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Druchii in Space 11-22-08 06:56 PM

Tbh thats the one factor I didn't really raise an eyebrow over as it seems normal to me. Perhaps my main group of players are rarer than I thought. But aye, all the long term players from my core group (five of us) have ended up with partners who Roleplay as well, heck one pair became a couple via the games I was running. (Lvix and the girl in question makes seven total, sadly I never got to run many games with the other girlfriends as they where relationships that came together either at uni, or after I left Cornwall.)

Ok I admit few of the girls also Wargame as my otherhalf LVix does, but yeah none of us can imagine a world where we'd be with someone who looks at the hobby we love and snorts.
I remember two of my older friends (they where in their 30's when I was in my teens) years ago both ended up getting divorced due to that, I knew then I could never live like that.

Getting back on track though I feel the need to ask if any of this has helped in anyway Riandro. Any closer to making a RPG choice? :)

Initiate 11-22-08 08:39 PM

I would recommend starting out with 4th ed because it is much easier to learn. Lots of dice will make for quicker play and more players means more fun. My party has four players in it with me as the dungeon master. What you should do, is find out who you are going to game with and what kind of person your DM is. When the players' desires are different from the DM's things get bad.

As for what to buy first, I would say the player's handbook because it has all the core rules. Wizards also has some other products that make it easier to play, like the dungeon tiles. I hated making grids myself.

Hope this helps!

DarknessDawns 11-27-08 11:58 AM

hey im playing D&D tomorrow, we are playing pathfinder, which is like 3.75 edition, not crap like 4th ( no insult meant) it can be downloaded for free, it just is a updated version of 3.5, so all the complicated annoying rules have been streamlined, the characters have been balanced slightly, not level 8 wizards with a max of 30 hp for me

Holmstrom 12-09-08 11:00 PM

I played D&D for about 3 months but lost interest since it took too much time away from other things I wanted to do more. But I'd say is the game is only as good as the people you play with.

My friends never took the game seriously like I mentioned in another post a few minutes ago, but it was funny. My friend caught himself on fire and the dungeon master rolled a d6 to see if he could vomit on himself to put out the fire...and it worked. And later my character died after being attacked by a pack of giant rabid squirrels. I died because my friend shot a fireball at the squirrels but it him me instead for some god forsaken reason, hah. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Its cool if you have the imagination for it.

Count Arioch 12-15-08 01:21 AM

I'd recommend 3.5 personally, second choice 4e. Pathfinder is free, but honestly they'd have to pay ME before I'd play that dreck.

Pathfinder kept everything that was broken about 3.5, buffed already overpowered classes, and nerfed fighters with a cactus until they liked it. (In case you don't get that, I was referring to forcible anal rape.)

Trust me, Pathfinder is crap. 4E is honestly better in every way.

Waaghmaster 01-04-09 12:08 AM

4.0 Dungeons and Dragons
i play 4.0 so this is what i got:

- Player's handbook
- Monster Manual
- dungeon master book (fergot name)
- 4.0 dice bag

These ones are not needed, but I enjoy them:

- Draconoligy books
- dungeon packs (starting with Keep on Shadowfell)
- might want some forgotten realms books aswell (more options of gameplay)
- figures or some icons that u can use for you avatars aswell as the enemies'

Hope this helps :biggrin:

Riandro 03-12-09 02:07 PM

Sorry for not replying everyone!

been busy :(

BUT i managed to round up enough money to get most, if not all the core rule books :) just read through the players handbook, going onto the DM book

Druchii in Space 03-12-09 10:51 PM

Nice to hear Riandro, hope you have many wonderful games. :)

Da Red Paintjob Grot 03-12-09 10:52 PM

OK, i am a veteran DM of many years, so here is my advice. BUY 3.5 players handbook, monster manual and dungeon masters guide. DON'T BUY 4th ed, ITS CRAP!

Druchii in Space 03-12-09 10:59 PM

Well to be fair thats a bit harsh, but I agree its not as detailed as earlier editions. AD&D is still probably the best version in my opinion, but I wouldn't make a blanket its crap statement.

I was expecting terrible things and its not as bad as some where making out, I understand the MMO comparisons, but its is a much quickier system now pick up and learn. As long as its bringing new folks into the hobby I don't see a problem.

I was more disapointed with the decesion to reverse the 'open licence' personally, but other than that its a great RPG entry system for new players, and its detailed enough for experienced ones.

The main reason I'd still suggest anyone new to get 4th is because the older books will slowly become more scarce, and theres nothing worse if you have three or four friends trying to get rulebooks and they can't get hold of them. End up battling over one or two dog-eared copies. :)

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