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Battman 04-18-17 03:23 AM

Ork kill team
New little list, have got a kill team event coming up for the local games shop. For point of reference kill team is the game mode where every model acts on their own along with three models getting additional special rules which I've written in.

Ork kill team mk1

Nobs squad

Boss Nob; 'eavy armor big choppa shoota.
Nob; 'eavy armor slugga, choppa Combat specialist (Rage)
Nob; 'eavy armor slugga, choppa dirty fighter specialist (fleshbane)

Boys squad
Boss nob; 'eavy armor, slugga, choppa
Boys x8 shoota, 'eavy armor
Boy x1 rokkit weapon specialist (master crafted)

196 points total

Any thoughts? Has anyone tried kill team with orks?

This is my second game first was a game with like 50 gretchin, which just turned into a meat grinder of marines killing my grots before much happened to them. Feel that this more elite list with lots of heavy armored models.

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Shandathe 04-18-17 10:30 PM

Orks should work, but this setup I'm not sure about. Maneuverability is low enough that you might be giving the enemy board control so he can pick the engagements, which is usually bad.

Not sure you'll be able to connect to a shootier army, and with a lone Rokkit and a Big Choppa to your name as your only source of >S4 attacks (though the Fleshbane Nob is a sort-of-third). I could see you having issues with vehicles.

A Rhino or Chimera variant is bad enough, but also consider the possibility of running into a pack of Sentinels or Sydonian Dragoons.

It might still work on more normal infantry-based Kill Teams, though I'd really suggest going for more speed or more dakka.

Speaking of which, you can use the current spare points to upgrade the Boss Nob with Shoota to a Twin-linked Shoota :) Also note every Ork in your list comes with Stikkbombs, so use those liberally when it looks like a good idea - or zogging fun.

Battman 04-18-17 11:13 PM

Hmm thanks some good little ideas didn't actaully consider the grenades as in most games they are useless. But in this possibilities for greatness.

As to the idea for more dakka or speed? Guessing the only real options in this regard are an alternate unit selection because both the boys and nobs don't have much ability for taking more short of a power klaw (which I'm concerned will be immediately sniped) or kombi-rokkit (which in my opinion are almost useless).

One thing that i was pondering was taking one of my looted wagons which can both give more dakka and speed depending on who i put in it. At at 67 points with killkannon its quite a points sink.

Good spotting on the twinlinked shoota too, was seriously wondering what i could do with those 4 points.

Thanks for the comment

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Shandathe 04-21-17 12:20 PM

For more dakka or speed you'd probably need an alternate unit selection, yes.

Note, a 4x4 table is pretty big when it's just 200 points worth of units, and every loss counts. It makes the ability to get around very important as it will let you pick your battles and get the first shots off. For that reason, Fast Attack is usually my first stop for Kill Teams... For Orks, I could see Deffkoptas doing well, and interestingly the oft-neglected Warbuggies might just be MEAN with no Heavy Support around.

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