 03-13-09 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by Da Red Paintjob Grot (Post 328279)
nah, im a little far away from you, but if you can be bothered, i do run a group. (

Oh Really? Where abouts?

BTJ 04-14-09 12:40 PM

Out of curiosity, does anyone know of any good alternate minis for D&D?, I'm really not a fan of the crap random pre-paints they have released for the games

Druchii in Space 04-15-09 01:04 AM

There are a few companies still making random metal sculpts for general fantasy, these are you best bet I'm reckoning. Although you might have to look around or use stand in for certain creatures not released.

In general though I've found some of the following companies are worth a look...

Darksword Minatures

Reaper Minis

and I've always found CMON useful for Heroes/villian figs

CoolMiniOrNot Store

Tigirus 04-16-09 10:09 PM

I would suggest D&D 3.5 ed as it's the cheapest to start thanks to the amazingness of D20srd. Also though this sound a bit wierd, I would suggest for you and your girlfriend to not dm. Partially because you are both new to the game but also because it gets tough cause you might have trouble trying to kill her in game.

Druchii in Space 04-16-09 10:38 PM

If I'm honest unless its a pick and play game, or at a convention worrying about character death is something I'd not worry about. If you are tosing the character sheets of you players out the window week in and week out, I'll be frank, you're not doing it right.

The purpose of the DM/ST etc is to weave the story, to make it fun for themselves and the players, to follow the story of the characters.. not to be scoring kills. I'm not leaping at you in particular here btw Tigirus (I don't even think you've insuiated anything,) its something I just personally felt I should raise regarding roleplaying and being a DM/ST in particular as you mentioned killing a character and this is a thread for a beginner.

To me One death every few month is sloppy, one death a month is bad news, any higher than that and its time to find a new DM as he's out to get your group.

Basically a characters death, unless in a game planned to be particulary dangerous, or if you are going for the sink or swim game. Should be thought out and not spure of the moment if you can help it. If you wheren't planning for a player to die, then fudge it, say it was a mortal wound, give the healer one more round to get there or worst case scenario have a npc save the day.
It shouldn't happen that often anyways, unless you are throwing creatures beyond there skill lvl at them. Sometimes all the fudging and last chance saves in the world can't save some characters mind you, but I loathe to kill them unless I have to (because they somehow blew all their safety barriers,) or it was something planned for, potentially could happen.

Myself I think the last time a PC died in one of my games was nearly six years ago in a Werewolf the Apocalypse game, although she died to save the rest of the pack. (Who where the other players.)

My view simple is, you don't get epic stories for your characters who you chat about years later, if they all got blown at the water before level five. :)

Just some thought for the fire.

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